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Mixing Master Class

Lesson 8 of 13

Electronic Drums and Percussion


Mixing Master Class

Lesson 8 of 13

Electronic Drums and Percussion


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Electronic Drums and Percussion

it's work on some of the other sounds. Elektronik drones at this point, starting with these three snare samples. Let's go into this area now. These never actually blend with the rial kit. They play when they are playing, So you have to really worry about the matching that kind of their own thing. Well, they do match the ah sampled kit kick up here. But not the real kick or the real band. What real drums I should say. I mean what that sounds like, but getting a send here to ah John Reader, we could do it this way instead of going to the Dragon Drop method is the same thing. Now it's here. Match with this one. What's also put that reverb on this one, and you send John verb just a bit, you know, its balance it with this one, Justin together bisecting both of them. It feels pretty good right there. All right, so now we're gonna sniff three, which just plays an up fours of each beat. Bark should say bar force of each bar. I don't know if we need to Europe for that. Let's just tear the blend...

. I think we could that's actually try using the vocal reverb for that. Let's go actually choose a bit of both. Go to the routing course end. She was jumping herb drum verb but saw this. That works. And it's also add another send way down here to our reverb Vocal for Might Be Too Big was here in the mix. Let's just make it a little bit another. It is better. All right, so next we're up to our percussion can will save it. We'll just open up our folder. We will mute all these channels. We could do that by dragging. Oh, I can't reach them all. There we go. I will bring them in one at a time again. This is the reason I did it in order because this is the order, which they actually come in. It sounds a bit dry, so it's at a little reverb to that. Not from there, but from here do drum reverb what you see with the high hat. I don't think we need reverb on the high at. So let's be that off triangle. Definitely use some of their oh, pay. You know, reading before so good. If we're more shaker right in the beginning here. Japan is to the side a little bit to carry out of the way. Give it a little reverb as well. So that's the beginning. At least then we have our electric Tom. And that's going a little reverb us. Well, I mentioned earlier. I want to do a little painting with this. So let's switch gears a little bit. Do a little bit of automating with this now, don't want one. Actual automation were actually go to the right mode and run the fader because I can't adjust it later. But I could do some things right here in the actual item. So if I right click this item and go to item takes not the colors, where is it? Here. Take envelopes and get shoes. You could choose Take pan off. So if you create that, we have a pan envelope right here. Gonna move left and right just for this item. And you could see this has it. And these don't So just this one item Let us do some panting to it. So what to do that I want to pan it. So the first note they make this bigger that way. I'm gonna use my little tool here. Zoom in to that and let's move this over. So I want this note to start up here, which panning is about would stay 40 and they want to hit by hitting. Ah, shift for holding shift. You could make another point, make a few different points. When here, here and here. And pull this one down. I should've made another point. Let's undo that one more point right here. And let's make one more point here. Pull this down to about 50. So now this should Pan create a little bit of motion for that. So it just do that with the other hits. About 50. Same thing in this guy. Come on. OK, I haven't created one of this one yet, so I'm gonna take I hope to about 40 about 50 here, create some points can actually do to save myself. Some time is click this then but select each one of these points Copy it and let's go to the next hit Should be able to just piece that right there except a little bit later. And more harmony. It's only a few more Kim and I think that's good for now, uh, to make this will smaller and again it's balanced this with track. Then we have my favorite sound The sun air. What's wash this out with some reverb will use the rounding Send it to our I can't go vocal reverb much here that it's a little too much This down there a little too little. Okay, so you see, has been moving along Each sandwich choosing comes in later in the song this way I kind of know that I'm actually pulling up the intro a little better. Let's make these bigger So I could, um, youth. Um, let's pull this back out about there, don't you? Let's see where they swarns up. What struck? Bring this towards the left. Down to a triangle. Number two Panis to the other side. Make room. Put a little river when this shaker tool to dry. So we're going down to a routing leaves. The Drum River began its like to use maybe two or three rivers tops. I don't have to use a different reared for every sound. Just start to get a little messy. It feels pretty good. It's a bit too dry as well. Reverb go. Nice saving it. Zoom out. He's a little smaller and we got a couple of tambourines May 16th 1 as well. I think that worked for now.

Class Description

Kenny Gioia is a multi-platinum engineer and producer behind pop and rock records from the likes of Bayside, American Authors, Ingrid Michaelson, and Mandy Moore. He is also a trusted educator and founder of

In this mixing masterclass, Kenny will walk you through his specific mixing techniques getting top-40 friendly mixes entirely inside the box in Reaper. He will cover:

  • EQ, compression and dynamics
  • Reverb, delay and time-based effects
  • Vocal automation and vocal tone
  • Drum, guitar and bass mixing techniques
  • Mix-buss and pre-mastering tricks
If you’ve been looking for a way to get that big studio sound from your bedroom DAW setup, Kenny will show you how to get your mixes sounding like they’re radio-ready.



this is really great mixing course, kenny has a great workflow and i learned quite a lot and it was easy to undestand, and i dont even use reaper, what you learn in this course applys to all daw and tools, which is great

Evan Phillips | Alaska

Kenny's Mixing Master Class blew my mind. His workflow and level of organization during mixing is a real eye opener. I'm also a longtime Reaper user so this is an excellent all around resource for me. I feel like I just stepped up my game. Thanks Kenny!

J Dawsun

Great course for quick dive into the typical mixing tasks! Recommend!

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