Sony® A7 Mark II Series Fast Start


Sony® A7 Mark II Series Fast Start


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All right final page on the customs said it when you dial evey compensation and so in this case let me just double check if you remember back earlier in the class I mentioned in aperture priority and shutter priority that we could use either the front dial or the back dial to make changes for that particular function well that's kind of unnecessary you could just do it with one and you can have that other dial perform and exposure compensation and so if you're constantly using exposure compensation, you could have it either dedicated to the front or the back dial as the standard way that you might make your image is a little brighter or a little darker and I think for an advanced user who uses exposure compensation, this might be a good thing to take a look at it because it's just going to save your time and be a little bit quicker in setting that any of the other options on the camera zoom ring rotate is not going to apply to most people unless you have one of these pz lenses which ha...

s a power zoom and you can control which direction the zoom turns by turning it left or turning it right when you're zooming in resuming out and so it's a very dedicated control for those special video zoom lenses the movie button on the side of the camera is generally always going to start movie recording even if the camera is not in the movie mode, it'll just start movie recording and some people don't like that they only wanted to record when they put the camera in the movie mode because they don't want to inadvertently start recording movies and so if you don't want to accidentally record a movie you might want to put this into the movie mode only so the dial's wheel lock is an interesting kind of hidden button that I bet a lot of people don't know about if you hold down on the function button for four seconds it will lock the following controls the rear dial the front dial and wheel in the back of the camera so if I was shooting a sporting event where I was going to be shooting for the next two hours at exactly the same shutter speed aperture and s o and I was going to be handling the camera up and down switching cameras back and forth and I didn't wanna be a bump in either controls I could lock all my settings in by holding that in for four seconds and either locking or unlocking it and so I think it's a great option and it's unlikely that you're going to be pressing this button for four seconds and so it's just a neat option to be able to have to turn on and so I'm going to recommend turning this on lock if you want to do that

Class Description

Learn how to get the most out of your Sony® A7 Mark II series camera. Whether you've chosen the Sony® A7R Mark II, the Sony® A7S Mark II, or the Sony® A7 Mark II, this class will give you an in-depth instruction on your camera’s critical functions. 

John will guide you through the features, menus, and buttons on your camera, giving you the confidence you need to take pictures like a pro. You’ll learn about: 

  • The features, menus and buttons on all 3 Sony models 
  • How to use the cameras in different shooting situations 
  • Maximizing the use of the cameras 
This in-depth class will help everyone from amateurs to professionals, get the most out of the incredible Sony® A7 Mark II series cameras.