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Flash Photography Crash Course


Flash Photography Crash Course


Class Description


  • Use flash to create dramatic portraits.
  • Use flash to create natural portraits.
  • Balance flash with ambient light.
  • Use and understand off-camera flash.
  • Understand off-camera flash gear and setups.


Let’s be honest, flash photography is intimidating. Many photographers never learn the power of flash because at first glance it looks complicated and overwhelming. This course is the exact opposite. In around 90 minutes, you will walk away not only understanding flash gear, but also having a simple framework to immediately begin using flash in your own work.

I’m going to show you how easy flash can be. From creating dramatic portraits straight out of camera, to using flash for a more natural and soft look. You will walk away from this course with everything you need to get started using flash. Should you choose to dive deeper down the rabbit hole of lighting, this course will also prepare you for the Lighting Series, a four workshop intensive that covers the ins and outs of location lighting for portraiture.


  • Beginners that understand their camera
  • Beginners that want to start learning flash
  • Beginners that want to learn how to use flash for portrait


LPye Jirsa is a photographer, educator, author, podcaster and lifelong learner. He has made a career out of creating frameworks that simplify complex subjects. Frameworks that have helped millions of people learn languages, creativity, photography, lighting, business, communication and even relationships.


  1. Flash Photography Crash Course Introduction - Course Media Coming Soon!

    An introduction to what we’ll be discussing and who this course is designed for.

  2. The Evolution of Lighting Gear

    A quick look at the changes in lighting gear and technology over the past decade.

  3. Budget Versus Luxury Setup

    Rather than waste your time researching, I’ll give you two great options for your lighting gear. From there I’ll give you an idea of the gear you’ll need based on what you want to do.

  4. Flash Basics

    There are tons of different types of flashes out there. This tutorial will give you a guide as to the practical differences between them and help you understand what you specifically need.

  5. Understanding Modifiers

    The Lighting Series will teach you how to use a huge variety of modifiers. Before we get there, I want you to understand what modifiers I use most often and what they do.

  6. My Favorite Setups

    My most used flash photography setups designed for any budget and approach.

  7. Understanding Flash Radio Systems

    A quick guide in understanding how to control off-camera flashes via the built-in radio systems.

  8. Light Quality Basics

    Understanding the basics of soft vs hard light, and diffused versus specular light.

  9. Natural vs Dramatic Imagery

    Flash can look natural, or dramatic. You’ll learn to set the intention of a photograph without ever touching the flash.

  10. C.A.M.P. - Dramatic Portrait

    We’re going on location to demonstrate how to use our CAMP framework to create a dramatic portrait.

  11. C.A.M.P - Natural Portrait

    We’re going on location to demonstrate how to use our CAMP framework to create a natural portrait.

  12. The Road Ahead

    Lighting and flash photography is a beautiful rabbit hole that will open up an infinite amount of possibilities. This class was designed to get you started, but also to prepare you for the Lighting Series should you choose to dive deeper!


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