Sony® A99 - DSLR Fast Start


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Join John Greengo for an in-depth step-by-step tour of the Sony®  STL-A99. With a hands-on introduction to your camera's operations, detailed instructions on how all the menus work, and instruction on how to shoot great photos with this specific camera model.



  • Amazing... The sony corporation should give a gold medal. Congratulations on the professionalism and elegance in worshop. Thanks 'John Greengo and all Creative Live team for providing such a wonderful experience.
  • Congratulations CreativeLive and John Greengo for stepping outside of your more typical Canon/Nikon comfort zone and giving us this introduction to the A99. I have never seen any pro photographer treat this camera as fairly as John does - least of all with this much enthusiasm. John's course is thorough, comprehensive and very enjoyable and, once I'm able to, I will be purchasing this camera. With any luck. Now I'm looking forward to a course from John on travel photography that's just as brilliant.
  • <p>I don’t have the Sony A99, I have the Sony A65. It doesn’t have all the features of the A99 but it has many of them and this course helped me understand them better. The material is very thorough and well presented. Thank you John Greengo!</p>