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Workflows with Lightroom 5

Lesson 5 of 21

11:30 am - Custom Collections & Keywords

Julieanne Kost

Workflows with Lightroom 5

Julieanne Kost

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5. 11:30 am - Custom Collections & Keywords

Lesson Info

11:30 am - Custom Collections & Keywords

So collections air like more permanent filters so collections I think there's so much more useful than folders there's so much more useful for me I I barely use folders I mean if you look here yeah I've got a folder for every location but I certainly don't go into my different folders and actually make a lot of sub folders almost the on ly sub folders I ever create now is like if I have a specific project or I have specific video files or something and I just want them in another container because if you think about it like you guys use like something like itunes where you're listening to your music and stuff so you know how you make playlists so I think of collections and light room like your playlist so your music it can be anywhere I mean I don't know how many of you guys go in and organize all your music and it would be very hard to do that because if you had like a playlist for running and a playlist for not that I run I should say a playlist for walking or some kind of julien's t...

rying to exercise today playlist and then one for like oh this words come so easy I'm glad so something that has that same list in your country music all right to have your country music and you're walking music and you want the same country songs to be involved and someone's writing right now, why would you want country songs at all? Don't even ask that question. That's mean, do not judge all right? So if you wanted that, you wouldn't want to go to your hard drive and, like, go grab all your country songs and duplicate him on the hard drive and go put him over in that other folder just because you want him in another one, right? So their virtual all these things, that he's playlist or virtual light room has collections, which are virtual, so that means I can add as many photos to as many different collections as I want without ever duplicate him on the hard drive. All right, so there's two kinds of collections, so let's, just scoot down and I'm just going to click on the header there of the hard drive to collapse that, and we'll look at my collections oh, actually, I'm in solo mode, so I didn't even need to do that. When you click on the collections panel header, it would automatically close folders. All right, so here we are in collections, and we're going to create a new collection. Collections are always alphabetized, so what you might want to think about is, do you need a set of collections or just a simple collection? So a set is just a folder just like in photo shop we have sets of actions here. We have a collection set so I'm gonna make a collection set and I'm gonna call it creative life, all right? And I can put it inside and another collection center we could just leave it at the top. Now I already have one called creative lives, so let's call this a demo creative life. Okay, if you want, you could put a space in front of it or an ass tricked or something that will kick it to the top if you want. For now, we'll just hit create and you could say, look, I have a ton of collections because each one of these collections has other collections inside of them, right? So I love my collections. So we've got our demo for creative life that's just a folder it's a shoebox that's what that icons for now we can start creating collections and there's two kinds of collections. There's just a regular collections and you're smart collections your regular collections. I think you'll use those a ton. You're smart collections depend on the work flow you will use those as well. Smart collections are really powerful because they allow you to make a collection based on criteria unfiltered criteria on search criteria, and when you update your photographs, the smart collection is automatically update updated so we'll start with just a regular collection, all right, just a regular collection, and this regular collection is going to be called my portfolio, and in fact, we can do let's do this, I'm gonna do a color portfolio and I'm gonna put it inside the create life and you know, I can't remember if I use the plus icon here to add this, but you can use the plus icon and say, create collection or you can write mouse, I think, anywhere the reason I would write mouse click is because remember how I told you these world sensitive these areas? If I write males, click and I create a collection when I choose inside a collection, it knows where I write mouse click so it'll say, oh, you probably want as your default the the creative live collection set so it will add it if that if that didn't make sense, let me just show you I have let's say I have important resource is selected and I come over here and I say, please create a collection and then I call this color portfolio, all right? We'll just change that a little bit, okay, when I click inside a collection, said it's, like, well, just put in the first one. Oh, no, I'll put in the one where you've got something and, you know, it's like, I don't know where to put it, even tell me if you direct it. If you say right mouse, click on the demo for creative live and I say, create a collection now when I say inside a collection said, this is oh, well, you right, mouse click on that so I'm gonna go ahead and add it in there, okay? So I know some of these things seem really like, you know, if you're a beginner, just just ignore some of this stuff, but for intermediate advanced people this is how you speed up your work flow so that you're not scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and clicking and in scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and clicking again. All right, so right, mouse click has got to be your friend. Ok, one last time. Color portfolio. All right, the other thing you can do is you can send it as a target collection and this is awesome. So I'm gonna set it is my target collection. I'm gonna hit create now I'm going to take us out of solo mode for a minute. Just so weaken so I can show you what's going on what would typically happen at this point is now I've got my color portfolio, the plus icon there tells me that I've got this is my target collection, and I go up to my folders and I'd say, I get to make a portfolio, so I go to arizona and I would look there, and I'd be like, oh, I like that image, and I like that image, and then you would go, oh, you need in that portfolio when you go and and you'd scroll down here until you see it and you go a any moment, ok, and then you'd be like, ok, I want to go to a different father e okay, let's, go to chicago and okay, and then I like this image and I like this image, and then you scroll and you scroll and you scroll and you scroll all the way home, all right? And then you have to grab that, and you have to drag him over there no way that target that this this target collection allows you to just go? No, I'm going to go up here to mexico, and I'm gonna pick this image and I'm gonna tap the bee key. And the bee key and it to my portfolio I'm going to grab this one and tap the beaky and look at him he's cool, I mean, tap the bee key and then we go to new mexico and I say, yes, I want that one and I want this one and every time I tapped the beaky, I'm adding that to my portfolio. All right, so where is that target collection? Usually by default? Your target collection is your quick collection, and I'll just spend twenty seconds on quick collection. In fact, I could reset it as my target by right mouse clicking. I think we're seeing a trend here, right? Mouse clicking is your friend said his target collection all right, quick collection is great if you just want a temporary collection, I think you just like, you know what somebody wanted, like six images to prove that I can photograph food, so I'm just going toe click on on an image tapped to be and it will go on my quick collection, quick collection, quick collection, but after today and I send those files of a client, I don't ever need that collection again, so when you're trying to make small little collections for specific reasons and then you're never going to use them again that's what this quick collections for all right and it's always there all right, but we're actually making collections that will live on in the collections panel, all right? And again, if I just right mouse click I could set this is a target collection at any time. So that's the cool thing all of these images if we go down to our collection here, all of these images are still in their original folder. I didn't move them on the hard drive, right it's on lee when you move files in the folders area that they're going to be re position on your hard drive, what I've done down here is I've just made a virtual collection of my I'm just now if I go in and make a change to one of these images, that change is going to be made to the original file. So it's the collection that's virtual not the image so let's let's do a little example of that I'm going to make another collection it's going to be inside the same one but it's going to be my black and white portfolio? Okay? And let's go ahead include the selected photo, which is this one right here I'm going to create so now I have a black and white and a color portfolio, so I mean my black and white portfolio and I go oh well, I better convert this to black and white, so I tapped the wiki ah but now I go to my color portfolio and it's black and white hmm so good thing is commands e un does command z again on does again why don't I make a virtual copy of this right so command apostrophe I know you win those users online can convert command to control an option that all I know you're that smart all right so that's why I'm not calling it out every time and I kind of forget all right so now I have two copies same original on the hard drive still in the same folder which folder I don't remember which folder right mouse click and say go to folder if you want to know okay but this one will be black and white so I tapped the and it converts that one maybe I tap it harder there we go and there we go and what's going on we're going out going on here tap the vacay black and bite be for black and white ok we're going to go the develop module and I'm going to show you here in the basic panel it was it was a little redraw issue good ok that was not I don't think that was my fault it was a re draw issue why I don't know are you tired little sleep because there's people watching so as people are watching I kind of like you to be a little more responsive all right so now I can't delete this delete it we haven't talked about deleting photos I'm in a collection if I believe it's just going to lead from the collection survey deal tapped elite deleted from the collection I don't mean to do that command z undo all right? But I'm going to leave it so now I have my virtual copy the black and white one of my black and white portfolio and I have a color one of my color purple so that's how you would get around that if you need multiple versions of the same image virtual copies are virtual collections are also virtual right now we're going to go and we're going to make a smart collection so again I will write mouse click and I will say let's create a smart collection and my smart collection let's do this uh best of iceland no let's do horses in iceland I have a lazy finger forces of iceland ok inside the collection said the one we already created and now we get to put in all our criteria time to say ok, well let's say my rating is greater than one star and we hit create okay, well those aren't horses of iceland so I went to specific enough right? So I need to go in and edit it so we double click on it we say all right, we'll add something to then so on and you can and as many of these as you want in fact, if you hold down the the option here the all turkey you actually it turns to the hashtag or the pound sign depending on what country you're in and then you can click and then you get like these all of this is true none of this is to, uh you can add as many of these as you want to if you add more than ten there's a little trigger in light room and we will automatically ship you white coat that ties in the back way don't do that don't do that oh, don't fire me okay? So we're gonna do a little minus here, get rid of all these and what do we need? So be signs of fact that we want a good rating we also I want to change this. Look at how many different parameters there are right here. So we'll also say let's take a look at the location of it right? So I want to go teo folder I hate that everyone can always see the folder the source there we go the folder before me murphy's law so folder contains iceland I c e l e m t all right and what else? Because if I just do this now, what are we going to get great, we have all our two stars in iceland, but we still we might have horses, but we're going more than horses, so we right mouse click again and we say that it smart collection or you could just double click on it. You click on the plus icon, and this time we're going to say we want to have the key word, the keyword I wish they bet there's, a product manager, watching this right now and he's going to look and say, I'm going to take a little extra time, but wow, I wish keyword was just that the, you know, parents, I just don't like to have to look through all these. All right? So then we go to keyword right here and contains horse, all right? And we hit save and there we have our horses and iceland so there's twenty of them, right? So now I decide, wow, these images air totally blurry and I don't want them. So I select the first one hold down the shift case like the rest of them, and if I tap the zero to get rid of the star, they're automatically removed from the collection because they're smart, so it's constantly looking for those three criteria and it will only put your image is in there if they meet all three of those criterias and likewise if we go back to the folder so go to the folder in library so here's where these images are if I decide all right me really that are better than that but ok I'm going to select this one again and I'm gonna say I don't know that should have had two stars remember if I do cap locks to start takes me the next one to the next one to the next one to the next one now for you returned back down here to the horses of iceland it will have added those back in so it's constantly searching on that criteria which is why you cannot have a custom sort order while you're in a smart question what's a custom sort order I can't say I need this horse to come before this horse I can't drag and reorder this or it will warn me it'll say it's not supported ok, so if I go to my color portfolio certainly I can do that I can click and reorder these so if you are shooting something that has a sequence that you need to reorder, you either want to do that in a collection a regular collection or you can do it in your folder area you can I'm telling you you can you're going to go home, you're going to try it and you're going to say no you can't you can't because this folder has a sub folder, so if I'm in iceland and I've got to some folders, you cannot have a custom sort order. Ah, but wait, I can, because my life is a work around, and I wanted to know how I could do this. So you got to come up here and you've got to turn off the option to show photos in sub folders if I turn this off, remember the very beginning we were like, ok, well, now I can't see the iceland video and I can't see the mask project if I scroll through here, I can't see him because I'm on ly viewing the images in this folder, but now I can have a custom sort order so it's just when there's a parent folder and there's child folders in there. If you're re ordering the parent folder, what do we do with the child holder like there's? No good logic, there's no way we could win with that scenarios were like, no, you just have to have all your images either loose in a single folder with no sub folders, or you can have sub folders and just turn off this option so that you don't show the photos in the sub folders. Or you can just make it easy on yourself select the files you want and throw him in a collection and then you can do any sort order you want and you can still use your smart collections to like narrow down and find all those images or you could use the filter and then do a quick select all and then right mouse click make a regular collection ok cap locks I'm yelling at everyone far says sorry, all right put it inside the collection said I've got him selected so I might as well hit create that's just a regular collection that's not a smart collection seeing how the regular collection has no gear the gear says I'm constantly filtering really good question some a beady be deal sorry said can you make a regular regular collection from a quick collection? Yes, absolutely so you could make a regular collection from a quick collection because you could just come up here to your quick collection, do it select all and then if you make your collection right there's there's not a command I don't think there's a command that just says make well maybe there is well I would just select them all and then make a collection and then include the selected photos but there might be a command I could be wrong where just says turn into yeah save quick collection right there look at that what is that command option b so save quick collection, so save it and it's going to save it as a collection grade school and you can clear it. There you go. I learn something every day. Those engineers are smart. Okay? All right, we did that. We did that. We talked about customs sort orders. We didn't talk that much about key warning, so we should talk about key waiting for just a minute. I know some of you are going toe go to an early lunch now when I talk about key wording but I'm in a right mouse click and say auto show and hide and we're going to show this so and we'll talk about quick develop when I go to the developed module right after lunch key wording so it's super important, I think, because it depends on the work you d'oh I keyword all my image is so we can see just with my quick collection there I had a lot of different images. Here are a lot of different key words. So what do I try to dio? I tried to put probably five key words per image. All right? And once I get my camera that has gps some day because I don't I have a little gps module but then I always forget that it's one more thing the charge and bring so it's really community because once you have if you have gps in your camera you can use light room to reverse geo and code and it will add based on the gps it adds the location so it adds your city state and country and stuff yes so it's fabulous so pretty soon I won't be I won't have to do that but I do have to go in I mean light room doesn't know that this is a horse and so I need to go in and I would need to ad that key word so in the key wording panel let's just make sure we can see the key morning panel a bunch of different areas so here's the key words that you have entered here are key words, suggestions and then let me hide the film strip as well so we have a little more space and then here's recent keywords but these things can be changed and in fact by default I believe those air collapsed but they're really useful. So keywords suggestions when I select an image, you'll notice that all those key words will change out and they're changing based on the key words that are added two images that were taken within a certain amount of time and what you've just recently key worded okay, so with an amount of time that's kind of I said the same thing twice but then also it's going to start suggesting things like if I, um let's say last year I went to wherever I went to san francisco and I went to the market and I took a bunch of pictures of fruits and vegetables so I keyword it apples, pears all that stuff now when I'm down in san jose and I start key wording and I keyword market it's going to start offering me bananas, pears, apples, it's going to try to suggest different key words here based on keywords that I've already applied to other images so that's another reason to have one catalog because if you have one catalog ha ha ha you've got tons of key words and it could be more intelligent about the keyword suggestions you can also change this right here these recent keywords on dh you can also save out your own setting so if you've got like nine key words that you always use and you don't want them rotating off of this suggested keyword list, you can go here and you can actually enter them in so you can go in here and you can create your own sets and then you save these as a priest sent all right? So we'll just change that and then that's going to appear right here in your key word said so if you have specific ones and the cool thing is they're numbered one through nine and if you have an extended keyboard there the one through nine on your extended keyboard so you could just tap those numbers and apply those cubans really quickly or you can say no I just want you to show me whatever's recent just show me those these are ones that I just suggested these are ones that you enter and then of course when you're making your keywords I'm just want to show you this one last thing because I do get this question a lot if you write mouse click on a key word that's how you edit the tag this is how you correct a misspelled key word this is how you would go in and you would add your synonyms so I can apply san francisco and it would add california the what is it the windy city know that chicago it's the by the bay it's the it's foggy it's if I won whatever synonyms I want I can enter them here in that way when I add san francisco it adds all of the other synonyms and then I can choose whether or not to export them export containing keywords include them on export when I hit safe I didn't have any synonyms there but you should know by default and the key were named area this is just your entered keywords if you want to see your synonyms and everything that will export then you choose will export will be like oh you had a bunch of synonyms and they're so not only will san francisco export but all of these other synonyms would export and people always ask me like well I want to add some synonyms but I don't want him to export and like why I like what are you doing like if you're calling your clan's names don't ever ever enter them as synonyms or not or key words or nothing don't ever put anything bad in your file that's just it's like it's like people say well I'm going to write that email don't just don't do it step always like peter come back later all right hi I think we have time for one quick question from yon eric albertson he's coming from oslo, norway he says why not just create detailed folder names instead of making key words because your detailed folder names won't export so let's say I'm trying to sell stock or I'm kind of submit something to like on agency and they want those key words then I would need to do that plus what if I went to norway twice and I didn't want to like what if I went to the same location twice but I wanted him separated out by years like so right now I have if I just had one folder called iceland I could I could do that. Why do I care? What year I went to iceland? One and I just care what location? Oh, yeah. There's no reason why my folder structure is the way it is. So I could combine all my images from from iceland into one folder as opposed to by year. But then it's still not going to export those key words. So if I want those keywords to export, I'm gonna I'm gonna adam and you know, it's, not just light room these air these key words, the metadata that we're adding here, this is all you know, other applications can see it right? So it's all I can think of, lord thank you, it's all standardise. If you could just finish every sentence for me, that would be really great, because obviously I'm getting a little tired must be a little lunch. Yes, another question. I'm key wording. For instance, you've used kopelson locus. Why put that in the key word since it's probably also in your metadata for location, so because I don't have gps on my camera, it wouldn't add it there, but if? You're absolutely right if it's automatically reverse geo encoding then I wouldn't need at it and with that in mind if we come down to the meta data area you know we have a lot of different areas here, so I could I could do my location right here and actually added in here and this is this is where if you have gps light room will add your location information actually in the meta data in here it will not add it in the keyword area I've been doing that manually is I keyword almost everything to make sure that I use the location for future so people who know people who get really serious about key wording for me it's personal keyword and I want to be able to find the images that I want it's not key wording for a stock agency I mean a great resource for that would be like seth resnick he hey has the d sixty five program it's awesome, he adds like fifty keywords to every image he has hierarchical keywords which take this synonym thing to a whole nother level you can buy key word lists, so if you've got like if you're doing plants or birds or something, you can actually come in here under meditate and you can import and export keywords and that way you've got this whole hierarchical list where you could click you know one item and it actually adds all of the key words up the hierarchy right now there's no way you can actually while you can you can hire you can manually hierarchy hire you khun manually add a hierarchy when you import your files by adding the carrot to show like this is the parent like it would be flower carrot rose carrot red so you can do that but I've just got a message keywords half of minor hierarchical and half of them or not okay, so when we come back maybe we'll answer a few of those questions first off and then we will go into the developmental finally we're leaving library module we're going to do something fun great images before we go to the break I do want to share some more quotes that we've been seeing a lot of praise for you in the chat rooms today, ram says. This lady is awesome yon eric albertson says julian is the best tracy martin says at a conference I went to two of jay kay's lectures and they changed how I approach photo shop I am indebted to her, carrie mccaskill says I'm so glad to see julian cost on c l she always brings so much information and is clear and precise I am buying this course and I will never have to search her tutorials again thanks j k finally photo legs agrees says just bought the course during the break. This one is a keeper. Well, thanks, you guys that's really nice. Well, I won't be able to get out of this room. I mean, by the second thing.

Class Description

Ready to drastically reduce your post-production workflow? In this 2-day workshop, Julieanne Kost, the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom at Adobe Systems, will show you how to save time every step of the way, from importing raw images to exporting expertly enhanced photographs — and everything in between.

Julieanne will teach you how to streamline the import process, create a simple organizational structure, and edit a shoot efficiently and seamlessly. You will learn the key tools to enhance your photographs, correct color and tonal values, customize your color to black and white conversion, and even add special effects such as selective coloring, split toning, and vintage looks.

Julieanne will also demonstrate how and when to move images from Lightroom into Photoshop for further enhancements, and outline how to easily create slideshows, photo books, and templates for printing. By the end of this class you’ll understand key tools and strategies for streamlining your workflow while creating stunning images.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


Valerie Pinsent

Julieanne Kost has an amazing way of sharing her knowledge on photoshop Lightroom, with humour and simplicity that keeps you wanting more. The 2 days that this workshop lasted could have seemed long but was in fact very, very short. This course gives you all the ropes to use this amazing program, with all its shortcuts and techniques that probably aren't in manuals with a few extras from photoshop which are just as amazing. She is so contagious that you want to pull an 'all-nighter' just to put in practice all the wonderfull things one has learned. Thank you very much Julieanne!!!

a Creativelive Student

I follow Julieanne on FB and on her blog, and looked forward to this event. It did not disappoint, and in fact offered a few surprises. The exactitude of her content is always there. But the free-form, informal nature of this course kept it engaging over the many hours. I admire her style of speaking seamlessly to all skill and experience levels at once. Quite a trick -- I've had the good fortune to learn from the best, and I count Julieanne among them.

Julie Coder

I started using LR about a year ago, but I hadn't yet set up my database and work flow process. This class was perfect and really helped me dive deeper into into the program. Julieanne knows her stuff, and she provides some excellent tips for both organization and editing. Love her teaching style, as well as her photography. Some of the more recent tools (such as the range mask) are not covered, but the content is still relevant and Julieanne's tips are fantastic. Highly recommend!