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Motion Posing

Lesson 4 from: Posing, Composition and Natural Light

Scott Robert Lim

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Lesson Info

4. Motion Posing

Lesson Info

Motion Posing

So now you're doing all these set things and all this, whatever, you know, poppin' the hip and whatever. In your session, you need a little bit of variety and so if you're gonna do your whole thing, where they're just doing the same poses part, it may look a little bit stagnant. You need to get some natural energy going. Or maybe you just have a subject that's really tough. You might want to start with this just to get the flow going, all right? So you want some motion posing. Doing something, especially if you have organza or something like that. It's gonna have a dynamic energy to it. Nose towards light, always that, creates a variety of emotion, you're not sure what you're gonna get and it has a natural feel and great for inexperienced subjects. Very good for inexperience because it's gonna get them looking natural. So do something interesting. You can jump in the air, right? Or you just can just take them and have something, with a dress or something, and they can just go back and ...

forth. This is what I had her do, just wave that flag back and forth and I'm just catching some. 'Cause what happens is, a weight shift is happening. It's all about the weight shifting, so if you get them to do something where they're shifting their weight, they're gonna look very natural. And then you're gonna get expressions like this. But I'm telling you, they will not give you an expression like this if they don't feel comfortable with you as the photographer. You have to sell them yourself first before those walls are broken down and they give you this. So these are these in-between moments where I'm having them run or whatever, and I tell them to try to do something, they can't do it and then they give me a smile and they're laughing and busting up. But you're not gonna get it, you have to have positive energy. You have to put out as much energy as you're gonna get back because your subjects will mirror you. They mirror your emotions so if you go down, uhhh, that's the photos that you're gonna get. But if you're alive and positive, it's gonna come back at you and it's gonna be in the photos and you're gonna see it. Here you might have to do something a little bit extra. We had to rent this bike and so you see something, you might have to spend a little bit extra cost, and here a bike was here so we could get this photo running across the street, feeling that emotion and you get this variety. This is a shot here at my wedding workshop. What do you think I told them to do here? Dance in their seat, okay? So whenever you see a group of people exhibiting the same emotion, it's the photographer said something to do it. Because you can't take a group of people and have them express the same emotion unless there's a stimulus by somebody. So look at your photos. If you're not getting this, that means that you're not directing, you're not telling them something funny, because if you want to get great photos with a lot of emotion, it's up to the photographer to do it for them. Emotion, and if you make a couple run, their only response is to laugh. If you tell a person to run, they're not gonna run like this. (students laughing) Right, it's impossible. So you've got one of those difficult subjects that just won't even smile, won't do anything, make them run. Make them move and you're gonna get a great shot.

Ratings and Reviews

Leah Hinds

Love this course! It's a quick and fast paced run down on some basic poses that you can carry over into any situation. I love Scott Robert Lim, he is energetic, funny and doesn't mind a joke at his own expense. I love everything about him! I learn the most from him because I remember his own attempt at posing it or his jokes. I find it hard to remember stuff at the time during a shoot but this info will stick. Thanks so much, more please.


This class is amazing, I learned much more in the 90 minutes of this class, than I ever thought I would (as far as composition and simple posing). Scott is FANTASTIC!!! I love his knowledge and energy!!!

Scott Joy

Scott is awesome and incorporates passion, energy and fun into his teaching!

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