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Photo Shoot

Lesson 4 from: Quick Home Photo Sessions

Vanessa Joy

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4. Photo Shoot

Lesson Info

Photo Shoot

now, a lot of times when I'm shooting kids, especially, I tend to keep my camera here and just use my LCD screen to take pictures. But you wouldn't think of x purple because then I could interact with them. And I'm not behind the camera. A lot of times, you know, with everybody adults, kids, The second you do this, it changes their personality and what they're doing. And right now, this looks too dark. So guess what, guys. I'm gonna go up on my I S o We're going to go to 12. 80. Cool. So this is perfect. I could get some shots of Lissy while she's just doing things. What do you make in there? You're making purple. Are you going to make a shape? Purple's not a shape of pizza slice. What else do you got? Yeah, and my daughter knows when she's on camera, so we have to just talk to her, do different things, right? Lists. You know, when you're on camera high, you you want to play with play doh with me? That's so nice. Go ahead. What color you gonna pick? No, you're both sharing all of them.

Whoa, That's a big one. Is that a big one? Maybe if you smashers together, both of you. Hey, Judah, No cheese. Some of your happy face. You're so silly. All right, so let's do this. Listen, can you get a big purple, big blue, big blue club and Judah, You have a big pink glob right now. The two of you, Can you smash your globs together? Go ahead, Smasher globs together like do a high five with their Plato, right? Try it. Try it. Squish them together. Do high five with your Plato. What? You Yeah, like this. Watch squish, but squish him together. Good job. Hey, listen, can you stand up and go next to do that? Because I want you to getting a picture together. That's good. Nice job. All right. And now stand up next to him. Kind of like your about to give him a little hug. Always play to the older one. All right, now. No, don't get me. You're all right. So, so far have my goals. I have a picture of the two together. Have a picture of them separately. So now I just get the place. We got that done pretty easily. All right. You're gonna keep making some shapes. Now, in addition to getting pictures of their faces, I'd like to get pictures of the things that they're doing. So close ups of their hands. Are you going to make a waffle? My happy face. You're happy face. It's just going to get some shots from above tilting LCD screen not getting my hands in it. All right, So I think we got everything we need. Just a few minutes. Good. Got little hands, got together. We grow ready to go at it after I get this one shot one. There it is. Nice. Alright, guys. So I'm gonna you dio you like it?

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Vanessa Joy is terrific communicator, and this short video is fun and informative. I would love to see more detailed courses from her (and her husband on video).


Loved this class! Thank you so much. Excited to get a printer so I can take, edit, and print pics of my kiddos!!


Simple but practical. Good tips.

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