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In Focus: Starting a Personal Project

Stacy Pearsall

In Focus: Starting a Personal Project

Stacy Pearsall

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Class Description

CreativeLive is thrilled to bring you Stacy Pearsall: photojournalist, portrait artist, and former combat photographer. Among her many honors include twice being named the National Press Photographers Association’s military photographer of the year. In this presentation, Stacy will share what it takes to create a personal project of your own that makes an impact on you individually and professionally, while also providing a platform for creative growth, client visibility and financial value. Her wildly praised "The Veterans Portrait Project" has been shared in galleries across the nation while continuing to grow and tell the stories of millions of military veterans in the United States. 

Ratings and Reviews

Jeremy Williams

Yes. If you like photography you should watch this. If you have a desire to move people with your personal passions, and to grow yourself at the same time, you MUST watch this. Stacy is a great communicator with the authority to teach about personal projects. She helps answer questions like: - What can I draw from my experiences? - What am I willing to forgo in life to benefit someone else? - What is a skill that I have that I can bring to a personal project? In this course Stacy teaches us how to start well, keep balance while staying passionate, set goals, find funding and finishing well. This was the class I was most excite to watch in Photo Week 2017 and I'm so glad I did. Thanks Stacy. "Personal projects should be a healing process too. If you find something that really is diving deep into your own personal life it’s going to force you to reflect on yourself too." - Stacy Pearsall

Margaret Lovell

I've been thinking about what types of personal projects I'd like to do. Perhaps, using a personal portrait to segue into another genre of photography. I'm so glad that I took Stacy's course because it came at the right time for me. She gave excellent advice on how to get started with personal project ideas, and what the most important things are to take into consideration. I'm very excited to implement her advice.

Ken Cox

Well worth the price free :) but to be fair would be worth paying for, I went on to buy Stacy Pearsall Body language course, immediately after watching as I wanted to give something back. Highly recommended Stacy is clearly a very genuine person which comes out via her conversations with audience and that to me means a lot.

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