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Sculpting Techniques in Photoshop

Jared Platt

Sculpting Techniques in Photoshop

Jared Platt

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2 HDR Merge & Sculpt Duration:12:57
4 Liquify In Photoshop Duration:09:33
6 Sculpting Humans Duration:13:44
7 Puppet Warp Duration:11:29

Class Description

So you have an amazing shot (landscape, portrait or architecture) but it needs some sculpting, there aren’t enough birds, the dress is too saggy, the perspective is off… we can fix that. Jared Platt will teach you how to sculpt your photographs in Adobe Photoshop to create perfected masterpieces in minutes. You will learn which tools to use to get the job done quickly and how to create realistic alterations of reality. This class is perfect for photographers of all levels except for strict photojournalists, who should run away screaming!

We'll Cover: 

  • Taking Care of the Basics in Camera RAW 
  • Changing Your Perspective 
  • Reworking Your Landscapes 
  • Sculpting Humans

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017



I am an intermediate level user of Photoshop, and I found this course to be quite helpful. In each and every video in the course I found one priceless bit of information, and often more. The video about Puppet Warp was a short introduction, which was perfect for me because I had never even known it was a feature in Photoshop. I disagree with Sam as I personally do not view Liquify, Puppet Warp, and Photoshop Actions for Burn and Dodge as beginner topics. I found this course to be outstanding for Ps users up to advanced beginner or intermediate levels. Very good value, great instructor.


This is only if you have very little knowledge about "Photoshop, if not is a Waste of money, nothing new and boring.

a Creativelive Student