Metal Drum Programming


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Step 3: Refine Each Part

Wanna learn how to program metal drums the RIGHT way? In this half-day class, you'll learn exactly how to do it from producer Eyal Levi of Audiohammer Studios (Whitechapel, August Burns Red, JFAC).

Eyal will show you how to program fast, slow, and mid-tempo beats (and yes, that includes every kind of blast beat under the sun), fills, accents, and more. You’ll also learn the art of varying velocities and timing so your programmed parts sound realistic and natural. Plus, you'll hear from Eyal's special guest Andy Marsh (Thy Art is Murder).

If you want to sharpen your drum programming skills, this class is for you.



  • First off, great class. I have wanted to learn and know how to make my programmed drums feel like what a real drummer would do, which is basically the approach Eyal takes with programmed drums. Feel free to take this down if it's not okay, but I found this site to help with learning drum rudiments:
  • Eyal!! Thanks for the insight on drum programming, truly enjoyed the course and definitely got something out of it. Highly recommend
  • <p>hmm, I expected a bit more regarding variation in timing and velocity. This class was mainly about the arrangement of drum programming in metal. The description of this class promised a little bit too much in my opinion. I mean, it&#39;s still a good class because he tells you that you should focus how a drummer plays something and the purpose of certain elements of a drum-kit etc. but refers to other classes in the introduction because he will not go in depth regarding the midi-stuff which is on the other side crucial to get realistically programmed drums, and that&#39;s exactly where I was disappointed because the description shows something different. Eyal is still killer and I do recommend all his other classes. </p>