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Posing, Composition and Natural Light


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Putting it all Together

Let's just start off with some basic posing. Let's just use this great light that's right here, and natural. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pose her, and then I'm just gonna keep her in one position, and I'm gonna show you all the different variations you can do, okay. So, which way to you feel like is your more natural, this way or the other way? You tell me. Okay, good. You wanna do that way? So go ahead. There you go, okay. Let me hold this. That's perfect. Okay, pop that hip out. Pop that hip out that way. Good, right. You're putting all the what on that leg, right, and then you can here, here, like this, right. Okay, so she's, and keep your, what you wanna pretend like you're holding a orange. Yeah, much better that way. Okay, so she's posed correctly, and we gotta do this quickly because I'm not gonna hold this way. Okay, let's just start with him on this side, and you're holding hands and do the handstyle, right. So her hips are popped. No, you're just gonna be separate. ...

Down, put your hands down. Put 'em all the way down. Relax those arms. There you go! Beautiful, right. So we got that. She's already posed. Let me see if I got enough real estate here, were I could, I need to get a little further back. Okay so let me just do this shot right here. One, two, three, smile! (camera click) Okay, so that shot. Right now, you're gonna come in and hold her waist. That way, good, and turn your body a little bit more towards me, right, okay. And so now lean back a little bit. Support her, see that's beautiful. Now, you can look at each other. You can look towards this way here. I forgot your... Kate. Katie and Jeff. KatIe. Katie and Jeff. Okay, you can look over here. Now you look at, well I should take these spot shots. Okay look at each other. Look at each other. Right, smile, right. Good, okay, put your foreheads together! A little bit. Okay, good, perfect. Okay, now, Jeff, you keep looking at her. You look off to the side. Right, you're looking off to the side, right there. Smile, put your chin up, just a little bit. Okay, right there. Good, turn your nose towards me just a little bit more. Right there, don't look at me though. Look past my head. Right there, beautiful, smile. Perfect. Alright, now she's still in that position there. Right, now you come behind her, right there, and you look down this way. Katie, look down that way, but you're in that pose still. Right, she looks down. Jeff, you can come down a little bit and you're gonna look down at her. Right, okay look down that way. Get your heads a little bit closer together. You're almost putting your nose right on her forehead there, and I want you both to smile. Okay, good, you got that. That's great. (camera click) Okay, now you can continue and hold hands. And so separate apart. Separate and you're doing the hinge again. That way, right. Can you guys shift all over to just the backdrop? Can you just move over a few feet? Same thing. Right. That way. Good, and you got that shot too. She hasn't even moved one bit. You made him do all the work. Okay now look at each other! Okay, you can look at each other. You could both look over there. Jeff, both, okay, you know what you're kind of leaning. Stand up a little bit straighter. Good, right, how about you look this way? Both look over here, and smile and laugh hysterically. Ha ha ha ha ha, there you go! Perfect, right! And so basically, you did a whole posing, where you're just working around her, right, and you gotta a variety of things that you can do, right, left and all that kind of thing. So let's get over to this bench, and so what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna set Katie up. So sit down here with your legs this way. Okay cross your leg, and you're gonna kind of lean on this here, like roll up on it. You can cross the other leg. That might be easier. And then you're gonna kind of roll forward. Let me demonstrate. So, she's crossing like this. I want her to roll a little bit, like roll on this hip to accentuate this part. The light's coming in this way, okay. So this is what I love about benches. If you see a bench, their sitting on something. It's gonna look very natural. Okay, so she's kind of leaning this way, right, and then I'll sit him on the other side with his legs the other way, so they could face each other. Right, and so now I got a variety of things where you look off to that way, just look maybe over here. Stand up straighter, and just yeah. You can reach across and hold hands or something like that. Whatever's natural. (audience laughs) How about here if you just kind of rest on him or something, yeah. It's almost like you're resting on your leg, but he happens to be there. Or you can you grip your arm around his arm? Is that possible? That way, yeah, yeah perfect! So now look it. I can take this shot, and Jeff can you just lean a little bit closer to her? You can get your butt closer to her. Is that possible? Yeah, good, and then just kind of lean into each other a little bit, but she's looking off this way. Alright turn your nose towards me a little bit more. Yeah, I love the light on your eyes right there. Lean a little bit closer, sell it to me more, where you're leaning in, right there, and so now you can easily get a shot. Smile, right, and then what you also could do is just, how about if you're just closing you're eyes and you're looking away this way. So turn your head this way. Too much. Actually, let's have you close your eyes the other way. Okay, close your eyes and lean your head in. And you have to match expressions. So if you got one closing the eyes, the other's gonna have to close their eyes too. Right, and then you foot something more intimate here. (camera click) Right, but it's very simple for your subjects to do, because they're sitting down. I don't care how awkward it is, they could easily do this pose. Because why? Most of their weight is on the chair. And then you can go ahead Jeff, stand up. So you could have him standing up on this side and you can pose her, like you could have her arms out, like this and you're gonna lean forward a little bit, right there, and then let's say, well I know the light is going this way, but you both look over that way. Over here, right, click. You could do another shot like that. I usually do a landscape, and so usually when they're doin' that, okay now you can have them both smile. Smile, but don't look at me. Put you're chin up a little bit there, Kate, right there, and that gets the light right down. I really wanna go back here. If I can do it, okay, good, perfect. And so you can have them separated and then you can have, how about you do one more. Can you smooch over this way? And I love this. This is really easy. Now, you can't get, you gotta move your butt away. No, no, no. Kate, you gotta move your butt away so you can lean back. Why do I have here butt away? Because I need her spine to get at an angle. If she was pressed up against him, her spine won't but I need her spine, now you lean back, right. Now, this is the one where I have you look down this way, and close your eyes and you kind of put your, don't look at me. It's about you two guys. Right there, right, and then you can put your arm on her bicep here, or wherever, or something like that, or, okay let me take one like that, real quick. Alright, one, two, ready, good. One, two. And Katie if you could turn your head a little bit more, that'll sell it. And then I don't want you to be buried Jeff, so you gotta move your head out a bit more. There you go, right there. And then both smile. Give me a smile. (camera click) Okay, great. Now that's a very common thing I do, is where she's looking across that way. This is a for sure fire pose. You can't miss with it. If you had the most difficult couple, just sit them down. You could even do this technique with chairs, but it's very easy to do. Okay, let's give 'em a hand! (applause) I know that was really quick. I wish I had a little bit more time to get into it, and I could, you know, get 'em more sexy and everything, but anyways, that's the next one. Composition, posing and lighting equals wow! Put all these three together and I'm just gonna rip through some of these shots and I want you to see the posing, right, notice towards the light, and the spaces that I put them in. You can see I'm using the same techniques, that I just talked about where I put everything together on these shots. Here's some motion posing, where I just sat on the ground, and they just ran at me, and you're getting a wide variety. You could see the composition, arching the back, and here's just some shots that I used in the real world that explained everything that I just talked about. Wide landscape, right, you wanna get them separated so they're bigger and not pressed into each other. And you can see open shade. Oh, here's another key point. If you have a very iconic image, that's in your photo, you don't need to take the entire, show it all. You can just show a portion of it. Didn't you know that this was the Eiffel Tower? Didn't have to explain. It's blurry, it's part of it. You know you're there, right, and so that's another key thing to do. I've shown some of these pictures before. Reflection. And you can see how the composition and the posing and the lean and you can see, definitely see the (mumbles) right there. It looks great, right. Shadow there, right. And so, I could have posed him a little bit better, but she's leaning in and I found that space on the side, right and so you get a feeling of exactly where they are. They're are on the Amalfi Coast, right, because you've got the composition, and you got everything there. Okay, Notre Dame in the background, right, and just quickly go through these. I think I just leave with this slide here. Okay so, that's kind of some examples of everything. This is my information, how to get ahold of me. Scottrobertlim@gmail. Scottrobertlim of Facebook. Scottrobertlim on Instagram. If you're interested in any photo, like workshops I do around the world, just go the SRLworldtour.com and you'll see everything there.

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There is no excuse to not take an amazing photograph. Award-Winning photographer Scott Robert Lim in this exclusive course shows how composition, posing and light must work together to create WOW and impact. He'll also discuss how using film and vintage polaroids can enhance images using natural light. 


Leah Hinds

Love this course! It's a quick and fast paced run down on some basic poses that you can carry over into any situation. I love Scott Robert Lim, he is energetic, funny and doesn't mind a joke at his own expense. I love everything about him! I learn the most from him because I remember his own attempt at posing it or his jokes. I find it hard to remember stuff at the time during a shoot but this info will stick. Thanks so much, more please.


This class is amazing, I learned much more in the 90 minutes of this class, than I ever thought I would (as far as composition and simple posing). Scott is FANTASTIC!!! I love his knowledge and energy!!!

Scott Joy

Scott is awesome and incorporates passion, energy and fun into his teaching!