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Mastering Blend Modes

Lindsay Adler

Mastering Blend Modes

Lindsay Adler

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Class Description

If you haven't heard of blend modes before, your workflow is in for a treat. Blend modes are an incredibly powerful control in Adobe® Photoshop® that allows you to decide how a tool interacts with pixels or how two layers interact. Sounds a bit dry... but it's not at all! The creative and practical applications are endless, and you'll love the creative control you gain with these techniques.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Ratings and Reviews


Lindsay is a great Photoshop teacher. Lindsay makes learning about Photoshop fun. Great job Lindsay and you have great skills. What Lindsay shows that some other teachers may not is she makes the topics she teach, in addition to be well informative and well planned, she also makes her presentations interesting, fun and entertaining. Thank you Lindsay. You are a beautiful person on the outside and the inside.

fbuser d1edd51d

I just adore Lindsay. She does everything in her power to help always feels like she could be my sister or bff. So many wonderful qualities not to mention her talent. Thank you for having Lindsay on air!

Jeff S

Lindsay is the best teacher, at least for the way I want to learn. I have picked up so many new techniques from this class and I am using those techniques in my photo retouching every chance I get. Although mostly geared toward portrait retouching, Lindsay always go out of her way to give examples of how the blend modes can be used in landscape photography. Thanks Lindsay and Creative Live, I love your courses!

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