Post-Processing Workflow for Portraits and Landscapes


Post-Processing Workflow for Portraits and Landscapes


Class Description

The key to great images is not necessarily the gear that you own or the programs that you use to edit your images. Post processing expert Blake Rudis has developed a foolproof way to make great images in post by creating a practical workflow. He will show you how to make this process work for you, whether you're creating portraits on landscapes.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.1.1



Gagh! Amazing! This is a fast paced class but the topics he teaches will change how I edit my photos. Great class! If you want to make your pictures pop and understand how to use color and tone....get this class!

David Croxford

Excellent Course, decided to purchase because it was so good. Learnt a new workflow which I will adopt from now on.