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Alternative scrapbooking is really just a chance for us to look at other forms of capturing our stories that what we might not have considered to be scrapbooking because they don't fit in a twelve by twelve album necessarily, or they might be outside of what we talk about when we talk about traditional scrapbooking and so traditional scrapbooking I consider to be whether it's, digital paper or hybrid meaning a combination of the two that's where lee, what I consider to be traditional scrapbooking, including digital in that and what we're going to be presenting now, or some other ways that you can capture your stories that actually might be more effective ways of capturing certain stories or open up your mind to additional ideas for capturing stories. So it's really just intended to brought in your definition a little bit off what scrapbooking is, and if you go back to our original definition of scrapbooking, scrapbooking was really just a memory and a way to document that memory, and a...

s that I consider everything from it could be a scrap quilt where you take all the t shirts from all the races you've won, or you're all the teams your son has been on him and create them into a big memory quilt that could be a scrapbook because it's a memory. And you have a way to document that memory. A tattoo could be a way to document a memory because you're commemorating something in a different manner. Those might not be everybody's cup of tea, but they definitely fit my definition of scrapbooking. So open up your mind and we're going to be moving back and forth with some different ideas of what scrapbooking is. The first one that I wanted to talk about is many albums, and it was funny. This reminds me of a funny story when we were getting ready, tio moved from california to boston and I had a box packed up and I'd written many albums on it. My son was looking at he goes, mom what's a menial bum. No, no, no it's a many albums so you might see it written with the hyphenation I started putting the hyphen in there because I didn't want to talk about many albums. You might see it as two separate words. You might see it as one word but it's all the same thing. It's, an album that's smaller thus many. So we have our traditional album here that this is again the simple stories album. This is an album I pay preferred to keep my traditional pages in and it's. Typically twelve by twelve or eight and a half by eleven, and that would be a traditional size for a scrapbook album. Anything else from there down to an eight by eight, it could be a six by six. It could be a custom size that you create yourself out of scraps of chipboard that you have, or using a bind it all there's binding machines, any of those any size eyes possible for many album, and typically they're dedicated to a particular topic, rather than being this ongoing, either chronological or somehow ah memory based scrapbook that is, doesn't have an overall seem other than, you know, pages that I created. So I've created many albums, this one that's showing their says w alton jones it's about my daughter six grade trip to the science camp, and she had two tons of photos she taken over that weekend, and some of the parents that had been there had sent me photos as well. And I took all those photos and put them together in a smaller album that I created out of chipboard and bound it with finder rings just this binder rings you confined at staples or any office supply store, and I put in some other things, like little pieces of note, sir, letters or whatever in their great, because they're great for adding ephemeral, which are those little bits and pieces of our lives, whether their ticket stubs or receipts or things like that? So I put those all together in an album, and this is something that will definitely go with my child, that I created it about an event she attended, and it will go on with her to college, or when she leaves home, whatever, whereas these air going to stay with me until until I'm ready to leave him. But in many album like this is perfect, teo teo commemorate a certain event or certain period of time. I've also created albums, many albums about baseball seasons. I have one about halloween. I've seen a lot of people do an album where they take the same photo, maybe it's the first day of school photo in front of the front door every year, and that photo goes in a particular album, it's on lee really meant to document that particular event, that first day of school, and they have a first day of school many album, rather than putting it in the larger album and it's. Great, because you can see a lot of variation and change over time in one place, so about why they're great, I would love to ask you has, why do you think have you created, first of all, do you ever create many albums, jane have you ever done some yet gifts? They're getting great gift yet, but who do you who might you give one to a new mom? Uh sometimes leaving the pictures out so they can put their own pictures in her you know, you do all the pages and all the work and then we've done him in l tried games. Yes, yes, I mean, you could go a small is a little tiny, you know, I've seen ones that are like three by threes or alto tins are really popular with scrap bookers to create this little tiny scrapbook that lives inside the ten yes, that's great. Angela, what about you? Have you done many albums I have and what types of topics? Tio the last one that I did was a while ago. It was when my oldest son graduated from high school. He did all his senior year stuff and then we put it out for people to sign when they came to the graduation party. Oh, that so and that's actually when you went off to college just the on ly album that he took o because it had a stain out most recent and it's great because it's small it's portable he can hide it away on yourself for something like this where it's almost like sleeping with your baby blanket and a call is really what I want right but a little album like that he wouldn't be you know it's perfect it's perfect to take along what about you? But I do very many but I have done a few I did one that I call the stories of my life and it holds just those weird stories that people at parties will say like tell again about that time that you had self fixing puncture wound or whatever crazy story that just has a cocktail story going that played all that weird stuff that's happened to me that great that's a wonderful tracy I do them every now and then the last one I did was with my son for two script kids more he scrapbook and it was much more manageable size for him because it wasn't this giant twelve by twelve page it was mac some like six by eight and so he was adding his own pictures in his own words and his own titles and his own sticker sneezes right oh that's great that's funny traces talking about an event we did online called true scrap kids it was intended to be projects that moms or parents could do with their kids and it was really fun they created a great album for us beneath you and many albums what do you think love hate oh I love you I mean I love them we four of us old ladies went to disneyland eyes ascribe bigger and they couldn't wait to see my little, many albums that I gave each one of them. It was pretty many albums centric to them, you know, they had at the pictures of them and all of us. So, yeah, I think that there are a great idea for gifts giving and stuff like that. So you scrap book the trip afterwards, and you took the photos that that were applicable to them, and so some of them might have had the same photos. But then there might have been, like a group photo plus a picture of them on the tea cups or so yeah, well, I actually I get very excited about many elements because, like, for instance, I knew that I was going there so I'd actually made a bunch of the albums before. For no it all I had to do was throw in the photos we got there and I got to play with all the disney stickers and stuff like that. So, yeah, I do that quite often, especially for guests that come up to go fishing. And you've done one for all of us. For creative live right, we're going to get it at the end of the day, teo, you get all the pictures were drunk or drop box in a lot of wonderful that's a great idea that reminds me I did do that for my son's one of his baseball teams, they went to florida to play at the wide world of sports in the complex there at disney world and I created a little album for each kid for the event, so it had their little jersey number and the group pictures and things like that and people really love that so they are great group gifts like that when you're creating them in bulk like that, do you find it pretty easy to do or does it seem like a long involved process? No, just do it in the way call assembly line, you know, cut all for red colors, all for black colors all for, you know, cut them all at the same time that all your papers at the same time and, you know what I found was when I came to the embellishment, I embellished them all differently because I didn't want to make them all the same, you know, the basic card stock and that was the same, but when I got to put in all the fun little bits and pieces, I changed it up quite a lot on e that makes it fun and keeps it fresh so you don't feel like you're just cranking out the same thing over and over again great jennifer what do you what about your relationship with many out many albums you're not gonna call that now well I've made several I've done quite a few for baby shower gifts on and I've done for the family I've done some vacation ones I even did one of a rescue duck that that a duck that somebody had dumped at my husband's work and the the appropriate agency came along and rescued her and we went visited her and uh it was it was fun but my husband he put a lot of time and effort into helping this stuck so we uh made an entire little mini album just for him and his did he have a name for the deck well he call him aflac but they made a fluffy or something that's in the book that's great that's so fun on also what I'm going through some of these I would invite anybody who's watching at home to chime in the tat area many albums that many albums that you have created and topics that you find good for for creating them eso here just some of the thoughts that I had typically can finish them in one sitting there is a definite beginning in the definite in so people who like closure when you start scrapbooking you might say feel like ok, this never is going in because that would be really sad because we talked about if your stories and that's not now, that kind of indicates that you are no more so your scrapbook is kind of it's ongoing thing, but with many albums you could say I'm going to scrap book this trip to disneyland, I'm going to scrap book the story of this duck and there's a start to it there's a finish to it and you're done and you feel like I did something where is in regular scrapbooking traditional scrapple get to feel like this ongoing process that never really ends like like laundry, but more fun? London with stickers they're great for gifts, they're small and they don't take his much time as it would to create a larger album. So if you're creating a gift for someone it's a great size especially for someone who's, not a scrapbook or like a new mom who would love to be able to document her child's first month or year but she's obviously going to be pretty darn busy with this new child, but you give her an album. All she needs to do is print out the picture she's taking anyway and stick them in there they're great gifts they're nice eyes too because they typically are smaller than the traditional twelve by twelve or eight and a half by eleven they take less time to create less product to create they're less expensive, and you can also make them very flexible in terms of making them out of I've seen many albums made made out of coffee sleeves like starbucks coffee sleeves, I've seen them made out of old cds for that truce crap kids event that we're talking about. Danny taylor had created a many album project, using old old cds as the front and back covers, and it was a mike wazowski theme because it's shaped like his head and she had a big eyeball on there with super cute was perfect for disney for an autographed album or something like that, it's just they're so flexible you can make them virtually out of anything and it's great for using up scraps, is well and using up other products you have, because often times you might use part of a sheet of paper and then you sometimes we get so much new paper that the scraps sit, but you can pull out those scraps and use them in many albums and that's really, really great, too. What are we hearing from the online world? Are they given us some ideas about what they like to make scrapbooks, many albums for other pluses? People love many albums in the chat room, they're comments coming from all over this one's from scrap streams, and they say, I have been making a siri's of me and my dad and me and my mom many scrapbooks, and these are activities that we do on a regular basis together or sometimes they're based around singular events, and I generally do a two page spread per month so it's like an ongoing many scrapbooks, there is a definite beginning an end but it's ongoing that's, great that's wonderful, and that reminds me, too, that these air great for kids when you have a small child, who's tryingto look att their album and it's this big, and it might way once they're full, they can wait ten or fifteen pounds. They're heavy suckers it's, hard for little hands to manage this, but if you have this little alphabet album or something that's about the size of a cd or four by six photo or something like that, it's really fun for them to hold. And mike littler kids, when they were younger, would often go to the basket of many albums I had on the table by the couch and pick out those they love looking at this, but this was something that I usually had to sit down with them. To help them manage, but those many albums were perfect, and they're great for traveling as well, like, if you wantto, I make them for my husband, sometimes for for work. If he's traveling a lot, he might have a little album of photos he takes with him on the trip for that kind of thing as well, and they become really, really sweet. I did one for for my daughter because she was going through kind of a tough time in her life, and I wanted to just talk to her about the reasons that that she special and it's a little four by four album, and I just wrote her a little letter and there's a few lines on each page with pictures of her doing crazy things, and I said, you know what? You're different for a reason, there's there's a place in the world for you, and you're going to set the world on fire and just these little hints and and thoughts for her, and it was so cute because I made that probably four, five years ago, and I've seen it in her backpack and she's, now thirteen, and occasionally she takes it to school with her and it's the right size, because it's not a parent it's, not it's like a little security thing, and it can travel with her wherever. It's small enough to go in a handbag even and she just it's it's special to her and its precious to me because she's able to bring it with her and enjoy it. So possibilities are endless on that there's just a little. I'm thinking about the treasures and how people must treasure the actual thing watching jenny has very timely ramadi was coming, and I think we should probably read it out. Please remind everyone to back up their scrapbooks of digital files off site. I'm a photographer. I can't tell you how many stories of fires and floods that have wiped out a lifetime of work, so I'm sure that resonates with everybody that just said I'd throw that in dancing only killed the same way you want to think about it now, ford really? Definitely and somebody was asking me about that. How should I protect my scrapbooks? And I said, you know what? I pretty much take a photo of every major create and while that's not the actual physical thing, I feel like if I did lose my scrapbooks, I would have an almost complete record of those pages, at least from the last few years because I've been so diligent about photographing them, so it doesn't have to be ah, high level, so scan or anything like that? It could just be shooting it on your iphone. Because then not only do you have the page, you have a copy of the photo that was on the page is well, and most many of the iphone, our camera photos are really high red, and they could be blown up and used in different ways as well. And yeah, definitely. I use it also something called picture keeper. It looks like a usb, um usb drive. And it you plug it in and automatically locate the deejay pegs and p and g's. And any any photo file format on your computer compares the current version with the old version. So it just brings in the new ones and it automatically saves. And I can put that in a safe deposit box. Or you could ship it. Tio grandma and she can use it in a digital frame. And you have one that you trade back and forth. So there's, always one kind of in outside the house in case something happened. There's great this's. Good one. Creative kate says I made a mini album for my daughter when she went to prom. This is the bit that's cooler. I took the pictures printed them after they left and created the album over the course of the evening and I gave it to her when she got home like, oh my gosh, that is great I've seen people do that at birthday parties to like this actually that's the activity that they're doing at the birthday party so they have one of the portable photo printers first part of the party maybe they're playing around at the jumpy house or whatever mom or dad taking photos they print those out and then the second half of the party everybody sits down and create their own little mini album so they are they're easy for little hands and they can be completed quickly and they're really fun fun t add to your scrap booking a repertoire there are, however, some drawbacks to them I do believe they get more wear and tear than a normal scrapbook because couple reasons one the typically don't have page protectors you can find smaller sides albums in fact simple stories makes an eight by eight album that that you can use a cz well andi, I think a couple different sizes as well and you could create ah page it's more of a traditional page within just a smaller album so you can get a smaller size traditional albums but the creative types of albums we're talking about now that are made from coffee sleeves or cds they don't have page protectors as a result, they do get I found in the basket of many albums, little bits and pieces that might fall off a flower that selloff here about in itself there and I go into it knowing that they're not going to be israel buster maybe has long lived as mike traditional scrapbook pages, and I'm ok with that, I realize that they're meant to be interacted with and loved, and so as a result, there may come a time where they're like the baby blanket where they're kind of in bits and pieces, but that's ok, I'm all right with that also because they focus on events, sometimes we don't get the strong story we've been talking about, like prom, she created that that album within the scope of a couple hours and as we talked about, sometimes some of the stories don't occur toe later. So what happened at the prom is think could there could be room left for that, but she's telling one particular story of one particularly than getting ready for prom and that's? Fantastic. However, there are other stories that she may want to tell later, so it's not going to be a company fleet of a story and sometimes like the baseball season it's just going to be about the baseball season, I'm not going to get into the deep stories of this particular game when he got the home run or that kind of thing is going to be more high level and again I go into it knowing that that's one of the limitations and I'm okay with that it serves a different purpose they're also great for vacations where you've got one hundred photos and thinking of creating even fifty pages from one hundred photos can be really daunting instead, you could create a many album of those and feel like you scrap booked the vacation and then you can go back and pick the important stories you want to tell from those hundred photos because you feel like you've done due diligence or you've taken care of her honored those photos there are also small, so there are restrictions with size when you're dealing with the twelve by twelve page there's a lot more you can add to them on a ana if you're doing a four by four four by six year limited somewhat so it's going to mean you're going to be able to tell less of a story on each individual each individual page you might have to sacrifice some of the photos because they don't fit right there just aren't limitations that come with size and also unlimited choice is ill, so I actually have that as a drawback just because as we talked about when you have so many choices, we can get stifled it's hard to know if this album could be any size on the face of the earth, and I could make it from anything from toilet paper rolls. Teo, you know, piras or something handmade paper I mean, where do you how do you start with the choices? So it can be a drawback if you go into it thinking, oh, my gosh, I have no starting point. That's what? Oftentimes it's, good to start with some kind of idea or find an inspiration online or know what size you want to create and then move on from their four by four is a great size six by six because they're easy to create from a twelve by twelve a sheet of paper for the four by four you cut it in thirds, twit, the six by six you just cut it in half each way and you've got the pages right there. Ready some tips intention you've hold heard me talk a lot about intention over the last couple of days and did that just means knowing what you're trying to accomplish before you start. So obviously, when our friend was creating the prom album, she wasn't trying to tell the complete story of her daughter's prom she was trying to capture. What she looked like that night, the excitement of getting ready, and then she might go back and scrapbook other other photos about it and get some of her daughter's perspective in there, that kind of thing thing with an album that you're creating to give to somebody a baby's first year album or something like that, you're trying to provide something that's easy for the mom to use for a new mom. So knowing those goals that you have in mind knowing why you're creating it, who it's for again will help guide you through the selection process. If you're creating an abc album, these air really common for little kids, where each page he's a photograph of something that starts with a like a might be aunt. So and so be, is my brother so on? So things like that, you know, that it's for the child to use, so as a result, you might use a board book or something that does have a page protector, so you're not like, oh my gosh, she touched the page or something like that because it's meant for the child to use, so get knowing what you're going, tio, what you're trying to accomplish and who is going, who the audiences can really can really help. I also like to pull the supplies beforehand before I sit down to create so I know I'm going to use thes six sheets of pattern paper I'm going to use this color scheme I know I'm going to use these brad's or buttons and having it all ready. It just helps speed the process again, it's that idea of limiting what I'm going to use versus trying to recreate each page in the many album I'm going back to my stash and choosing new things, so I pull all the supplies beforehand. I also like to complete them at one setting or over the course of a day or two, and so I'll set aside time to create them to make sure they do get finished and so and and that I don't lose the threat of the project when you're when I sit down to create a scrapbook page, I always finish that in the same sitting it's, very rare that I'll go back later to pick up where I left off. I like to start it and I like to finish it and the same is true for the many albums I like to know that I'm going to complete that in this time that I've set aside, so I might set aside three or four hours to complete it rather than trying tio work on it at different points in time. If I'm creating an album that spans time like I have won many album that has photos of each of the houses that I've lived in I take I actually create the whole album with the supplies and then I'll add the photos as they happen and add the journaling or the story as it happens because I don't want to find out that so and so doesn't make this particular paper anymore that I used for the first three pages and now have to use something else and it's just done all I need to do is slide in the photos as I moved forward and then also still follow the story first process even though it's a different type of scrapbooking know what the story is you want to tell with the many album and then again it makes all those other choices along the way really easy anything else as faras tips that you would suggest with many albums everybody here has created them at some point you have anything that you would add in there that that has helped your process I don't have anything that's too bulky oh good ways there's less to fall off that's great that's great yeah because when especially for using binder rings or something it could get as big as you want it tio but then you run the risk that something that looks really cool may end up falling right out of the album strong adhesive yes so full of those blue dots and glassy accents and things like that staples that we stay put him on there yeah and staples are now a design elements good point, which is that the little ones and able three year olds and little kids toe hold and play with them there's a lot of discussion people how to protect it like that three year old anything else from our experienced many old bums that's what I'm gonna call you guys many obama I would say that if you're feeling intimidated about creating a whole book to stick to just one design like do it throughout the whole you know you have a theme you can write the same design throughout the right I think that's great so if you have a page, you might say ok, every page I'm gonna have a strip of pattern contracting pot on paper up at the top and then on the outside borders and gonna put buttons or brad's and then the photo is going to go on the inside kind of the alley on the inside each spread it it creates cohesion throughout the album as well and it does speed up the process because again of each page you're trying to create a new design it can be a very time consuming especially if you're doing twenty pages that it's sitting right those are great great suggestions anything else from online before you know china's air talking about how they then stole the minis eye with them and there's a couple of people who put them in trifle balls or fruit falls in the middle of the table. And people, you know, so that's that that been sig wade as a dozen check, teo. Dessert. Okay, kids, a whole boom. Have you designed it safely for little kids? Are small bits going to drop out, you know? And and so do you have them all the time and all by an ebola is part of your decor and sharing the story that a great separate thing that's a great that's. A great idea. Yeah, in a great question to make sure that they are something that is going to stand up to your little kids pulling and and looking at it. And, uh so you might want to go fewer on the bulky elements, if it's for a small child. Or again, make sure it's in a page protector or it's more of a flat design. There's something that's got a lot of things. Ribbons that could be pulled off and things like that mine are in a basket. I actually have. A couple different baskets and I'll kind of rotate them through so I might have one selection out and the other ones are in the closet and then seasonally, like I'll pull out the halloween when I create and actually use it as a decoration that I've got christmas ones and they kind of come through the seasons and and that's a fun way to keep things fresh as well. All right, next social media and blogging this is the old block I used to have called five things and was on type had my you know, what, five million years ago, but it really was a scrapbook for me. It was a way for me to document what was going on in our life, and I was a scrapbook or at the time, but I was much more of an event base scrapbook or when this was going on six or seven years ago, so a lot of the stories I was sharing on the block weren't making it into my scrapbooks because they weren't big birthdays and events and things like that. S o I do feel that social media and blogging can be ways to capture our story again, that memory, in a way to document our memory with, talked already about how we can pull elements of social media. Into our scrapbooks, but they're also stand alone scrapbooks just in a digital format and I mean when it comes down to it it's bits and bytes, right, it's it's not much different than a digital scrapbook page in some ways, because it's living on a computer and we could print it out if we wanted tio. So here is some of the reasons I think that using social media and bloggers and things like that are great and this could be yeah, what's that tumbler, it could be pinterest it could not pinterest so much because usually pinning other people stuff instagram, all of those twitter you're doing it anyway if you're already tweeting about your life, if you're already blogging your stories if you're already writing facebook status updates about what's going on in your life, you're already doing it, so you just added a whole new so when people ask you, do you scrapbook, how often do you scrap it? I scrapped look every day I'm blogging every day or whatever you really are. I also love it because you can do it in bits and pieces you can, you know you can send a facebook status, I bet most of us here have sent out a facebook status update about being a creative live and probably with a photo attached and it's almost like no not on those are ways that we're recording our memories and it's going to take it if we wanted to we could just print out that screen shot and that could be added to our scrapbooks or could live on its own they're also really easy to share it so either to tag somebody in a photo on instagram or tio to call them on you know to call her name out on facebook and share what's going on and whether somebody who took part in the event like here or if it's somebody you want to show the cool thing that you're doing and you just tag him and then they can see it also it's free but you know we talked before about how scrap booking khun b expensive doesn't have to be but there is some cost investment and whether it's in a digital pro design program or digital supplies or paper supplies whatever it might be but you can get a free blogged you could get a free facebook account twitter accounts are free so it's a fun way especially if maybe your college student strapped for money right now but you love the idea of memory keeping you love the idea of story keeping story telling you can do it on your block and then at some point in the future when you're out of college and you're ready teo teo invest in some of these things and supplies you've got all your memories ready too to be translated to a scrapbook page. Also, it doesn't take up space. We've talked before about how some of the barriers to scrap booking include the idea that it can take up a lot of space or you need a lot of space to do it in when you're doing it digitally, just like digital scrapbooking, you can do it without a lot of space, just with your laptop or even your phone, and it makes it really easy. There are some drawbacks because it isn't physical, sometimes it feels like it's not really, especially I think, my generation, where we like to touch and hold things and even, you know, kindle. I love kindle love the kindle app, but I like books I like to touch and hold them, so it doesn't feel quite real to me sometimes, and also they're more of a snapshot in time and especially twitter feed it's here and it's like a river it's gone facebook these days as well. We don't even see everything people post on facebook, and sometimes I feel like I go into my my page and half the stuff I posted I can't find so it's a little more ephemeral, then then a physical scrapbook or a digital scrapbook page that you can save or print out, and they could be a little superficial. Because oftentimes we don't want to share some of the more deep and meaningful things where we can't get it in one hundred forty characters that commit challenge so they can be some of them more top level stories rather than the deep and meaningful stuff and you might be able to share it on facebook, but you don't necessarily want to share, you know, you know, rip your chest open, show me harder, that kind of thing it can be where it's not as fun just because we're not playing with this fun stuff that we've been talking about, you don't have the bit and bob, the sally would say you don't have that stuff to interact with and it's still fun to update, but he could change the color of your fonts or something like that. I really enjoy the tactile and I enjoy playing with the embellishments, whether it's, digital or whether it's physical being able to move that wherever I want on the page is really fun for me and part of the reason most of us are scrap bookers because we enjoy that process. It's also need easy to neglect. I mean there's a lot of people say I have a blogger for two years or I opened a twitter account and I never use it anymore, so it is really easy to forget that that is a way to document your memories and so that's, why one of the tips I have is to choose the method that feels most comfortable and most enjoyable to you because you're more likely to do it. Get off the combo off your it's replicating style and the bloke are there any ups online? Or have you ever come across things that sort of allow you to do that same thing with the bids involves the do the work he's thinking juergens, I think when you get on, they are they're try see him when she was on this, yet things you can stick on your block to semi scripted give that that's exactly what you're trying to accomplish. I mean, if you're blogging you khun definitely bring in all the images you want that's not going to bring in the hall image thing, right? It's in, you can design a header and things like that, but it does become more difficult because you are restricted to a particular format you're working within it a frame work, whether it be tight pad or wordpress. I have a theme on my word press blogged that one day I can't deciding to move this column over here easily it's really a kind of more universal thing I'm doing on the block so that's more difficult, however, there are aps on smartphones where you can add graphics and texts and overlays to your to your photos before you upload them so you might want to add a quote, rana far has a great one, and what is do you know what the name of that one is? You know, jane rana desire on it designs its r h o in in a designs, and her name is rana far f a r, e r and it's in the app store. Elsie flanagan has witness a beautiful mess, and I'm sure people in the chat room we're going to think of tons more over is a really simple one to where you can add overlays of text they're not quite as graphically beautiful, but there are flourishes and little images and things like that that you can add on almost like stamps or overlays onto your photos, and then you could print those out and add them to a scrapbook page or you could upload them to your blogged or instagram. So that's, pretty cool, and I bet chat rooms probably going crazy with five million other ones because they're so many chat rooms pretty insisted the concept of a t shirt quilt right now, back on the tee shirt. One thing, my my friend renee lin who's blogging is pages, tux and pantry her grandmother doesn't isn't on the internet. So at the end of the year, she prints out all the block pages and puts them in a physical scrapbook and hands to her fantastic, fantastic. That was actually one of the tips I have, um, is talking about printing it out. And so the tips and tracy, did you have something you wanted to say on? Oh, well, I'm just gonna add that get on the complete well, it's, just an app that I have that I used tio takes all of my social media and pushed into one app so that I can pull from it by day it's called memento and I believe it's three is it the momento m o m a n t l moment, not lamento the navy, I think it's a mall like moment. Oh, yeah pretty sure get the general it's my facebook feeds my instagram feeds, my twitter feeds anything that I'm on and we'll it gives me a post per day. So everything that I posted on facebook that day, everything I posted on installment why so it's really important for me to go back and use that when I go on scrapbook that low, that I'm fantastic that's wonderful, I'm gonna have to check that out so that we're pretty sure it's momento is that iphone and android, you know, are you have an iphone water logged water logged its water l g u e to me that that is one that you can turn your photos into water colors and uh sally you'd go nuts with this one there's all sorts of, uh effects you can use like bold and impressionists and things like that and that's a free apa's well and it's just fun to play with to get different effects on your photos I don't consider that want to be as much of a storytelling method is as a phone app that helps you play with photos so again when you're you're using social media and or blogging intention is really important because if your block is more of a business blogged this might not work really well for you no because you're not going to be sharing the personal stories although it may add an element of business to your scrapbooks too that's important to us so it's it's something we're thinking about but just knowing again your goals and audience of your your social media is that the same as your scrapbooks because it might be different also be consistent we talked about how it's easy to ignore these so if you're trying to document your life it's going to be something you're going to want to do on a fairly regular basis so you have a good documentation of your life if you stop for a year on twitter and then you come back and twitter's all you're doing then you just missed a year of possible scrapbooking and memory keeping we talked earlier about keeping blobs private I think somebody mentioned how there was a dad who started ah blogger or somebody maybe was in the chat room who said they had a blogger for their kids and family and they just had a password protected a facebook account or something like that so that's it wouldn't be password protected on facebook password protected on a blogged and a private facebook page because you can set your facebook page to private so it doesn't share with anybody other than those people you've approved also there's many options for printing out your block or social media accounts and making them into physical books blurb is one block to print is another one that I know about and at the end of the year I've seen lots of people do that they get a book of all the posts they made on their blogged and they basically have already made scrapbook and again is long as they're being intentional about the stories they're telling that could be a very complete accounting of the year and the stories that they want to tell and because it's very story based it actually can get to some really deep stories anything else tips wise on blogging and we've got several dedicated bloggers in here anything you guys can and jane I think the j j is on the senate for a lot of blogging I have in the past for I was asked to for company I was doing some work with and when that worked right up I kind of got bored with it and went back to my scrap booking but really I'm glad to see that I can print those out I was trying to print them out but is struggling with it getting it to work with the printers so the nice field print those pages out and have him ready to drop it an album but it might be logged more if I can do that yes, yes that's great. Anything else? Tracy you're pretty dedicated blogger as well yeah, but mine's more business I probably won't print much of it. Our yeah what about facebook? Only face but they always have tons of stories I mean, I I use the momento app for that and put him in my scrapbook okay, great. And then do you just cut and paste from memento and put them into your scrapbook pages because most two years or digital or how do you use that? It depends I'll either write it out if its really short or all printed out you can print it out from memento maybe but I dio I just will retyping okay it's easier that way cool a lot of blogging. Yeah, yeah, look, five days a week and so yeah, no matter what and you know, I got it for three years now, and I really love it it's a great source of journaling to go back and catch the stories when I'm ready to scrap or to take the place of the stories right the year that I turned forty eight, a project where I tried forty new things and love the bouts of each day during the year, and it was a really great way for my friends and family to keep in touch with what I was doing and to offer encouragement and all that. And, you know, eventually I'm going to put that in an album and its need to have it all there at the time, you know, I was writing then and but for me having an audience that expects while post coming monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, and if I don't have one, then they think I'm dead that having that kind of, ah pressure in the sense makes me tell the stories and makes me be consistent about that. Do you find that you tell different stories for your blood than you would include in your scrapbook? Or which which seems to be more inclusive, live or more selective? Actually, I'd say that my blawg is more inclusive because I can type fast room that could write, and I don't have to worry as much about the product and the time alone in the scrapbook room and the all of that kind of stuff and it's a lot more it's. Easier for me to come back to it with the scrapbooks. You have to get stuff out where I have to do the project to scan. You have uploaded whatever with the blogger. I can do ten minutes, get interrupted, put more pictures in right more, and it's been a really great way to document everything in my creative life, and I tried to grab put my layouts up there, but I also put recipes that I developed were things my son does that'll cool and created a kind of every little thing. That's fun. Do you find your family following it? Yeah, ok, that's, great that's, great that's, wonderful!

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