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Night Photography Critique

Matt Hill, Gabriel Biderman

Night Photography Critique

Matt Hill, Gabriel Biderman

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Class Description

Join us as we welcome back Gabriel Biderman and Matt Hill for a night photo critique! In this free, live broadcast, you’ll get expert insight into improving your work and nocturnal techniques. Take the knowledge you’ve gained during our Night Photography Week and challenge yourself to capture star trails, light painting, dynamic landscapes, and night portraits.

Ratings and Reviews

Elaine Fortune

I was floored with how much I learned in the critique class! So much information, clearly presented...with the amazing chemisty of these two friends Matt and Gabriel. I do hope you come to the FL Everglades or anywhere in the SE FL vicinity where we have to battle the light noise. I'm going to start learning/experimenting tonight!. Thanks for inspiring and sharing your knowledge with me.


I really enjoyed these classes. I have been working on improving my night photography, and these classes gave me some new ideas and tips to try myself. I especially liked the helps on how to shoot the Milky Way and foreground and combining them in Photoshop. The field experience, and then post processing work really helped pull it all together.


The two instructors are so engaging and passionate about night photography that it catches you at the start of the class and continues all the way through. I really enjoyed this class!

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