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Camera Raw: Crop & Rotate

Lesson 40 from: Photoshop for Beginners: Essential Training

Mark Wallace

Camera Raw: Crop & Rotate

Lesson 40 from: Photoshop for Beginners: Essential Training

Mark Wallace

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40. Camera Raw: Crop & Rotate

Mark explains how to adjust the aspect ratio of an image, crop out unwanted areas, and how to rotate and flip your image.


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Camera Raw: Crop & Rotate

cropping images is very simple in adobe camera raw. So we're going to go from our edit menu down to this crop and rotate tool. Now remember all of these things are totally non destructive, anything you do here in adobe camera raw, you can always undo and change and redo it as many times as you want to infinity. And so what this tool allows you to do is you can just crop an image so I can move the site here, drag the image inside of my window here, I can move this in and out. Now notice the behavior of this crop tool. It's not allowing me to shrink this vertically or horizontally out of its constrained so the aspect ratio is constrained. The height and width are together. That's because I have this little lock over here so I can unlock that and now I can do this unconstrained so I can make it very narrow, I can make it very high, I can do whatever I want, I can unrestrained this normally you want to lock your aspect ratio because you're doing a crop for a specific output of four by six ...

or four by 12 or 16 by nine, something like that. If you don't know exactly how to get there. It's okay right here in aspect ratio you have a custom aspect ratio, that's what I just did there. Or you can click this and you can choose one of the built in aspect ratios. So let's say maybe you wanna print five by seven portrait, you can click that and now you can drag this out and that is going to perfectly output at a five by seven aspect ratio or you can go here and you can choose a custom setting. So here you can say what's the aspect ratio you want? And so maybe I want it to be 17 by three, something like that. And there's a 17 by three aspect ratio. I don't know why you'd ever use that, but there you go. Um and then that saved for me, I'm going to do a 16 by nine. Maybe I want to do a video so there you go. So you have all those aspect ratios that are perfect. The other thing that you can do here and the crop and rotate tool, maybe your image isn't quite straight. Well you can use this angle here to change how the image is going. That's one way to do that. The other way is you can grab the corner and you can drag this around if you have a straight line in your image. So maybe down here we have this straight line, there's this little level here. So I can click on that. Then I can click and drag and I have a little line, I can line that up with the thing that I want to be straight and let go and it'll straighten my image. That is great. If you have maybe a horizon or something like that, it's really great. Um If you want to reset things, there's this little undo button that can reset that crop that brings us back and then you have your basic flip and rotate so I can flip that around. You can flip this back and forth. I can rotate that 90°. You have all those controls built in.

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Mark did a great job at explaining things and going over them multiple times throughout the lessons. My only issue was that sometimes it went a little faster than I could keep up and I needed to rewind it a bit and start again. But from someone who has never worked in photoshop before I 100% recommend this class to anyone trying to learn.

Terri Schwartz

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