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I would be more than happy to take some questions way have quite a few questions actually, um kinda starting with some of going back to some of the hdr multiple exposure things on the menu system. First off, we've had a few people one tinker's riel and dan picks were both saying that their multiple exposure settings and h d r was grayed out yeah, you there's a number of features that will be great out according how they have their camera set and I was first perplexed by this myself and so I guess I failed to mention it. So thank you very much for asking you can't shoot raw hdr images and so you have to go to j pick and I believe that is also true of multiple exposures as well, and so that is a major downside in the camera, okay, for those people using that feature it's not a major downside some minor details be photo asked what is the gps option used for gps option? Nikon sells a little gps unit and you can hook that up and it's except with the satellites and it records longitude and l...

atitude latitude and it writes that data to each of the pictures, but you do have to have the gps unit to do that and you might need to set your camera a little bit differently so it stays active and on more because when it shuts down then it needs to re establish links and so it does use up more battery power it's it's a technology still in its infancy stage I would say right now I think long term we will all have cameras that have gps built in and do a wonderful job right now it's a little clunky it's like internet nineteen ninety six c alex so cal from los angeles is asking does the active delighting affect raw no it doesn't yeah yeah there's a lot of those little image parameters were it lightens darkens plays a little bit of games with picture it does not affect the raw image the only thing that affects the rye image is the any f settings that we talked about twelve fourteen and so forth sea near van barama that is asking what is the difference between the uh one three hundred twenty second auto f p and the one to fiftieth auto? There is a slightly different setting for that and I'm trying to figure out why they have one to fiftieth of a second f p because you could set the camera to fiftieth of a second anyway and I can't really answer that one I don't know why they put it on there there's must be something else it's it's more involved in the flash world that we're not diving full into sure but I can't really answer that one yeah sorry uh question from travel bug how do you get the info back from a lossless compressed file thanks that's from vancouver bc info back from a lifeless compressed okay so what's happening yes when it saves the image into iraq I don't know exactly what's going on but it's throwing away put your glasses on we'll make you smarter way think about this yes the algorithm on that one is very simple it's rose away similar I'm not sure exactly what what david's throwing away it throws something away but it figures out how to get back on a common scenario would be pixel x y one two three is blue thirty two and the pixel next to it is also blue thirty two and so we can throw that second picture away keep the first one with that little annotation and then when it opens it up it knows what that next pixel is because that's where I told them what to do that's the concept on it now how it actually works is probably very, very very different I'm not sticking little post it notes on every pixel working with I don't know how it does it but it does it and it seems to do it about it so I think lossless compressed find for me two questions about focus their kind of related so jill adam this is asking why aren't their focus points on the perimeter that all seems the focus points encourage bad composition because they're all geared towards the center. And then with that simon is asking, do you know why nikon hasn't made all the folks points across type? Okay, so way have some very jaded and spoiled people out there. You should be back in the early days when there was one focus point in the middle and had to walk both ways and snow uphill to go to that one, focusing point lenses air not as sharp on the side, and so they're not going to be as effective on the side, so everything is just better in the center, and actually the focusing points on this camera are reaching out pretty faras faras they basically ever been on a camera, and it gets to be very difficult when you go out there because there's a lot of angles and I'm not going to get him out again, but it gets very complicated, getting them way off to the side. Lenses have to be brought up to a much higher standard in order for them to use. And so, yeah, it does kind of forced your subjects to be in the middle and so it's harder to shoot with those focusing points off to the side, but that's where we are, go ahead and find another camera that's better than this, I challenge you. You're not really going to find anything that's noticeably better there's a rumor that sony is going to come out one that has ninety nine points that goes all the way up to the edge but my guess is that the ones at the edge are going to be very poor food poor performance now why does it nikon put cross type in all of them? I think it's maybe a money issue it's hard to say because it does they make things more difficult to dio it builds up the cost different cameras, newer cameras have more cross focusing points than older ones it would be nice if they had him in all focusing points. I totally agree, but I think it's is challenging to do that and that's where we are it's it's still a fantastic it's arguably the best or one of the best focusing systems out there so you're spoiled you're all very spoiled wait questioning class with shooting menu banks once you set it up and you say you switch from one to another when you come back doesn't keep all the settings that you had there, I guess that's the point of it, but it just what do you mean when you come back to me like when you turn the camera off and then turn it back on let's say you switch from one from the creative thinking to be should be I haven't tested this personally but it should stay in bank be until you change it to bank a whether you're changing memory cards changing batteries turning the camera off that's where it should stay thank you a couple of questions about back to the lcd screen the first is from michel simon who says my lcd screen displays crunched blacks shadows are way too darker than when you view them on the computer is there a way to set this right no there is okay and let me love you I love getting short answers like john s so when you look at an image on the back so let's say you shoot raw on ly wrong you look at the image in the back of the screen that's not wrong you're looking at a jpeg version of that raw that the camorra creates in camera very quickly so you can see it and in almost every imaginable case what you're going to get out of your computer is going to be better than what you see on the back of the screen and especially in the blacks I looked at images and I'm like forget it just can't happen the camera can't handle it I take it back download it on the computer wow look what I could get out of it so you could generally get quite a bit more than you can see in camera the screen on the back of this camera is very good there are some people I've been trying to pay attention to all the little complaints false of the camera and some people think the screen could be a little bit better. Some people think there's a bit of glare going on on the screen and I was trying to put together a mental list of other little things that have been going on with the camera just some random thoughts that came around. There was a battery recall from nikon recently with this battery and so you may want to go to nyu cons website to see if you have a bad batch of batteries. They were sold their not being sold now, but they were being sold a few months ago and they have some issues and so you can check with icons website about that there was one firmware upgrade we mentioned that there was some lockup issues and they were associate id. It was a little hard to pin down but apparently associated with having the rgb hissed a gram and the highlight alert turned on, but that apparently has been fixed in the new firmware upgrade. There has been some complaints and some issues with the monitor, the lcd on the back of the camera having a green look to it, and right now nikon is saying that's normal and they're not fixing it and so this is still disputed as to what's going on, people are still getting nice looking video out of it, but they say it looks a little green on the back of the camera, there was an issue of a bad batch of d eight hundreds that had a focusing in the viewfinder that was that didn't look, it was it was bad focus in the viewfinder and it wasn't fixable with the dye after adjustment and so take a good look through your viewfinder to make sure it's nice and clear and finally remembered all these on the left generally the left group of focusing so that site for you guys, the left point focusing were a little off, and so when they focused with the left point auto focus, the camera was not focusing spot on and there's some people who have sent their camera back for two or three times to have this fixed and it was either fixed or not fixed. And so before you start using those left folks this points you may want to run this to a little bit of a chat, and so three thousand dollar camera still occasionally has issues and it's not that I don't get mad at nikon because trust me, other camera manufacturers have similar type little issues once things go public like this, but they do have the firm where a craze and you can stay up on the firmware upgrades as well so just tow follow up and I think because you mentioned the greenish danny picks from new jersey had asked if you can adjust the hue on the lcd she's had the camera share he has had the camera for a month. Images look fine on the computer, but they look greenish on the lcd and I don't want to just the white balance there is but it's driving me crazy yeah, there is a white balance adjustment that you can use I haven't actually done this in the camera, but you set a white balance for the way the camera's going to shoot, but you can also set a separate white balance for the live you know whether you could do this in the movie mode? I'm not sure, but I'm quite sure you can do it in the live you mode and you could set separate ones up you'll have to consult your instruction manual for more detailed setting specific information um, see david clearing one seven seven rights when writing images to both cards is there a way to delete both pilot both files from the same image with the big files? I want to purge some photos before loading on computer, but when there's raw writing toe one card and j peg writing to another, it is a headache to scroll through all the images and delete the second file for the same image taken no, I don't know how to do that yeah, that could be a little bit of it issue okay, yeah there's another very paranoid group of photographers that don't like to delete in camera they just don't want that communication going on between the camera and the card because occasionally something can fumble and all of a sudden you can no longer write to the card this very rarely will ever happen but some people only shoot in their cameras and they won't delete it all sometimes some people don't believe because they just they just want to shoot straight when they're out shooting they're not gonna worry about it different philosophies so a question from mark in tacoma is the history graham based on the jpeg preview or the raw file when shooting in raw it is based on the jpeg preview from the best information that I've been able to get so you'll actually be able to get a little bit more so if you see some like clipped highlights or shadows and you're shooting rod there's a good chance that you'll get some most maybe all that data back ok, thanks so you get plum gecko ass jon do you clean your own camera or do you send it out talk about dust on the sensor? Yeah, I do clean my own camera I've had a little bit of experience in doing that I used to work at the glazer's rental department where we got this camera I was in charge of cleaning sensors o the days I definitely was wearing these glasses back on and so on who should clean their sensor and who should it? It depends on how comfortable you are working in small little confined areas with delicate machinery. If you're the type of person that likes to repair something around the house, chances are you'll be finding doing this some people don't like doing it they're going to send it out to repair shop the downside is is I think the repair shops are just asking way too much to have these things cleaned it's like fifty or a hundred dollars and they should be charging twenty five bucks because it's something that could be done usually in ten minutes and so if you talk to a camera store knowledgable camera start they'll show you what you need to use for it but you definitely get one of the air bowl but blowers and put the camera into the manual lock up mode and what you do is you basically squeeze this air and it's not the canned air that stuff has propellants and could potentially damage your camera so this is just the air bowl that you squeeze and knock out the dust and then go into mere lock up locked the mirror, bring the shutter open and try to knock the dust off anyone could do that not everyone completely feels comfortable taking the swabs and swiping alcohol across the sensor. If you do it right course, there's. No problem. And so there's. Not too many things that can go wrong. But if you don't feel comfortable doing that, check with a local repair shop.

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I loved this class. I was afraid that when I got my D800 it would take me weeks to feel comfortable with it (I was a Canon user before). But after this class, I was immediately ready to put my old canon away for good. Plus, he walked you through all of the settings so my new camera was set up perfectly. So happy I bought this course