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Mike Fulton


Mike Fulton

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Class Description

There is a science to shooting with speedlights and in Speedlites, Mike Fulton will teach you it.

If you want to shoot with speedlights you have to learn the system first. In this class Mike will dive into the concepts behind flash and trigger devices show why these tools work and where they fail. You’ll learn TTL metering and watch Mike work through challenging shots using speedlights and strobes.

If you want to get speedlights right, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to watch theory put into practice.

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If you think you're getting a Zach Arias type "beginner Strobist" type of video course here, you're wrong. Mike Fulton's entire lighting technique in this course is based off of TTL metering and using one of the auto functions on the camera. I can't help but think that many of the major Speedlight gurus out there (or the Strobist community) would scoff at the techniques taught here. someone who has been a part of that community, read the website, done the challenges, purchased the OneLight series, the books, the cards...I kind of wonder why I didn't ever just go ahead and go the "easy" way with my Canon's ETTL mode. Mike's technique is simple and incredibly useful. He teaches you a step-by-step technique that is nothing short of common sense once you learn it, and this technique can be applied through to fully manual shooting if you're so inclined (fully manual mode on your camera meets fully manual mode on your flashes). You start here, then you go here, then you do this. BOOM. I wish this course would've had one additional example shoot built into it, outside. While I felt that the indoors mini shoot explained where he was going, it didn't appropriately display everything that Mike had been talking about throughout the course.


if you want to learn to use flash and need a course that gets right to exactly what you need to know, look no further! Mike is an excellent teacher and explains every detail!

Rachelle R. Vetter

This was a great class on using speedlites in TTL.