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Posing for Curvy Women

Lesson 9 of 11

Bridal Shoot

Lindsay Adler

Posing for Curvy Women

Lindsay Adler

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Lesson Info

9. Bridal Shoot

Lesson Info

Bridal Shoot

If you're photographing a bride, I would recommend that you advise them on their dress, but guess what, they never do that. I mean, for curvier subjects, typically, you don't, you don't want the straight-across top, and a lot of times, you what I'm talking about, where you get the skin up over top. That has to do a lot with posture, so when you're photographing a bride, and they have, she doesn't have it, but if they have the skin pouring over the top of the dress, I try some where they put the arms forward. I say, "roll your shoulders forward," I try some where they role it back, and I'm trying to see what movement fixes the problem for that person, because everyone's different. Alright, next part of this is they tend to hold, people tend to hold flowers kinda here, or right tight against their stomach. So it's the same thing, you still need to see negative space, and you still want to have lowered shoulders for long lines, and you still wanna use all of those things. So for her, can ...

you face me straight on? Flowers low, and bring your arms in, flowers a little lower. Okay, and then tuck your arms in real tight. Alright, so something like this is going to make her look, I mean it's fine, but it's not curvy, and I kind of look right at the flowers in the midsection, so what I'm gonna do is, can you turn towards the light? Great, I'm gonna have you lean your chest way forward, and I'm gonna have you bring your flowers over this way, and lower them down, so I've got negative space on this side. Pop out your back elbow just a little bit, good. Drop your shoulders as low as possible, perfect. Put your weight, separate your feet, 'cause right now she's like this, so that's really unstable. Put your right foot back, good, and then just shift your weight so it's more comfortable. Great, now lean in towards me, perfect. Higher angle, chin down a little. Great, so, watching the difference. So now she's got curve and shape, and it's much nicer lines. So it's watching that, but as soon as she brings everything in square and tight it doesn't work anymore. Let me just try the arms, one last thing too. Roll your shoulders forward so they look like this, and then roll them backwards. For her, when she goes back too far, that's where the problem is, so that's why sometimes for the brides, just that little roll forward, just a little bit of a roll forward, it gets rid of the tension there, so that might be what the issue is, so turn to the right, same thing, lean way towards me. Perfect, weight all the way on your back leg, perfect. And pop out that back arm, great. And chin down, and the flowers a little lower. Great, a little lower, and that helps me see her waist. By the way, this dress did not have, did not have anything on the waist. This is dress is kind of the worst case scenario, it would be, it's the straight top, nothing on the waist, no detail, no gathering, no nothing, so we added a sash to give it a waist. So you guys see kind of the difference.

Class Description

Photographers are hired to capture portraits that accentuate the best features of their subjects. Lindsay Adler will share techniques on how to photograph your full figured and curvier clients by accentuating their lines and creating beautiful silhouettes. She’ll show you how to highlight curves and use the right camera angles to flatter the shape of any woman. Lindsay will lay down a solid foundation of posing and styling so that you can make your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. 
This class will cover: 

  • Styling suggestions for full figured women including a bridal session 
  • Camera angles and posing techniques for the most flattering images 
  • Photoshop techniques to help highlight your curvy subject
Whether your photography focus is a wedding, portrait or intimate boudoir, you’ll be able to represent your clients as the unique, beautiful women they are.

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I’m only on Lesson 4 and I’ve already learned so much! Lindsay explains everything she’s doing and gives you the why’s and how’s of posing curvy women. This is a must-watch course for anyone who is faced with the challenge of making a curvy woman look her best. These women are so beautiful and they deserve to have the opportunity to work with a photographer who knows how to make them look their best! Thank you Lindsay for such a great course!

Peggy Nugent

This class is so amazing. Lindsay packs a ton of information in, clearly and efficiently. The best part is that she explains the reasons behind every concept, so now instead of setting up my clients in a few memorized poses, I can customize each look for the individual. As Lindsay dramatically demonstrates in this class, over and over, implementing her concepts makes a huge difference in how a woman looks, no matter what her size and shape. And Lindsay does it all with her usual charm and effervescence. This class is worth every penny, and much more.


Quite possibly Lindsay Adler's best class yet on Creative Live!! I own several of her classes - all are informative and helpful, but she is especially helpful in this one, providing LOTS of specific, non-fluff type of tips and quality instruction. The material is well-organized, and I really like that there is so much actionable information provided. Looking forward to putting the tips into practice!!!