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Sony A6000 Fast Start

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Menu Functions: Wireless & Applications

John Greengo

Sony A6000 Fast Start

John Greengo

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12. Menu Functions: Wireless & Applications

Lesson Info

Menu Functions: Wireless & Applications

All right, we're done with the two big sections of menu items. And so, continuing on we do have a wireless section, we're not gonna spend too much time in here but there is a number of ways that you can hook this camera up wirelessly to external devices. And you can have it send pictures to your smartphone, you can send images to your computer wirelessly. If you want you can view images on a TV if your TV has a wireless connection and you set it all up through the camera. You can use the NFC, this is those Android phones that when you get them really close you can transfer images without any wires with very little connection. And this is also where we have an airplane mode. And so, if you are on an airplane and they let you use devices with an airplane mode on it you can turn on the airplane mode and it kind of turns off all the Wi-Fi stuff. And so, just for conserving power if you're not planning on using all these stuff turn the airplane mode on and it's just gonna conserve a little ...

bit of power that you aren't gonna be needing anyway. Second page in here is gonna have a bunch more technical stuff that we're not gonna spend much time on. But if you are hooking this up to a computer this is where the camera will look for a particular Wi-Fi signal that has a WPS device set to it. You can change the device name in the camera so that it has a different look when you're looking on your computer as to what sort of device name are you looking for. The MAC address is a media access control, it's a unique identity number and you can take a look and see what that is if you need to identify that with other devices you're hooking it up with. SSID is a service set identification password and you can reset this and this is all for Wi-Fi connections mostly for computers. Not really necessary with cameras on themselves and then you can reset the whole system here. And so, there's a lot of people who will never enter this entire wireless mode on this camera would be my guess. Next up is an application mode and in this, Sony has apps that you can get for free or pay for depending on the app at their website. And there's a variety of things that you can get from the camera. One of the most common ones is just the app that comes with it which is the app that allows you to use your camera remotely from a smartphone. Now, when you do have it in this smartphone remote mode the menu system that you can get into the camera is much more limited than the entire system that you would normally be able to get into. And so, this is the entire menu system of the camera so there's a lot of things that we've already talked about but not everything in the camera when it's in this Wi-Fi mode. And so, let's talk about how to hook this camera up into a Wi-Fi system. So what I'm gonna do is I am going to grab my phone here because we're gonna do this here in just a moment. So, if you want to get some apps there are some kind of cool apps that you can download to your camera. They have intervalometer and time lapse modes. They have long time exposures, they have triggers for the shutter release that are based on sound. And just some other very quirky things and these are things that are sometimes free, sometimes they cost you five bucks. There was one that I downloaded that was a touchless shutter that used the sensor for the EVF to trigger the shutter. So, if I had the camera on a shutter release I didn't have to bother setting a two-second self timer, I could just put my hand and back by the sensor for the eye and it would automatically trigger the shutter. And so, there's a need of things. What you need to do is you need to go to Play Memories Camera Apps or you can just do a search for Sony PMCA, Play Memory Camera Apps, and you can start looking and downloading a variety of these apps. Now you do need to create an account. You'll need to download a downloader which is a little software program that lives on your computer so that it can download and install these apps into your camera itself. And then you're gonna need to connect your camera using the USB connection up to your computer using the USB port on the side of the camera to connect up to your computer. You download the app and then you use the Sony software on your computer to download it to your camera. There's a little bit of a connection issue that you have to go through to make this work but it is possible because I have done it, all right? And in the USB LUN Setting on your camera you probably wanna get that set to single so that your camera has the correct communication with your computer. So getting these phones connected up to our cameras, this has been a very complicated process and I'm trying to simplify it as much as I can. And so, there are things you need to do on your phone and there are things you need to do on your camera so follow along with me. First up, you need to download the Sony app, all right? I've already done this and I've downloaded the Play Memories Mobile app from the Sony app store which is for free. All right, next up, let me, gonna move my keynote ahead one notch so that I know what I'm doing, is on the camera we need to put our camera into the application list and the Smart camera Remote. I'm gonna turn my camera on, hit the menu and I'm gonna go to our application list. And over here on the right hand side it says Smart Remote Enabled. And I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna activate that. All right, so that is now turned on. And so, now we're getting some information here and we're gonna go over to our phone and I think we have an overhead camera and let me get this positioned so that you guys can see it right in the way of the tripod right there. Okay, so now I need to go on to my phone and do the next steps, and I'm gonna look at the keynote while I do this. First thing I need to do is I need to turn on my Wi-Fi which I have currently turned off. So, turn my Wi-Fi on and now I'm gonna be looking for a network that looks something like a Sony thing. Direct and see here it says ILC 6000, so I've actually already done a communication so it already realized it, and so, it's automatically selected it for me. Next thing I'm gonna do is open up the app on my phone for Play Memories which is down here. And so, now it's gonna think about things for a moment and if we got it right, all right, so we have a connection here. So now we can see what's going on with the camera and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the camera and I'm gonna move it over here, and if they can see, they can see me what I'm doing over there and I'm gonna get this pointed over in this direction. And I'm gonna come back over to my phone. And so, I've got the camera over here and one of the things that I can do on this app which doesn't have a lot of features is that I can zoom the lens because this has an electronic zoom lens. And so, I can get over here on the shot and if I want to make it darker I can make it darker, I can make it lighter. Not a lot of controls right here. And so, I'm gonna set that back on zero, smile at the camera. And so, there's our photo and it's pulling that image from the camera to the phone right now. We can take a look at our image here, sorry about that folks. We can see that image there. And if I go into my photos on the camera which is right here, let's see if it, there it is. There's the image right here and if I wanna send that out I can send it out. I think I'm just gonna choose to delete that photo. Okay, so we made it work and it works pretty darn well. And so, that's just with the Play Memories App. There's not a lot of controls as far as shutter speeds and apertures but it does allow you to get away from the camera, see what the camera is pointed at, and get your photos taken. And so, that should be enough to get you started at least with the Wi-Fi portion of shooting on the camera. So I am gonna quickly turn this off on my camera. And so, that is the Wi-Fi. And so, few little steps on each and then when you're done, I'm just gonna turn the camera off and turn it back on and that clears me out of that mode there. So, that is the Wi-Fi application and as I say, there are other applications that you can download and there's not a lot of must-haves in there but there are some interesting ones in there that kind of have their own complexity in there. There might be a whole class in Sony apps. I had somebody email me and ask me if I was gonna go through the full details of how to use one of their particular apps, and it was a bit more complicated than we have time for but that might be something for our future class. All right, there's little introduction which tells you a little bit about what's going on but that's basically it on the application.

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Dense technical manuals make for a terrible first date. Get the most out of your new Sony A6000 with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features. Join expert photographer John Greengo for a fast-track introduction, and unlock your camera’s full potential.

In this fast start, you’ll learn:

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This fast start includes a complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the A6000’s settings to work for your style of photography.  

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Debbie Walker

MERCY!!! this was excellent for me!! I am not familar with cameras so this definitely helped me understand better how to use my Sony A6000; I was honestly ready to give up!!! Great explanations ! well worth the time!!!


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