Portrait Photography Fundamentals


Portrait Photography Fundamentals


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Shoot: Hands and Arms Poses for Female

So let's just try to rip through some of these real quickly. And, I'll just set up the lighting in one area here. And see what we can do. And she can stand here. Looks great. Probably should turn this down a bit. Let's do this. Adjust this down. I'm gonna raise it higher. I usually have an assistant to control the light, but we're going to see what we can do. Um, get that light. Okay, great. So let's start off with this cigarette pose, so yeah, down; I love that right there. Turn your head a little bit towards the light and just look back at me. Right there; beautiful. Yeah, perfect. Just keep your head this way a bit, and look back at me with your eyes. Right there. Okay, and I like shooting a little bit above my subject. It just has a little more pleasing look to it. Okay, great, and so let's now try it the other way, where you're this way. Good. And turn your head this way a little bit; right there. Look back at me. And then just open up your fingers a little bit. Yeah, just relaxed...

a bit; perfect. Head this way a bit; right there. Love it. One, two. (camera clicking) Good, so that's cigarette up and cigarette down. The next one is the shoulder tap. Oh, so, I like that; look at her. So her nose is this way, so I'm going to put the light that way, right? And so, if you have an assistant, you can just train them and say, "Wherever that darn nose is, that's where you go; I shouldn't have to talk to you," okay? (laughing) And by the way, shoot some Instagram photos of me, too. (laughing) Alright, okay, so she's tapping the shoulder there. I have the light there. And turn your face a little bit more towards me. Good. What I'm trying to do is to make sure I have shadow there. If your subject turns her back here, the worst thing you can do is shine the light there because this shoulder will be brighter than her face. So that's why it's key to have that shadow there; it's very essential. If you don't have that shadow there, then it's just going to ruin the pose; it's not going to look elegant. Okay, so good. Let's put the iFocus in; perfect. Turn your head more towards me a bit. Can I get you to hold this light right here, because that's really what I want. And so now that's it high, I can for sure have that shadow here. So turn your head; I want to see those catch lights. And then look up right there. Yeah, good. Turn your head more towards me, and look straight up. Yeah, that's it; that's what I want. I want to see those catch lights. Chin up just a bit more. Right there; beautiful. Good, alright, okay. And so let's try, what's the next pose? We've got the hair, no, necklace. So this is the collarbone type of pose. Right there; perfect. And, chin up just a bit. I need to get a little bit light in her eyes. Yeah, I like how you're just looking up like that. Good. And so I can see that light right into her eyes right there, which is great. Alright, and so, that's great. Let's do another one where you're moving over here, and she's- I like how her collarbone is there. And you're going to look over to this side here and get that light low. Really low, right there, yeah. You can turn it to the side how you had it. Right, good, I love that right there. And look back at me. Right there; that's it, right there. I love that. That looks great. (camera clicking) Alright, great. Okay, so what's the next one after that? The hair pull. So, you're just going to slightly pull your hair off to the one side. Let's do this since we have the light on this side. Let's just do that. And then you're going to look over this way. And let's not have her look at the camera at all. She's just going to turn her head sideways. Good; keep your body this way, but then your head that way. Okay, and even more; turn it. Yeah, there; and then I want to just get, like, extreme side light right there. Okay, and so I'm going to do a different shot. Because I want to shoot some portraits too. (camera clicking) Beautiful. So I like doing a lot of landscape headshots where it's- and then I like raising this a little bit higher because I'm short. Who's with me on the shortness side? Alright, that's beautiful. Okay, and then, let's go to the yin-yang. So, you're gonna kind of do something, oh yeah, there you go. I like that; look down that way. Let's do some side light. Right there; and you can look at me. Right there, or actually just look down this way. A lot of times, too, is that I like to just brush this hair back, so I got a clean shoulder and then you got less Photoshop work later. Okay, and look down there. Perfect. I love that, right there. (camera clicking) Good. And look up at me. (camera clicking) Turn your head this way a bit. Okay, yeah, just straight right there, and then look at me right there. Hold it right there; don't move your chin back. That's good. And then how about you tuck this arm and tuck it in closer just a little bit. Yeah, that looks great right there. Look straight up there, and then, can you put this hand on top of your, just so it closes up that, then turn that way and look; there it is, right there. Do that. (camera clicking) And then, where's your weight? Can you shift your weight a little bit more? So you had it, no, I like how you had it there, but pop that hip out more. So now I'm creating that more of an angle so she's not straight up and down, and look over that way. Turn your head that way. There you go; right there. Perfect. And so I'm creating that lean. (camera clicking) And you really have to ask for it, because it's very, and it is hard for them to hold it a long time too, so you got to get everything right. She's like, has to stretch out already. Alright, so now we're going to do more. Can you sit down right here? And then, yep, good. And you can maybe lean forward a bit, and so what I gotta do is get that light in her eyes. And so you're going to actually frame your face with the light, and I'm just, and so, yeah. And you're going to look straight up this way. Yeah, into that. That's beautiful right there. Okay, and so, I'm going to shoot down. (camera clicking) Chin up just a little bit more. Great. Right there. (camera clicking) And I want to try doing something really symmetrical. So, I just want your head straight up like this. Yeah, there it is, right there. Love that. Right there. (camera clicking) Good, and so if we can get that light just, yep, that's good; yeah, chin up just a bit. Good, right there. (camera clicking) Great, perfect, okay. And, I think that's it, right? Oh, dress pull. Well, she doesn't really have a dress to pull. But she can fake it. How about she fake it? Fake it. Yeah, let's fake it. So basically, you're gonna just, yeah, there it is, right there. Good, and let's put the light where her nose is, this way. Or, she can look that way, okay, good. And you're going to look across this way. Yep, and put your chin up, and turn your head more, or just past, yeah, right there. Good, and take this hand and just kind of, you're going to shoulder tap there. Good, perfect. I'm going to try to go back all the way. This is the problem using an 85mm lens. Okay, good. (camera clicking) Turn your head a little bit more this way. Yeah, and look straight ahead of me. There you go. (camera clicking) You can look down that way, too. Look down across your body; I like that, too. That's perfect; that's very elegant right there. Alright, great.

Class Description

Want to be able to go into any situation with your camera and have the confidence to know you’ll get the shot? Award-Winning photographer Scott Robert Lim goes in-depth on the four foundational elements you must conquer if you want to develop your creativity and style.

Scott will give you the guidelines you need to master:

  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Composition
  • Post-Processing

Once you master these fundamentals of portraits, you free up your mind to get creative and ultimately get the shot.


1Class Introduction
25 Shots That WOW
3Four Fundamentals of Photography
4Create a Visual Impact with Composition
5Importance of Foreground and Background
6Create Depth in Landscape Images
7Photos Don't Always Follow the Rules
8Composition Practice Exercise
9Composition Critique of Student Images
10Keys to Posing
11Shoot: Classic Elegance Female Pose
12Shoot: Modern Female Pose
13Shoot: Rollover Female Pose
14Female Hands & Arms Poses Overview
15Shoot: Hands and Arms Poses for Female
16Seven Posing Guidelines
17Headshots Poses with Male Model
18Shoot: Headshot for Male Model
19Shoot: Sitting Poses for Male Model
20Shoot: Leaning Poses for Male Model
21Shoot: Standing Poses for Male Model
22Keys to Couples Posing
23Shoot: Couples Posing
24Couples Transitional Posing Overview
25Shoot: Transitional Posing
26Keys to Group Posing
27Accordion Technique with Groups
28Shoot: Accordion Technique
29Shoot: Best Buds Pose
30Shoot: Talk with Your Hands Pose
31Shoot: Lock Arms and Hold Hands Pose
32Run at the Camera and Dance in Your Seat Poses
33Shoot: Pod Method Pose
34Posing Critique of Student Images
35Introduction to Lighting
36Soft vs Hard Light
37Difficult Lighting Situations
38Bright Light Techniques
39Overcast Light Techniques
40Low Light Techniques
41Lighting Techniques Q&A
42Drama Queen Lighting
43Laundry Basket Lighting
44Make it Rain Lighting
45Smart Phone Painting with Light
46Mini LED Bokeh Lighting
47Choose the Right Lighting System
48Hybrid Flash System
49Innovative Accessories
50Gear Overview
51Theatrical Post-Processing
52Ten Keys to Post-Processing
53Essential Skills to Post-Processing
54Headshot Post-Processing
55Bright Light Post-Processing
56Flat Light Post-Processing
57Low Light Post-Processing
58Introduction to Fine Art Post-Processing
59Light & Airy Fine Art Post-Processing
60Dark & Moody Fine Art Post-Processing
61Post-Processing Critique of Student Images