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Photoshop Mastery: Fundamentals

Ben Willmore

Photoshop Mastery: Fundamentals

Ben Willmore

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1 Bridge Duration:57:24
2 Optimizing Photoshop Duration:22:57
3 Working with Documents Duration:35:09
4 Camera RAW Duration:34:30
5 Adjustments Duration:1:27:51
6 Selections Duration:52:08
  Class Trailer
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1 Resolution Duration:1:19:59
2 Color Spaces Duration:27:06
3 Layers Duration:37:52
4 Layers Continued Duration:1:29:19
5 Masks and Filters Duration:28:47
6 Printing and Troubleshooting Duration:18:34

Class Description

Part of the Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle.

An expert's view of the basics designed to get anyone ready to become a Photoshop pro. Imagine learning the absolute essentials from someone who has used Photoshop for well over 20 years, is in the Photoshop Hall of Fame and has taught way over 100,000 Photoshop users. We'll start off by simplifying Photoshop's interface to make it less overwhelming and then jump in and learn the absolute essentials. This course will cover everything one needs to know in order to be truly effective with the program.

• Simplifying the Interface • Browsing your images with Bridge • Understanding Resolution • Which File Formats to use • Essential Tonal Adjustments • Essential Color Adjustments • Isolating areas with selections • The fundamentals of layers • Troubleshooting Techniques • Workflow Overview

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6


dennis hartman

Great teacher. The course is great even if CS6 seems hard to work on. I brought up my CS6 and did on it what he was teaching. What a learning curve. He made it fairly easy. Thanks for the great help.

a Creativelive Student

I have been learning by video for months but nobody ever explained the why to me. Knowing the why makes all the difference. It helps me remember so much better. As a teacher, I need to remember that. Thanks Ben.


I wasn't sure how useful I thought this session would be, but, by the time the middle of the second day arrived, I bought the course and the rest of the series as well. Thank you very much Ben Willmore.