Shooting in Small Spaces


Shooting in Small Spaces


Class Description

Space is a luxury that many photographers simply cannot afford. Learn how to make big images with limited square feet in Shooting in Small Spaces with Jeff Rojas.

Lots of photographers begin their careers working in garages, second bedrooms, or even their basements. When you're shooting in small spaces, every decision you make – from your lens to your lighting style will ultimately impact your final image.

Join Jeff Rojas as he dissects the art of shooting in small spaces and shows you how to get a great image, no matter how little room you have.


a Creativelive Student

He had some good ideas like using corners, light modifiers that emit focused/directional light, and dealing with color casts. Showed some excellent fashion portraits shot in really small spaces. Wish he had gone more into shooting in a room with average ceiling height.

Amber Tolbert

I was at a shoot the other day, lugging in so much equipment, and found myself crawling on tables to get the shot I needed. Jeff's course shows exactly what you really need for effective and impressive portraits in small areas, a huge help and my next shoot will be much more efficient and powerful.


As a pro, it wasn't exactly what I needed, but it was reasonably priced, fast paced and reaffirmed some skills I had. Very cool he shoots portraits with a 35 - which I was always shy of, and his recommendations for camera filter was also good. For this price and pace, I have no complaints at all! I generally use Creative Live courses in the corner of my screen when I'm on a long haul of retouching, and so instructors with good descriptive skills are great for me.