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Wireless Settings

We are continuing our path through the menu systems so it's good to have your little menu out here. We've made it through one, two, three columns and we've got the final two columns to go in this. And we're gonna be looking at some of the wireless options in here. There are many different ways that you can hook this camera up to external devices to get the images from your camera to your phone, a device that's much easier for sending it out and connecting up with the rest of the world. Now, I am not gonna go through intense details on every conceivable option on how you can hook it up to you phone. But we will be hooking it up to my phone. We'll be shooting photos. We'll be downloading images with it and showing you how to make that connection. So, you can send to the phone, your smart phone. Once you have established communication you can send to smart phone photos and you can either use the camera or the phone screen for selecting which images you want to... Where you want to choose ...

those images. And so this is once you've got you application and your other things set up, so there is a wifi connection. You can also set this camera up to wirelessly send images to your computer, if you want to do so without cables. Now, I don't normally do this because I just want my images on my computer as quickly as possible and the wifi system is a little bit on the slow side. As you'll see as we get into this and so it would be nice if somebody is trying to look at you images, just a few of them at a time, but for getting large bulks of images across it's not really designed for sending that across really quickly. There are even tvs out that have wifi in the tv so that you can send and communicate particularly with the tvs. And so they'll have their own wifi signals that you'll hook up, as you'll see in... in the coming parts of the class where we get this hooked up. There is also certain devices that use an NFC for hooking up. In which case, you take that product and you hold it right up next to the side of the subject and it immediately knows that those two are trying to communicate and then will allow you to send photos or other information back and forth. The airplane mode is something that turns off all of the wifi signals. And I actually recommend leaving this turned on all the time, unless you are specifically wanting to work with the wifi system. Because the wifi system drains the battery relatively quickly. That's why I would normally leave this on the airplane mode unless you are specifically trying to do something wirelessly on the camera. So within the wifi settings here, this is where we can get into some of the technical nitty-gritty if you need to adjust the way the parameters are connecting up with your computer or whatever device that you are hooking up with. If all goes right in the world, you will never need to go in here. But let's just take a peek in here and see what we can do. There is the WPS, it's a wifi push system that allows you to kind of automatically shove images from one spot to the other with the press of a button. So you'll see... I think I have a router at home that has a WPS button on that... so you could technically just press that button and send all the photos from the camera to that device. Once you have it set up to do so. The access point on this... Let me check my notes on this. This is telling where the camera to look for its wifi signal. You can display the address of this particular electronic product, if you're trying to find that in some sort of server system or in the display system of the other device that you're looking at. As I say, hopefully you'll never need to come in here to adjust this. The Set Service IDentification and the PassWord if you need to reset the ID number and the Password, you can do so in here. As I say, I hope you never need to come in there. Wireless page two. There is Bluetooth option in this camera. There's gonna be a little sub-menu that we can dive in here. So with the Bluetooth function on this, this allows you to hook up to devices that have Bluetooth. You can turn this on and off. So obviously only turn this on if you have a Bluetooth item so it's not trying to send that signal out and waste battery power. As far as pairing, this is where you're just gonna get it to display pairing information on the screen, so that you can say yes on your camera, that you want to hook up with the phone... Er with the camera and on the camera that you want to hook up with the phone, vice versa. You can display the device address. So you can see that, 'cause it's slightly different for Bluetooth than it is for everything else. And those are your Bluetooth settings. If you want, you can have information from your device sent to the camera itself. And so, let's see, where do we got this? And so, the camera can obtain location information from your phone or some other device. And so it would send your location or coordinates over to the meta-data in the camera. Which is very cool, so that it can just pick that information up. It can automatically correct for time. So if you travel to new time zones, rather than going into the clock and resetting it, you can have it do it on its own. And you can also have it automatically adjust the area that you're in as well. So that you don't need to reset that in the camera. So that is your location information link. If you want to change the device name, if you recall, the official name of this camera is the ILCE 6500 and that's what's gonna show up in your phone and some other devices. If you want to change that you can. Perhaps if you have a number of 6500s and you want to identify exactly which model you're referring to. And then if all goes wrong in the world and you need to reset all of this, you can come in here and reset all of these functions. But for the most part, very few people will need to come in here and really make any adjustment at all. Thankfully.

Class Description

We know what it’s like to dive right into taking pictures with your new camera. But reading dense technical manuals can be time-consuming and frustrating. Get the most out of your new Sony A6500 with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features. 

Join expert photographer John Greengo for a fast-track introduction, and unlock your camera’s full potential. In this fast start class, you’ll learn:
  • How to set and work with the advanced video capabilities
  • How to maximize the autofocus system
  • How to set and customize the menu 

John is a CreativeLive veteran instructor and an experienced photographer. He has extensive experience teaching the technical minutiae that makes any camera an effective tool: aperture, ISO, the Rule of Thirds, and the kinds of lenses you’ll need to suit your camera body. This fast start includes a complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the Sony A6500 settings to work for your style of photography.