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Jim Garner: Album Design: Demo with Andrew Fundy

This is andrew funderburg. He dies he's the man he is responsible saving so much time especially on these album spreads that have multiple images or even the simple images he has completely redesigned the idea of album designed if that makes sense you go ahead describe it well so I mean, our concept is we're just trying to change the way people designed with photos up till now it's been very template based or urine photocopier and designed one image that time. So basically we just create a system where images khun travel together and then it just flows organic that we could just kind of show that it's a show let's just get in there. My design is some spreads from waken design the whole album let's do it two minutes, dive in, my friend. All right, so my driving do I get the your seat? Okay. All right, so my no problem let's just pull everything up. We're getting a bridge, right? Uh, well, we're just gonna go directly into designer. So a designer. So, yeah, why don't you get in here? You...

don't tell me we'll scroll through and so what do we do? Start with so it's two chronological order, maybe dio heart with the details of the bride with the closing image of the bride how's that sound sure so we had those images and shot on the platter there's the rings so we have the details of which one of each that's a good one all right then we'll pop that in there and then scroll down a little bit more what we want here with some earrings which one you want here? I like both of those yeah, we could pull them in pull that one in okay and then that looks good point is showing us that have funny in today is time savings bottom line this isn't a sales seminar this is time savings all right? We're gonna kind of all about making you know, the intimidating transition into being, you know, creating art for each client into something that's just so incredibly simple you'll wonder why you never, you know, embraced this philosophy early. I don't really have one of each one of age because that right there was but it was doing three three lay before for seeing let's do this just pull in a second shot oh, come on, that guy right there so I don't know that we ever really introduced what is the software that you're using? Okay, so tell us a little bit about so uh this is a funny designer funding designer is ah home for multiple modules thie main modules album builder version six which we launched the version in february this year on dh then next in june will be having image brander and block collage coming, which is great for social media and bloggers and be able to tell a short story on your block kind of like a mini album designed kind of ah quick it's great for that next day right after the wedding the bride and groom want to see something real quick, you know, eight ten real quick and then in the fall we'll be introducing gallery designers, another module in here for doing quick splits and panels on the wall and where can we find you on fundy software dot com yes, any software dot com free trial you khun designed many albums as you want with a trial and if you like it and purchase, then you can export these are studio it's a massive time saving it's just so as we're sure you're fast designed and so so you see here is the drop zone and the images will just auto adapt to that drop zone we're just moving this square around it forces the the images to occupy that location how fun this is. Yeah, I kind of got went to small there I'm gonna have to re pull those having a little too much fun so but super easy just pop these into a new a new spread, so yeah, so so what we have these guys in here and what I'd like to see is all of them in a similar what we've shown you in the examples of a detail spread how about they're all vertical and perhaps a square on the left side of the albums okay, so just uh just like this right? You want to go all the way to the edge of the top bleed it todo have some extra area thank you so just like just like in a photo shop or or any other program you can hold down the option key and it'll stay centered parlour it is and we'll just nudge and on the right side of these details let's get one of the bride shots that sure she'll want one sitting down far, far away or close up that might be pretty what way we use one of these close ups girl down a little bit and we'll use one of the close ups and I'd like you to can you flip or social local sheriff towards her for images which one do you want teo so let's drop the status of your demonstration purposes so spare with us and so we can flip it right here and then we can fill her to go fools we'll bleed if you want our cool let's move that block of images on the left over a little bit so that this space I want the space all the way around the edge and the top to be the same you want everything centered so standards will just hit the center that's fine let's do that all right let's go let's do a full image spread of those girls having a great time with an expression how about the fourth image no let's go down I like the veil shot yeah when they're helping with the veil perfection and I like this here's why? Because this is will transition us into the next spread because she's looking off to her right so what you're just dropping it pull dragons we'll make it full screen on we'll drag it down you know spread too it's gonna spread three and so what I did just there is if you uh we have pre built layouts and they're all connected to the keyboard control so once you figure that out you just hit the number one number one filled it and we didn't need to do any stretching there but we could show you that two in the software so why don't we now celebrate each individual brides man okay, okay we're gonna throw them in and then why don't we grab the guys against the brick and we'll put them all together in the street okay do you want every everybody in one strip? Yeah sure okay so why don't you just tell me which one you just grab anyone for time savings now guys, we're not going to really be super selective what I do when I use the module is I will flag my favorite images and drop them into the module and then they're all my favorite ready to go and so I know hey here's all the bridal parties are now one dragged roffman built I think is that the same person that different person say it doesn't matter for the sake of this exercise let's go teo and we don't need the bride and groom mustn't see the bride on party right now so the guys are up top okay there we go left that like that's one with an expression and then this guy too right so there's three of each right yep and then alternate him how I'm kind of looking towards each other yes question about the software that's why we're doing this is fun more so about workflow and the time it takes so if you're the picture taker who's taking pictures you put him in light room you color dress and stick him on a desk you're still doing that process you're still color correcting and culling and then the time savings comes with this software in the albums and that's what we're saving time in the workflow that's exactly right so if you're a picture digger who's not currently doing albums you're not saving time yet it's not time additional magic happens when you commit to delivering all to each and every client these talk this type of art and only if only for one hundred percent committed because now we're no longer photoshopping individual images were photoshopping in the album right now we're doing the placement portion of this and then we're gonna when funny way really test him after the fact when they're all laid in with funny when I when I was shooting, I shot weddings and portrait ce on guy shot more portrait's and wedding tonight I did an album for every portrait adds quite a few hundred dollars to the bottom of every port, you know? Actually I think that it's three times what I used to make three times with family portrait, yes delivering albums, teaching reclined there when I was pictured delivering so three ex add to it just imagine that my question is about how you show the album designed to your clients you invite them in the studio, what do you do for clients that out of the area or don't want to come in it's like a huge you all to like grand in the next segment because it is so wonderful? Yes, we're going to get into that exact topic in their next after lunch, we're going to talk about work flow and how exactly that the sales process happens with each step along the way subtle it's beautiful um can't wait to share that so yes, I'm so glad you asked perfect so I zoomed in on the heads a little bit tricky it they showed that against joe here our second one in his head needs to get a little bit bigger okay okay like ours yes she's been a little bit and pushed around and they're spread through you okay do you have time for one more all right so let's cool down see what we got get some maybe some bride and groom together together there's a film strip all that's going on on the way so much oh, I don't we'll do this one thing that room okay crew against one bride against one under the writing room together and that would be a stripper all the cost so there's the groom bride to bride and groom together down maybe which one maybe that one this put down on the right that would be a closer okay one strip of everybody teo strip all of it okay, so bring them back here so you notice that this the drop zone so we have two drops on so I'm just going to bring this image dropped that image in the same drops down and then we'll just uh bring it all the way across here right that's what you can and let's flip the bride and groom swell swap those two out uh over here and then I would love for you to take the groom and flip that image so they're back to back okay, now let's put a border behind all of it ok? Like a black border design elements so we can go up to the background black shirt, black granite pick any color there and we'll send it up right now it's too big you just need to teo and the a s so all we have to do is we're just going to make them the drop zone smaller little bit smaller there so it'll just fantastic but like that love on your name increased the spacing just a tad here with your okay if you want the spacing to be uniformed between and around the image is totally love it so pretty exciting, huh? What did you really get to know this software? Think about time savings I'd love to show you now how many photoshopped all these images together on one one scene how's that sound I seem too so just export the export those and then we'll put on the desktop here spreads what you think of that thank you for doing this in person any questions going to take us a couple minutes over thanks export that's how did they get all bring man I'll do it don't stop blink one right there and then you're ready to go school thank you alright thanks for sharing sure, thank you and thank you so much you must have lots of love for funny chat rooms and we love funny guys definitely check out funny software dot com means I help that was to do people were talking about how it's kind of like revolutionized their workflow and just major albums and I think you have any questions at all our staffs happy to help you on the support pages and have some fun. Fantastic. Thank you again for being here. Thank you. Theo, did you put that under that stop holder gets the desktop called spreads so broods were there. Go there there's a second one blank one in there. You want to dump the first that's? Right? Ok, let's, go to drop him in bridge here. Oh, my gosh, fast. Anyways, you could imagine getting really fast this and efficient the software guys so much time savings by good movie into the art philosophy. So let's retouch this first I'm going to do I'm having fun? You guys have fun. Okay, first of all, I'm gonna drop out the background behind that um I used the white balance selectors what is it called? What is this? This creek selection tool that's, right? Ok. Selected inverse and I'm in command j now these images are floating in space watch this now is a floating obscurity on the right layer floating design this is what I mean by flattened up okay, we had all these images we just hand dropped him in photo shop would flatten them all together and now watch what I can do everything happens at the same time so I could have a stroke to everything if I forgot to do it in funding software I'm gonna go three pictures on inside push okay? It is going tio be on everything I'll show you see there it is there's a black stroke back key line around everything all right now let's consider this a retouch unit it's just like before we're doing single image photoshopped this is now multiple areas photo shop but the same darn thing is just another retouch unit single image retouching it multiple images retouch unit so let's put it first of all, bring our attention towards the center oh, but there's one major difference we don't have to be as concerned because they're viewed smaller okay, so I put a mark here on everything and I'm going to feather, slept, modify feather let's say I don't know if the resolution of this I'm going to two hundred pixels two hundred pixel should and I must select the inverse of it some of selecting outside I'm gonna darken the outside bringing our attention towards the center okay on this is a levels adjustment c c it's happening for both the details and for the beautiful portrait of abroad okay let's do a couple things I showed you liquefy earlier I'm just gonna just gonna clean up her arm a little bit her arm seems to be a big distraction to me at the moment that's what I see um and so I'm going to create a new layer of those images by itself time to go filter liquefy we're just cracking make a quick adjustment this is my fault I didn't pose her arm properly in this image so I will I am responsible is how I see everything I do I am responsible because my fault all right, I will make an adjustment I didn't properly use the light I didn't properly pose now I have counted for my mistake a very good way of looking at it see how important that is. She looks much better now and my my eye doesn't go right to her arm in this case it's bright light right in it so now let's do the techniques that we talked about let's see select color age we're just gonna grab her skin. This is close enough that it needs skin retouching I'm gonna hold downshift click around it's going to grab all those color tones I'ma push okay and it grabbed most of it the school I'm gonna add a little more slight color range I didn't get the highlights no, I got that color ridge okay now I'm gonna hit command j or new layer of you copy and this is what I'm looking at right there this is the area I'm about to blur I'm gonna turn off the stroke that sure made her look like she has leprosy doesn't it? All right, turn off the stroke, turn off the effects for that duplicate layer and off we go and I'm gonna blur that letter filled layer filter blue goshen blur okay, we went past the level that we were comfortable didn't way it's perfect really soft brush and I'm going to get a layer mask there on that blurred layer and I'm going to blur away the areas I do not want sorry I'm going going to cut away there is I do not want blurred defined edges no blurry areas into the white okay, I'm gonna open my flow to speed things up a little bit and the point is this is a lot faster a lot quicker version of retouching and I did see it affected a little bit of the jewelry over here. That's okay, okay, so because I blurred what only needs to do, I need to make sure I add green back at the end don't I? This case it's a spread we're gonna do it the down and dirty way okay, so I'm gonna create a new layer blank claire put it on top I'm gonna fill shift elite opens up the phil or you could go layer I'm so used to this shortcut sana remember off all figured out for you the second so here's the grey layer I'm going too add grain to it filter noise add noise and I'm going to drain the whole darn spread and I could do that because it is viewed smaller much smaller hold on spread gets done instead of just the skin overlay blending mode makes it disappear so now it's made her skin and everything else have a layer of green on it now let's do the texture action right texture overland let's at number forty eight's gonna warm things up one of my favorite you guys going to get it if you have the tool kit and guys this is the exact reason I know what you're you're all going he's going so fast but she wasn't going so fast right now that's why we made the tool kit because we can't weave its workshop setting we want to take to the next level it's all part of that hours of more content in there if you want to know exactly what we do and break it down into even larger photo shop opportunities really learn every last part of this in your own time in your own space in your own home the transformational toolbox has that available teo gonna blurt off her skin now clear modify feather and blew it away by filter blur goshen blur. I'm right on the texture itself and it disappears, but the tone remains. And finally, we're going to finish this but adding a pop to it. Remember this that's a few school oler grabbing all the layers I could duplicate the mall, then flatten amusing command eat we have a brand new layer on top and I'm gonna go filter distort, diffuse glow I noticed that, you know, we have two unique themes here, but the images had every treatment is exactly the same. So has continuity within two's different themes. It's perfect. You see how it before before after how it just makes things pop altogether. So obviously it's too heavy right now we've gone past level where it's comfortable. We're gonna pull back slightly and there were fine tune with a layer mass cutting a hole in that top layer by painting black on that layer mask onto area that we don't want it to be affecting art album spread so much so there you have it. Five minutes you have spread that can yield you so much, so much profit. It's so much easier it's last time than individual image to what you think about it.

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