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Lesson 18 from: Nikon D850 Fast Start

John Greengo

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18. My Menu

Create menu shortcut options with the My Menu tool, which allows you to see specific menu options immediately, the first time you open the menu option. This is a great way to save the most frequently-accessed settings, like image quality and Bluetooth.
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Lesson Info

My Menu

The final final section in here, is My Menu, and this is where you get to choose what you're looking at when you turn on the menu system. There are about 300 different items in the menu system and there is nobody that uses all of them on a regular basis. At most we're gonna use a handfull of them on a regular basis. So what you can do is you can go into My Menu, and you can choose the tab, choose the my menu tab, so that when you go into the menu it goes to your menu first and then will go to the camera's menu. And then you go through and you add items according to the things that you wanna use on a regular basis. So let's go ahead and do that in camera right now. So I'm gonna go into the menu settings, and I'm gonna come down to my menu. And first thing I'm gonna do is choose the tab of my menu, and then I'm gonna add in, let's add three items in. I'm gonna go to the photoshooting menu, and I'm gonna find things that I would normally change on a regular basis. I might change image qua...

lity, hit okay, that's good, that's saved in there. I'm gonna add some more items back in the photoshooting menu let's see, ISO sensitivity settings yeah that sounds pretty good, I'll add that one in there. And then I'm gonna add one more item. Let's go to the custom setting menu, let's go to autofocus, and let's see, AF activation. That's my back button focusing. Maybe I wanna turn that one on and off on a regular basis. Now one of the things that you'll notice down here is it says move, and so if that is not the most important item then I don't want it top of my list, I can move it down to the bottom. Press the set button in there, and so now when I press the menu button, it immediately comes to these three settings that I saved here, and then if I want to continue on into the menu system I can come over into the tabs, and move up and down, but to start with, first thing that comes up, are the things that I use the most that I've set in here. And so I encourage you to go into the add items menu and take some time and really think about what you use on a regular basis and then you can rank these items if image quality is more important you can click on that you can move it up so that image quality is the first item and then ISO and then AF activation or whatever your settings are going to be. Once you have that set up, you find that you're not digging around and getting lost in the menu system, you're spending more time shooting and not looking at the menu system of your camera. So by all means get in there and customize that to your own needs.

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a Creativelive Student

Excellent class. Very fast paced which I loved. I have had my D850 for a few months and thought I had it all figured out. I learned some awesome tips and tricks that I am eager to start using. Thanks John:-)


This is a great class with an exceptional instructor, and I learned so much about my new D850 camera! I especially appreciated the opportunity to follow along at a perfect pace with the instructor while being hands-on with my camera. The content was understandable, logical and enjoyable. This is my first class through CreativeLive -- thank you!

Francis Sullivan

82 yrs old. Been an avid photographers since 5 yrs old. Read and listened to all types of photo teachers. Greengo is the best of all. Every so called photographer can still learn from a master on the D850. Fantastic camera and fantastic teacher.

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