Entrepreneurs are Perfectly Positioned for Self-Publishing Success


Self-Publishing for the Entrepreneur


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Entrepreneurs are Perfectly Positioned for Self-Publishing Success

The message that I want you to take away is that you can do this too. You don't have to be at that level to get amplification and to get that kind of reach. It's available really to all of us. And I'm gonna go through some of the key steps that you need to do, in order to make this happen. So, the first thing I wanna talk about is, entrepreneurs are actually really well-positioned to be book writers. I sometimes think that entrepreneurs are actually better positioned to be book writers than writers are, because writers tend to come at the publishing process from the perspective of the story or the words, and entrepreneurs come at it more from that marketing angle, more from, how can I make this work, how can I leverage this, you know, what can I use to make this work? So I think writers actually can learn a lot from entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs should know, you got this, you've got the skills to do this. And some of the things that entrepreneurs have, you know your market, you unde...

rstand the competition, you understand pricing, you totally know your market, whether it's local or regional or national, you've got that down. You know your customer, you know who buys from you, you know what their pain is, you know what they need, and you know what you offer them. So you're already way ahead. And entrepreneurs have an understanding of the iterative nature of research and development. This is huge, so, iterations of product, right, trying something, making it better, going back, doing it again, doing a beta test, round and round, getting feedback from your audience. This is such a great skill for a writer to use and to have. Writers have to do this too. And we have to be able to not hold on so tightly to the words. So entrepreneurs know how to do this, because they do this with their product or their business or their space that they're working in, they know that process. Entrepreneurs also have an understanding of how to build a brand, of how to amplify what they're doing and have everything that they're doing circle around the same concepts and values and philosophies. And then finally, entrepreneurs really know how to leverage a network, which is what a good writer needs to do. So all the things entrepreneurs are already doing in their business, they can lean on to write a book. And most of the time, I find that entrepreneurs and business people I work with are really good at this. They really get the publishing process. If they allow themselves to step into it, they tend to really succeed, because of these elements that they already have in place. I wanna give a couple examples of this, so you can see what I mean. So this is a client of mine, Tracey Cleantis. She is a psychotherapist in Pasadena, California. And she's run her own business for many years. So any sort of a therapist or a counselor is an entrepreneur. And she wanted to write a book. She came up to it because of the things we talked about before, her understanding of her market and of her customer. She works a lot with people who have suffered some sort of a loss, whether that is a loss of, you know, maybe they've been divorced. But also she works with people who were fired from their jobs, who've lost their houses, all different kinds of loss and grief that humans suffer, is what her specialty was. And she kept looking for a book to help those people. So she would be counseling them, and she loves self-help books, and she'd be looking for one to recommend, and it didn't exist. And she didn't understand, why does this not exist? And she came to me and she said, I have this idea, I wanna write this book. That was the book that turned into The Next Happy. And it codifies her ideas of, how do you move through these griefs. And their griefs, they typically are not deaths. There are a lot of books about grief, for people who suffered a loss from death. These are other kinds of griefs and loss. And so she wrote this book to help people through that. And it was a fantastic success. The Invitation to Self-Care was her second book that followed after the first one. But Tracey has enjoyed huge success as a result of these books that she has brought out. An Invitation to Self-Care was chosen as a City Reads book in Phoenix, Arizona, that's pretty cool! She's frequently interviewed in national magazines as an expert. People come to her when they're writing on a topic that touches on these things that she is asking about. And they put her in, she's the expert. That's what I was talking about before, you become the go-to expert on that idea. And the more that you do that, the more you amplify your reach in that area. Tracey recently has had some amazing things happen. Every time, you, this is how, it's like dominoes. Every time you do one thing, it's easier to do the next thing. So, during the Las Vegas shootings, which was a horrible, tragic time for all of us, you know, watching that unfold, Tracey was invited to be on local Los Angeles television to talk about, just for regular people who weren't involved in that, but to talk about, how do you get through that? What are some of the tricks or things that you can do? And what's interesting is, every therapist or counselor could do that, that's their job, that's what they're good at. But she was chosen to be the one to come on TV, because she had these books, and because the producers found her, through the books. And she was able to come on and be that. And as a result of that, she has been approached about being a national spokesperson for a consumer product that's looking to do some advertising on a national level. So she started out by a book that she wrote for her, her customer, for her client, and it's just amplified her reach out to national magazines, out to local TV, and now to a national consumer brand. I mean, that's pretty great. And she's just a regular person who had a business, an entrepreneur who had a business and who decided to take that step. So this process is, you don't have to be at the level of a Michael Stanier to make this work. You can just be a regular person with a business that you want to amplify.

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There are lots of ways to market your goods and services and increase your reach—from TV and radio to social media to email campaigns to print advertising. But for some business owners, these channels are starting to feel noisy and crowded.

Entrepreneurs looking for an innovative way to set themselves and their business apart from the competition are increasingly turning to writing their own books. It’s a unique and powerful way to be seen as an expert in your field, provide people with knowledge and information they can use, and highlight the benefits of your product or service.

If the idea of writing and publishing a book seems overwhelming, this class is perfect for you. Book coach Jennie Nash will break the process down into actionable steps so you can get over your trepidations and commit to writing your magnum opus.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage your entrepreneurial skills to become a successful author.
  • Develop a roadmap to get you from idea to finished project.
  • Figure out your mission, message and ideal reader.
  • Understand the benefits of self publishing.
  • Design or steal an effective structure to contain your content.
  • Parlay your book into speaking gigs, workshops and interviews.
  • Attract the attention of influencers, podcasters and event planners.


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I absolutely LOVED this class!! I've been a writer/author for years, and this course made me think differently about how I approach my craft in a very positive and inspiring way. The worksheets are outstanding, and Jennie is an engaging instructor with a good mix of audience interaction. Enjoyed her live interview with one of her clients, which was very insightful and thought-provoking. Worth every penny and much much more!!!