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Shooting Musicians with Limited Gear

Jeremy Cowart

Shooting Musicians with Limited Gear

Jeremy Cowart

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Class Description

Don't let limited gear get in the way of taking great photos! Follow Jeremy Cowart on location with two different musicians as he shares with you how to get great results.

As Jeremy moves quickly from one setup to another, he’ll will offer key insights into maximizing the best looks from any location. One photographer, a single camera, one light, an assistant and a subject = awesome.


Rock Williams

Everyone wants to be a fly on the wall, observing someone of this caliber and this course gives you that very opportunity. Jeremy is humble and delivers his class without the pretentiousness in some instructors out there, an every-man sort of character that is highly relatable. Aside from the technical side covered here, there is a quiet undertone of confidence building that comes organically with the way he presents himself and the work. Thank you for taking us along and teaching masterfully.