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Chase Jarvis - Wrap-Up

Who thank you so much, rick. I appreciate it. Amazing presentation, creative life. Our mission is to unleash the creative potential of millions of people worldwide by connecting them live to the world's most inspiring experts. And I think we've been doing that over the last two days. Silicon valley, as you all know, is the heart of of entrepreneurship, of innovation, of creativity in many ways, and we worked really hard over the past two days to bring some of the most enlightened minds not just in this region, but with that mentality in mind here to you two to also chris in our new studios here in san francisco, and I was curious, maybe you could just say a few things. Is the internet still out there? Are they still listen in? And they were saying there's definitely give me twenty seconds of what they're saying. First of all, ruth kalinka says as a woman in tech, how is this the first time that I've heard of megan smith? I thank you so much creative live and so many people were so pres...

ident on then coming in from facebook chase cosman julia, thank you for your amazing contributions. All of you have helped awake the potential in so many people I hope we will have the chance to meet some or all of you one day and diane williams awesome is not just is just not a big enough superlative thank you for a great event and one more from maria severo who is in uruguay thank you so much for sharing your time, knowledge and experience with us it's truly appreciated and very useful so coming in from all over the wild fantastic that's all great news because that will tell you here creatively we're also trying to break down there's so many things in education that we're trying to to disrupt and to remove and then a couple come to mind one there's this jug geographic berry we just heard from your great we're trying to take that geographic barrier and break it because technology khun scale across geography also access to the world's best to megan who if you're living in uruguay, paraguay or australia or nevada the chances you're going to get going get to connect with someone like like that and built to ask them questions in real time that just didn't exist before this and lastly cost we hope you've enjoyed this past two days for free of course if you want to time shift and you can always buy the product not no obligation whatsoever we want to make this free education and not just the last two days but everything that we do hear a creative life from photography filmmaking design uh software training we're adding stuff all the time it's all there so again, this is just a heartfelt thank you to everyone out there because we would not be doing this if we didn't think it was I, but we wouldn't be able to program the stuff we program without being able to hear from you folks in the live studio audience from the internet. What it is that you want to learn, we're doing our best to deliver that sort of education. We believe that creativity is the new literacy, and with that we can truly change the world. So from myself. Chase jarvis, the co founder, my other co founder craig's once in his grave here with me. Right? That he's actually on the other side of that door, I'm going to go have a glass of champagne with me just a second from him. And from everyone creative live who's put their heart and soul into the last couple of days here and into the overall mission of creative life. We offer a humble thank you so much and we hope you tell your friends and we hope to see you again soon. Live right here. A creative life dot com take it away.

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Just as Hollywood implies celebrity, Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation. Attracting the greatest business minds in the world, Silicon Valley is the world’s startup epicenter. Now, creativeLIVE offers you direct access to the pioneering minds behind this powerful community.

Whether your business employs one person or fifty, you’ll learn how to survive, grow, and thrive directly from entrepreneurs who have done just that. After two days of unprecedented access to the secrets of Silicon Valley, you will understand the strategies behind the greatest success stories of our time.