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Class Wrap-Up

Lesson 7 from: Self-Publishing for the Entrepreneur

Jennie Nash

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7. Class Wrap-Up

Lesson Info

Class Wrap-Up

To recap, definitely, the ROI of writing a book is not in the money you're gonna get from the cover price. It's gonna be in the impact that you have, and that's huge, so if you think about how long this is gonna take or how much time it's gonna take, or even if you have to invest in some way in a course or some lessons, it's definitely worth the return on investment, and you already have what you need. If you're an entrepreneur and you're running a business, you have the skills you need to succeed as an author in today's marketplace, and as I said, I think entrepreneurs are actually in better shape than a lot of writers are, because you've got that strategic mindset. You bring that to the process. Just don't leave that at the door. If you're an entrepreneur, bring your strategic mindset to the process of writing, and that's gonna serve you really well. You wanna focus on your audience and that transformation you want them to make, and you have to definitely think through who is that pe...

rson? Are they totally new to me? Are they a loyal customer? Am I trying to get them from here to here, or from here to here? Where on the journey are they, and exactly what do they need from me, to be really clear about that. And then, that fun part of how are you gonna amplify? How are you going to make that impact and broaden your reach and get this idea out to people? A book is an amazingly powerful tool. It really is. There's nothing in our culture that has the same power as a book to transmit ideas and energy, and we pass it from person to person to person and it has a life of its own. It's an incredibly powerful tool, and to put your ideas in a book and share in that way is really satisfying and joyful and fun, even, like I said, if you don't think of yourself as a writer, so I want all the people to write a book all the time, because it's just so good. I hope you guys feel inspired to do that, and I do think we have a couple minutes to answer a few questions. Well, actually, what I would love to do, Jennie, is you have compiled some incredible bonus materials for this course. Yeah. So I wanna make sure everybody at home knows that you have a ton of them, but I wanted to talk about two specifically, or ask you to talk about what people can do, how they can get the most out of this class when they are watching it, and so the one is called Amplify Your Impact, and then the second one is This is Your Big Idea. So, tell us about these two documents. Yeah, so these are the documents for, at the very beginning of the process, if you think, well, I sort of kinda have this idea, sorta thinking about maybe doing this, these documents help you codify those ideas and really put it on paper, so it's kinda doing what we talked about with some of the students in classes. Who are you speaking to, exactly? And these worksheets talk you through all that, and there's one, also, another one that I can mention. It's one of my favorite tools. It's called the One Page Book Planner, and it is one page, but it's got all the little boxes that you need to fill in to really see your book and envision it, and it starts with what we did, the title and subtitle, and then these two documents you're talking about feed into that. Who am I speaking to? What transformation am I taking through? What other books are speaking to them? And on one page, you can capture everything, and I just like it because if you can put your idea on one page in this way, you can pin it up on a bulletin board by your computer, look at it every day, and think that's what I'm doing. It's all there. It's on one page. If I can get it on one page, I can certainly do it, so a lot of these documents walk you through that. The two maps that we saw, the writing map and the publishing universe map show you all those steps, and actually walk you through what those steps are and how to do them and break it down, so there's a lot of good material to go a little more slowly with the concepts we moved through quickly today, so if you're feeling the itch to maybe do this, grab those documents and see if you can get that book on one page, and start doing it. You can find me at, which is my website, or at, which is the company I run that matches book coaches with writers to help you move through all of these processes and get your pages right, get your idea right. We have classes and systems to help you do that, and I'm very proud to help writers every day. I'm an entrepreneur as well, and I know my audience and I know my purpose, and I'm here to help you guys find your own, too. So come visit us and check it out. Thank you so much, Jennie.

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Your Ideal Reader
The No Excuses Book Map
Amplify Your Impact
The Path to Publication
What is Your Big Idea
The One Page Book Planner HANDOUT

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a Creativelive Student

I absolutely LOVED this class!! I've been a writer/author for years, and this course made me think differently about how I approach my craft in a very positive and inspiring way. The worksheets are outstanding, and Jennie is an engaging instructor with a good mix of audience interaction. Enjoyed her live interview with one of her clients, which was very insightful and thought-provoking. Worth every penny and much much more!!!

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