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Workflows with Lightroom 5

Lesson 19 of 21

1:45 pm - Publishing Your Photography Pt 2

Julieanne Kost

Workflows with Lightroom 5

Julieanne Kost

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Lesson Info

19. 1:45 pm - Publishing Your Photography Pt 2

Lesson Info

1:45 pm - Publishing Your Photography Pt 2

So pdf! You can pick their size here, right here, same size you can pick your cover. You can pick your j peg quality your profiles, your file resolution and then you're sharp named stuff. So the nice thing about actually exporting pdf though what I wanted to mention is once you export your pdf thanks. I think I have some of the images right here. So if we go to where would this be all others, movies and books? And then we go to pdf books so here's a bunch of books that I've actually, you know, exported from here. And then all I did was I just dragged them onto my ipad, right? So now, if you're if you're selling your images of someone and maybe you have a wedding and you've laid out the album or something, and you want them to have that on another device that they can take with them, then you can go ahead and do that. And, like, this is just opening up in the free adobe reader, right? So we can go from page to page now. This is a square layout, so probably not the best idea I was doing ...

the wedding album, I might want tio, horizontal or vertical. Like lay out so that it would match the aspect ratio better but sure enough yeah go in there and I can zoom in right and look at an image and go over here and move around and stuff but it's a very easy way I mean you basically you have the book designed already why not deliver it in multiple formats now you get a lot trickier than that right? If you if you're like our creative cloud subscriber then you get in design and once you have been designed and you get dps which is our digital publishing service and you get the single edition for free and then you can design is many lapses you want and submit them to the apple store and see if they get so I designed my own up to it it's really cool but that's for adding like interactivity and stuff like you want to add a video in there and you want to do all sorts of crazy stuff it's a great teaching tool you can click on like before and after you can play slide shows you could do all sorts of stuff okay but don't know if we come back here all right if you have back to the book module if you have favorites so and a lot of times you will have favorites right? So let's go back to the book module I already am in the book module julian okay so when you're in the book module just under this page area, one of the things that I didn't mention was we do have the ability to add something to a favorite so there are a lot of templates and if you're always scrolling down here in scrolling scrolling scrolling to find your favorite template what you can do is you khun you can write mouse click and add the layouts two favorites or because no one ever found that you can just click right here this is it's the same icon to add an image to your quick collection so hopefully people are familiar with that so they'll say oh well if I just click that then that will become one of my favorites and now you don't have to scroll through all those templates in order to get where you want to be all right no so I see it right here so page numbers so we need to add some page numbers let's go back to a different spread so we can see what that's going to look like so our page numbers once we turn it on we got to pick where we want the page number to be so in this case let's go ahead and just leave it where it is in the bottom corner but there might be cases where you don't want the page number right like the page number is great on the right hand side here I don't want the patient on the left hand side so we can write mouse, click and we can say it, could you please hide the page number? So now it doesn't show up there, and in fact, if we go and we look at all of our spread like let's say on the first page you just had, you know, it just said window seat and you don't have a photo and you just had some text there or something, and you didn't actually want this to start. You can actually say, you know what, I'm going tio hide the page number here, uh, no, that would just hide it, but it would still call that page one, right? But if I go toe, if I don't want page one to be page one, I just wanted to be paid zero and no sorry, you can't add like roman numerals or anything, but I could go to page two right mouse, click on page two and say, could you start the page number here? So now page two becomes page one, and page one doesn't have a page number. I'm just curious if we confused anyone with that like why would you want to do that? No, because sometimes on the title page you don't want the page on the title page and you don't want it to start there we had some page number in question so you oh good ok, yes that's new delight room five to take us by releases to get that but we didn't even have the book module in three so I don't think maybe we did all right backgrounds where would we want to add a background? Well, let's, just pick this page right here let's say we want to add a background so under the background area we have backgrounds that we can apply globally or backgrounds that we can apply just to a single image I don't think we want to apply it globally, but you know what you can if you choose like let's say we do have some templates so right here a little drop down here we have for travel we have some little maps and stuff so you could apply these as background images globally so they appear on all of your pages tends to look a little busy in my humble opinion, but I'm a very simple girl so these wedding porches same thing kind of cute templates not sure I want them on every single page, so instead of applying them globally well go ahead and we could say ok well now that that's off I can either select that so we could go to travel and I could go ahead and add that look at sea it's kind of cute and adds a little a little something to it or you could add your own photograph right so I would probably go and find something that's very soft for an image right very low frequency doesn't have a lot of information maybe this image right here and I would drag that and drop it right on the background and then you can see that image in the background there and we can change the opacity right so by default I think it's like twenty percent or something um so we can do that we can also uncheck the graphic here and we can just I think we can just pick a color what we can but it would help to find his background color and not graphic so we picked background color and if you want to change the color here you go ahead and change the color uh that's nice all right let's find out where color I came here with all black and white clothing and they tried to get me to go buy some colored clothing trust me it's just not a good idea but now that they know me maybe they'll understand that looked like an easter bunny when I try to wear color okay so I think that's everything in the book module exporting the one last thing of course is book settings we haven't talked about j peg but it's pretty self explanatory now we're just gonna actually export jpeg files as opposed to a multi page pdf file but those are great because then you can send those off to your to your color lap okay let's talk about other ways that you can export and share your files so we do have the web module I don't have time to talk about everything today so I'm actually going to skip over the web module but I want to talk about publishing to publish using our published services published service all right so we go back to the great view all right we close up our collections or we could select maybe a different now this one's final used the same images here all right and published services what are those? So what people wanted was they wanted a way to not only export files but export them and keep track of them so they want to know which images they've posted to their block they want to know which images they've posted to facebook and they want to know which images they posted and given to their client and then they want to know if they've made changes to those images since they've posted him or if they posted on the facebook or they posted them to be hands has anyone made a comment? Can I see those comments directly in the light in light room? And yes, you can, so by default there's on lee, I think three published services that you automatically get well, you get the hard drive published service and then be hands facebook and flicker, and you have to set them up, so they will say, set up right here when you first come in here. Now, why are there only three? There are a ton, and you can go look for more of them by clicking the find more services online. But there's actually an advantage to not having your service hard wired and the light room, because then the only time you can update the service settings is when we update light room. So we've got, you know, special, obviously, partnerships with facebook and flicker, and so it enables us to kind of update and work together and create custom things, but basically, when you click on these published services in order to set them up, it just has almost everything that you would have in your export. So let's, go ahead and set one up. Here we'll go ahead and go to the publishing manager here, so in the publishing manager, we see all the different hard drive set ups I have, so I have one on the move that just saves my stuff to creative cloud, I've got one for my portfolio that saves all of my just my portfolio images so that I can sink him with my ipad and they can sink in with everything else. Uh, this was for a journalist when I was in shanghai, I was just sharing images, and this is to show the images that I've shared with my gallery and so what's nice about this is it's not only that I've shared them, but is that I know what I've shared, and I know what has changed because I'm terrible keeping track of that stuff so let's, go ahead and just set one up, all right? So we will set one up here, let's, go ahead and we will call this creative life because I'm just not that original. All right? So this is creative life, but this would be something. We'll go ahead, and we'll just walk through it. All right? So where do I want to say this? I want to create a new published collection. Well, now I might have to that air creative live and I misspell it every time anyway, so we'll call this one test all right, well had create. Now, sorry, did you see what happened? I went in and I was editing the one that I already had the motion blur one. So it wasn't until I clicked. Add that it actually said, ok, you want to make a new one, let's make a new one on the hard drive. It's not saved yet. It's on saved yet because I am and set up all the parameters in order to publish my images. So it looks a lot like the export module aiken save to a specific folder. I can put things in the sub folder if I want so let's. Go ahead and to save things to a specific folder we will choose that specific folder. That specific folder will just be for now we'll go ahead and put it on the desktop, and we'll click choose. We'll go ahead and create a sub folder. What shall we put in here? We will put our infrared in here, so we'll use, um, infrared images. All right, if I want to, I can rename the files. I don't think I will. I don't have any video to include, but you could my file settings let's say I want these as well. Go ahead and keep him this jpeg files set to eighty s r g p and then the image size so let's go ahead and re signs the's I'll go ahead and pick a long edge and we'll just say this is going to be in inches and it's going to be let's say ten inches all right and we'll do three hundred pixels per inch all right and by the way there is an option here that you consent to not in larger files so what that would do is if any file has been cropped down they low in this let's not do three thousand pixels that's two, three hundred pixels if it's been brought down like if you've cropped your image and there's only two thousand pixels across if I check this don't enlarge it wouldn't resize it up so that's just another option all right, I'll put charmaine we'll go ahead and say for screen for standard will leave all the rest of it just fine all right so we'll click safe and now you can see I have my new hard drive published service there aren't any images in there so let's go grab some images so let's go to all photographs and let's go ahead and pick I want to do a quick look just for a certain camera right? So I had an old camera this power shot don't no no it's not that must have been this one yeah it was this one and this I converted it to infrared so we'll do that we'll also go to the attributes and I'll say I just want one star and we'll come over here to text and I'll say any field that has motion in it hopefully I have key word of these no evidently I haven't how about blur okay so how about we don't call those infrared and we just grabbed these well that's really interesting because I know those infrared files are on here you know they are now ok I'm not going to waste your time all right I should have called it berlin and I have these four images all right so what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to add them tio this public service and it tells me oh you've added new photos would you like to publish those I say yes I would so we'll go ahead and click published so using those exports settings basically light room just published those to my hard drive but what is interesting for me with this is if we go back here tio all my photographs and maybe that was it maybe I wasn't looking at all my photographs and for red two stars all right, well we will add these next this next image here so I will just drag it in here so now if we go back here and look we say oh there's a new photo in there that you haven't published saying oh, really? Ok, well let's publish that okay great so now it's keeping track of it so now I decided that I don't like the color on this image so I go over to the developed module and I decide where is that color coming from is a split tone yes it is so let's take that off let's go back to grandview now it's telling me hey you modified that image do you want to republish it and then you have the option oh yeah oh my gosh I modified that for my client and I never gave it to him yes please let's go ahead and republish that now if you've just added like new key words or something you can always write mouse click and then you can say well right now since I haven't made a change if I choose this that it will actually market as republished like hey I don't I don't know what exactly went on there but aiken republish that but if you come in here and you just add a keyword or something like oh no no I don't want to republish it now you just write mouse click and then you say you know what let's just mark that up to date yes when you've published these are they new files on the hard drive? Yes they are think of these as if you are exporting the files and right now they're on my hard drive but look, if I go to like my be hands published services I don't know if you guys know about being hand, so behan's is a really great place to go and it's kind of an inspirational site and then a lot of designers and photographers and all sorts of artists put their their images and photographs of their work and their typography and their ad campaigns they put all of this great creative content up there to share and there's kind of there's the inspirational aspect there's a sharing aspect and there's also the pro site which is where you can publish your portfolio but they have this great thing called works in progress because I was looking for an area where I could publish some of my imagery but I didn't want just kind of a bunch of like, yea, go at a boy right like and you get a lot of that and look it I love it I love hearing it like, oh, I gotta like, I gotta like, I love that right? But I wanted it's a more kind of maybe more constructive criticism with some of the work I was doing because I would get to a point with my illustrations, my my digital working to be like I don't know what to do with this but something's wrong, so I created this be hands they allow you to share what are called works in progress and then other people can comment on them. So for example here I have an image and I wanted to share this because I wasn't really sure this in my I shouldn't say this is like I think this is me expressing when I feel about social media so you all can interpret that whatever your weight is fine because I'm just like this person over here going wait a minute yeah I don't have time where white no because I have so many people like pull didn't you see did you see on facebook? I know I am going facebook all day I get all anxious like no it's been a day since I've been way over like I'm headless those vultures on the other side of the city what's it all about I don't know but if you want to publish this let's go back to the grid it's modified so it's been modified since I published at last I'm not sure exactly what I did to it so you know what? I'm actually going to go to the developed module for a minute to make sure that we can see the difference because I want to show you the instance who will make it nice and crimson but we'll bring that down so it's just in the shadow areas well then that might not be obviously so we'll do that and we'll add a little bit of yellow in the highlights as well okay great. So now when I go back to great vote view it's very obvious to me that's been modified so when I go ahead and publish this because I've hooked this up with the hands and the way you do that is remember I mentioned that you had to set it up so you can see kind of right under here like flicker I haven't set up yet but facebook I set up and be hands all that does is it gives permission for the tuapse to talk to each other so you set it up you authorize it and then you set up all your exports endings so now to publish this on being hands I can go ahead and title it I can give it tags if I want to and I can actually start a conversation and then I get to determine who it is I want to share this with because you can share it with the whole world or you can create what are called feedback circles so if I wanted to just share this to a limited group like maybe some clients or something or maybe just some closer friends I could go ahead and share that so right now do I want to show this with everyone yeah sure it's fine with me I'll share it and then I'll publish it all right, so now it's it's kind of looking at all of my settings there and saying ok, well we need t go ahead and bring it down to the size I need to add this sharp name and it's gone ahead and published that so now if we scoot over and we take a look here and we go to my big ham site let's see where the hance is we go to my work in progress so now this is this is visible to anyone and anyone can take a look at it and and make their comments and everything but you know, when I didn't really ask you a question so anyway you can see I've done this before so I'm working on this one image called branching out we can look at that one if you want to weaken go in when we can edit it so the nice thing is they can add comments but then we could also add multiple iterations of it so I believe let me cancel out of here because this one only has so that that's okay, I don't seem to get that stressed about those things anymore um so to eyeballs are on it they must be people out there all right? Maybe they're watching let's see if anyone comments on it there is a comment we want to go see the comment let's go view our work in progress yeah to crimson that would be awesome cannot question there we go I'll see excellent oh yeah you know I feel good okay but see down here at the bottom there's a one and a two all right let's go back to light room so we go back to light room I'm also going to show over here I'm gonna show my comment area here for a minute now this image right here let's go ahead and take back to the developmental and let's take off both the highlights and the shadows go back to the grid view now it says it needs to be republished so I say ok yes please please publish this rant and I'm now creating what's called it like an integration of it right? So to you like the subtle huh color better popped out submittal coloring better all right, thank you. Hopes no question mark ok that's enough. All right, so now I had published ten ten ten just publish it now it says there's no comments but let's click the little guy here. Oh, you know what? It might not show me the comments right now because I just re published it so let's go back to safari and let's go back here few in so now you can see I have both of them down here so someone could come and they could look and they could say all likely a difference see all right yes ok so thank you. Thank you for participating george I appreciate that all right say look and then I get notified but it really is kind of a very constructive I think criticism usually up there and then if we go and you just want to go to be hands I know this kind of a little off and then you can take a look at like all creative fields or what are featured or worldwide and then there's this whole other aspect as well where you put your work up there and then you know creative directors and our directors actually looking for things and you can publish you know whether or not you're a freelancer whether you're fully in floyd whether you're looking for work but they're collaborating with other people so when you have time check out I think it's actually quite a very cool sight all right so that was published services whether it's being hands whether it's a hard drive whether it's facebook the main key is that you could export your files quickly it keeps track of your images if there's communication like commenting we will actually then see that right over here we should see it there we go there's the two comments right here. Okay, so finally with the e mailing the photo email in the photos very, very easy so let's just go back up here to maybe a collection grab any image special effects let's say I want to email this photo right here how do we do that? We just go underneath the file menu we go down to email photo and all I have to do is enter in who I want to email this to so we'll email it to me right now I can't talk and spell at the same time subject here is the photo you requested I requested the photo from myself all right and I use outlook that's my email program it automatically attached the file for me I have different presets here so I could pick small, medium large full size I can also pick from my custom presets if I want to when they're j pegs I could create a new pre set and then I would just klick send and it would go ahead and create I'm not going to do it because it's going to open up my email program you'll see all these e mails that I haven't responded to and you'll think I'm a bad email responder person so I don't want to do that but and I opened it up sure enough it will create a new email it'll put the address and it'll put the subject and I'll put all the images right there in the email and anything go ahead and send that off all right so um hi how are you doing? I'm fine I'm looking forward to tackling all of the crunchy bits crunchy come come next which is all the difficult things with and I'm sorry that I didn't get all the modules but I picked the most important financials in my opinion slideshow module is really cool, but we don't have time for that we don't have time for the web module just causes a two day class and not a forever class um but there's a lot of I've gotten a lot of questions with regards to how to use two monitors have you archive your images? Can I put my database on a removable drive and carry that around between two computers? So that's what I'm hoping we will now kind of shift gears from publishing and printing and creating books and stuff and get down to kind of what's going on under the hood of light room thank you for your comments has always they've been coming and we really appreciate thanks of bluebeard please I hope the day comes when nine I know and understand half assed much a studio I'm hoping the devil coming I understand a quarter of what you did eddie the teddy which I think is the he wins the name of the day julian has now got me has gotten me interested in making dreamy compasses thank you e t country may I would like to actually remember a court of the things I say on down ages, said julian, is amazing. She's, an amazing adobe guru. And I'm enjoying this past, which is absolutely a must buy.

Class Description

Ready to drastically reduce your post-production workflow? In this 2-day workshop, Julieanne Kost, the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom at Adobe Systems, will show you how to save time every step of the way, from importing raw images to exporting expertly enhanced photographs — and everything in between.

Julieanne will teach you how to streamline the import process, create a simple organizational structure, and edit a shoot efficiently and seamlessly. You will learn the key tools to enhance your photographs, correct color and tonal values, customize your color to black and white conversion, and even add special effects such as selective coloring, split toning, and vintage looks.

Julieanne will also demonstrate how and when to move images from Lightroom into Photoshop for further enhancements, and outline how to easily create slideshows, photo books, and templates for printing. By the end of this class you’ll understand key tools and strategies for streamlining your workflow while creating stunning images.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


Valerie Pinsent

Julieanne Kost has an amazing way of sharing her knowledge on photoshop Lightroom, with humour and simplicity that keeps you wanting more. The 2 days that this workshop lasted could have seemed long but was in fact very, very short. This course gives you all the ropes to use this amazing program, with all its shortcuts and techniques that probably aren't in manuals with a few extras from photoshop which are just as amazing. She is so contagious that you want to pull an 'all-nighter' just to put in practice all the wonderfull things one has learned. Thank you very much Julieanne!!!

a Creativelive Student

I follow Julieanne on FB and on her blog, and looked forward to this event. It did not disappoint, and in fact offered a few surprises. The exactitude of her content is always there. But the free-form, informal nature of this course kept it engaging over the many hours. I admire her style of speaking seamlessly to all skill and experience levels at once. Quite a trick -- I've had the good fortune to learn from the best, and I count Julieanne among them.

Julie Coder

I started using LR about a year ago, but I hadn't yet set up my database and work flow process. This class was perfect and really helped me dive deeper into into the program. Julieanne knows her stuff, and she provides some excellent tips for both organization and editing. Love her teaching style, as well as her photography. Some of the more recent tools (such as the range mask) are not covered, but the content is still relevant and Julieanne's tips are fantastic. Highly recommend!