Studio Lighting - The Power of Control


Studio Lighting - The Power of Control


Class Description

Get ready to learn how the lighting secrets every sought-after photographer needs to know. Join creativeLIVE for an in-depth immersion into understanding and controlling in-studio light.

Taught by award-winning photographer Tony Corbell, you’ll explore how to work with a wide variety of lighting tools. Tony will explain how a photograph’s look and feel are influenced by the size, shape, and placement of its light source. You’ll learn about correct light metering techniques and the role logic and physics play in metering and working with light. Tony will cover basic, subtle lighting adjustments that transform photos. You’ll have a front-row seat as Tony applies his one-of-a-kind lighting techniques live in-studio as he shoots both portraits and still-life photos.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a new and improved skill set for working with light and achieving jaw-dropping results.



A very comprehensive class in teaching the core fundamentals of studio photography. No bells and whistles approach, just good old honest education that will last you a lifetime. This class easily compliments all the high-glitz classes relating to fashion studio photography. A good investment for sure. Highly recommended! (Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt! Ain't that right Tony.)