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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Adobe Photoshop Mastery: Retouch and Restore

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to creative live this is photoshopped mastery retouch and refinished and we're going to be getting into this with ben wilmore today my name is chris jennings. I'm gonna be your host for this class and we're thrilled to have been here and we know that a lot of you out there have old photos that needs some new life that need to be retouched and you've come to the right place toe learn it now if you're not familiar with ben wilmore, let me tell you a little bit about him. He's, a member of the photo shop hall of fame and he's, taught courses on five continents, he's written books, he has dvds, he's done seminars, all of which have made him one of america's favorite photo shop instructors and he's certainly a favorite on creative live. I've lost track of how many times been has taught here and we always love to have him back, especially here in our san francisco studio. So please, without further ado. Let's welcome ben wilmore, how are you really thrilled to have you here before we...

get into the content? I just have one question. I know people have photos at home that need a lot of work, they need to be retouched, but there's a lot you can do, but are there any photos that are just beyond repair? Well, there are some I mean if there's next to no useful content in the image but otherwise it mainly comes down to you work an image until you run out of problems patients time or allowed one and that is budget if you're being hired and it's just a matter of how much time do you want to spend more time you have the more pictures you can fix that other people might ignore because they just don't have the patience or time all right well I know that they have a lot of people out there who are watching they have the patients they're ready to learn this from you so I'm gonna let you take it away sounds good all right so in general we're going to be talking to a bunch of different issues when it comes to restoring them retouching photographs and I'll divide those issues up a little bit between what all called total rescue color rescue retouching in reconstruction so just let you know you're not used to using certain terms anytime I say a tonal change that means something that does not involve color that means it's a change of brightness the change of contrast to change of anything that where you're not trying to fix the color or shift the color around. So if I say total rescue that's what I'm talking about it's an image that really needs some help when it comes to the general brightness and contrast when I talk about color that's where we're going to try to isolate a color change where it often does not affect the total parts it's not going to shift the brightness it's not going toe ad contrast it's just going to fix the color and we'll look at those separately because the mindset I use is different if I'm thinking about total versus color, then we'll get into retouching and with retouching further shop has a bunch of tools and it seems like a lot of the tools khun do the same things, but you really need to just mentally know the difference between them. When is one tool going to be much more useful than another? And you'll find that if all you know about our basic retouching tools and you don't know a few hidden features behind the scenes it's nowhere near is useful is if you really get to incorporate all of the features related to retouching, so we'll end up looking at a wide variety there. We'll also talk about reconstructing photos because sometimes they're just big missing chunks and we need to somehow invent content that didn't exist in the original we were given then we'll also look at what I would consider the just common problems you run into that might be the texture of paper showing through it might be stains or other things and we'll just look at kind of a laundry list of things you might commonly run into. And how might idea what those? All right?

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Wow! That is pretty much what I thought about the course. It was my first live studio experience and it was fantastic! Ben is a great instructor because he presents the information in a straight forward manner that is understandable, detailed, and concise all at the same time. I have a couple of his other classes and the handbooks his wife creates are exemplary and make going back and reviewing the rebroadcast so much easier. Also, I want to give a shout off to the Creative Live team...Kudos! They are an excellent host...they are professional and fun at the same time! The content they produce has helped me tremendously to expand my knowledge and skills and mostly importantly they are affordable!

Wilson Blackwell

Super class! Ben is the best at explaining Photoshop and how to make full use of it. This class included techniques I've never seen or heard explained in other photo restoration classes I've taken. And the accompanying book, while I've only glimpsed through it so far, is expansive, well laid out, attractive, and looks to cover everything Ben went over in the class - it's a valuable resource as well (thank you, Karen Willmore, for all the effort you put in to produce a worthy complement to what Ben teaches.)


Ben is one of my favorite instructors on CreativeLive. (That's saying a LOT because they are all so good!). Besides being very thorough and understandable, Ben sets himself apart with two things. 1. He thoroughly demonstrates a process, then does a recap of all the steps he just took. That makes it much easier to remember. 2. His wife takes notes during the broadcast and creates a handbook which is available to download when you purchase the course. Some people find it easier to learn by reading than by re-watching the video. I like it because I can find information by using a word search. I feel so fortunate that I was able to sit in the audience for this class. It was great to be able to talk directly to the instructor and interact with the other students.

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