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Photoshop Elements® 9

Lesa Snider

Photoshop Elements® 9

Lesa Snider

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1 Introduction Duration:16:10
2 Intro to Elements Workspace Duration:15:32
3 Guided Edit Mode Duration:39:35
4 Quick Edit Mode Duration:19:26
6 Smart Brushes pt 1 Duration:17:30
7 Smart Brushes pt 2 Duration:31:27
9 Retouching Techniques Duration:39:53
10 Recompose Tool Duration:12:27
11 Gorgeous Grayscales Duration:36:32
  Class Trailer
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2 Quick Color Tints Duration:09:15
3 Adding a Vignette Duration:07:05
5 Fixing a Stubborn Color Cast Duration:15:36
8 Placing Text Behind an Image Duration:30:48

Class Description

In this class, you'll learn practical editing techniques you'll use every day with the affordable Adobe Photoshop Elements®. A fast-paced day lead by Lesa Snider, the fun, engaging best-selling author of Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual. By the end of this class, you'll be able to turn the photos you have into the photos you need.

You'll learn how to move throughout the program and editing modes to suit your specific skill level. Discover how to easily perform basic edits such as fixing animal white-eye, mastering Levels for color correction and understanding resolution once and for all. You'll also learn how to retouch portraits using pro-level, non-destructive techniques. Glean the secrets to gorgeous black and whites, partial color effects, creative edges, collages, and more.


a Creativelive Student

Amazing class, Lisa is fun to listen to and she knows her stuff. She made the confusion over so many parts of PSE march in straight lines so I could understand.

a Creativelive Student

A very useful course. I enjoyed it and hope I get time to go through all of it again to cement everything in memory. Hopefully, it will stay available long enough for me to do it slowly. I've already been able to use some of what I learned in the first session, but there was so much! It will take awhile!

John Carter

Because Lesa did such a good job showing off the new features in Elements 9, I just had to buy it. And here I thought I would be happy with Elements 8 forever. Thanks, Lesa.