Storyboarding Your Film


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Well hi everybody welcome to creative live I'm excited that you're here today we have an amazing class called story warning your film my name's true councilman I'm going to be the host today and we have two super talented story borders here chris prime noski and kristie caracas I'm glad that you guys were here you guys have ah career that's pervasive you've done work for mtv you've done work for disney you've done work for adult swim a whole bunch of emmy nomination between the two of you it's pretty phenomenal I'm really excited that you're here thanks yeah, we're still I'm so yeah I'm going to draw pictures it's going to be awesome yeah we'll take it away all right all right, well, chrissy we're going to sit well sit all right we're going to sit together wait did it all right we're sitting down so this is ahh storyboarding your film right that's the name of this class we're going to go over some things that you see on the screen right here would have run through what's gonna happen i...

n this class first we're going to do an introduction then we're going to do animation versus live action you want to take the next one tools tools like this the pencil right that's a tool reference materials conceptualizing the script conceptualize script then we're going to go on to fundamentals starting with script workflow programs and aps commercial corporate pitches and that's, no run down, mom. Crispy. And, uh, you know, I've been started as storyboard artist working on mtv. I got started on now, beavis and butt head back in the nineties and mtv. And, uh, you know, came up through the storyboarding, uh, department and worked on a bunch of tv shows and self that's where I met kristie back there. I think we both worked on daria, but not at the same time, right? Yeah, we met and I think I started in ninety seven and I was a background designer on daria. But back then, back then, in the nineties in new york, mtv had a really big animation house and they were doing, like, using, but it daria bunch of shows chris at a show s so that when we moved on, I moved out to l a, uh, made an animation studio would make much of cartoons for adults win venture brothers make super jail, which is christie show that he created and, uh, you know, there's, a lot of storyboarding going on. And christie, you know, even as the creator storyboards, a lot of his episodes of films amount at least thumbing is one of the techniques that we'll get into during this class. Right, yeah, yeah, here's. A meeting for trying to get a ride. Yeah, no, it's, a thumb. They called a thumb now interesting. You know, let's do that when we get to the film. Now, part of the family now, all right, anyway, so, uh, probably shouldn't do that, because that will sound weird, right? I hit my pencil against a table. So, anyway, the purpose of storyboarding look at those beautiful fourth, those air the's. Uh, we'll talk about that. I give credit to the storyboard artist one possible.

Class Description

An inability to draw doesn't make storyboarding obsolete – no matter how simplistic and basic your stick figures are, you can still use storyboards as a guiding blueprint for your production. In Storyboarding Your Film, Chris Prynoski will show you how to develop simple, effective storyboards which allow you to tackle all kinds of filmmaking challenges.

Chris has used storyboards to develop his best-known works including, Metalocalypse, Freaknik: The Musical, and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. In this class, he’ll teach you how to use the basic tool of storyboarding to deconstruct a scene or sequence and how to implement the storyboard as a useful aid for both camera and crew. You’ll learn:

  • Which projects to storyboard
  • Alternative uses and mediums for storyboarding
  • Optimal tools and instruments for storyboard creation
  • How storyboards serve filmmakers

Chris and special-guest instructor, Christy Karacas (director of Adult Swim's Superjail!) will share both original and pre-existing storyboard examples to help ensure your own boards advance your project and act as a useful guide for other key collaborators. You’ll learn simple approaches that will make the creation of storyboards less intimidating and more inspiring.

If you are ready to incorporate more advanced techniques into your filmmaking, Storyboarding Your Film with Chris Prynoski will guarantee your next project is more polished, prepared, and cinematic.