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Studio Pass with Joey Sturgis

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Class Introduction

Joey Sturgis

Studio Pass with Joey Sturgis

Joey Sturgis

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to creative live everyone here on the music and audio channel my name is drew consummate and I'll be the host for the studio of course we have an amazing course for you over the course of the next two days and ah pretty excited about it we have joey sturgis ah here with us live in the studio so I hope you're tuning in hope you're inviting your friends to participate in this great course joey's eh entrepreneur award winning record producer has produced a ton of amazing projects and he also is a developer of plug ins now and just a multifaceted super talented guy how you doing, joey? Good good. Welcome to the studio and thanks for the introduction. Totally appreciate that it's so cool to have you here yeah, you know, hopefully I can show you guys some stuff and and teach you some things I have I have no doubt so I'm gonna hand it right off to you okay? And you can just dive in cool. Um all right. Well, let's start with who I am and why I'm here. Um first of all, I want you guys t...

o know that I'm thirty years old and I think some of the things that I've achieved uh at this age has been difficult took a lot of sacrifice to get there I've been producing records for eleven years um I started when I was nineteen and I I'm uh I'm first I'm a musician I played drums and play guitar my whole family is musicals well um my mom and dad play instruments and sing and and so I grew up in a musical family um in two thousand nine I started a company call joey sturgis drums where we make drum samples and in two thousand thirteen I started a company called joey sturges tones where we make audio plug ins and also a company called drum forge with my friends and I started in a garage and I uh I've since since we're starting in the garage I've worked in some of the top studios in the world I've been very fortunate very lucky to do that and uh really the reason why I'm here and I want you to know is that I just want to try and teach you uh more about what I've learned in my experience doing this with audio production so let's cover what's in this class um so a detailed walkthrough of what you're going to learn you're going to learn preproduction and why that matters uh the psychology of recording which uh you should know that recording is is largely um it's largely mentally based there's a lot of things that go and go on in the head and the the human emotion that goes into making music I'm going to teach you about uh drum production drum editing uh drum sample replacement I'm going to also show you a little bit about how I produce records one hundred percent in the box uh which is a little bit I guess unusual um there's a lot of people who use studios and studio gear and things like that but I do most of it in the computer I'm going to teach you about guitar bass and vocal editing I'm also going to teach you about my post production cinematic techniques I uh I guess alternative press named me the michael bay of metal core which is interesting so I'll show you why they call me that and a bird's eye view of mixing in mastering and finally my proprietary workflow which is something that took me about a decade to develop um and it's the way that I that I make records uh efficiently okay, so the first thing I want to do is I want to do a listening example I want to see what you guys think I want to play you a song and see if you can hear the things that I would hear as a producer. So when I listen to a song for the first time um there's you know there's a variety of things that I would hear I think most people when they listen to a song they might hear just the music and in here it's a song but when I listen to it I'm hearing you know all the things that are wrong with the song is the song boring? Is it too fast isn't too slow all these all these different things um so hopefully I'm hoping that you guys haven't heard this song before because if if you have then you probably know what the final version of it sounds like but I hope you don't know that because I know what I want to do is I want to try and play this song and see if you guys can hear what should be um better about it so let me let's go ahead and play this song first yeah ah ah ah wei I can't wait ee ah ee way to writhe way hello kid all right s o that was a song basically that came through straight for my in box so you literally heard it just like I heard it for the first time I'm curious should we introduce our our guests on the couch totally gets one you start here and introduce yourself yeah I'm johnny huh? I've played guitar and write music for abandoned c l called oh say sha I've been in tow home recording for a few years now and just now taking mixing and uh music production seriously so it's looking to pick up whatever I can um what do we want to introduce? My name is willie I play bass in two bands around the area, countless, the dead and cradle man. And, um, I just getting out of high school. And I've been an intern at robert lang studios up in shoreline. But, um, I haven't really immersed myself in mixing. And, um, really, any kind of recording or production. So I really want to try and get at it while the getting's good.

Class Description

Joey Sturgis is the producer behind some of the biggest names in metalcore, including Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, and I See Stars. His style is one of the most sought after sounds of the last decade and in Studio Pass he’ll show you how he produces it.

There is no magic bullet to Joey’s sound. It’s simply the combination of a million little decisions that add up to something incredible. In this class – for the first time ever – Joey will demonstrate his entire process: pre-pro, engineering, mixing and mastering, from A-Z. 

You’ll learn:

  • Writing and arrangement tips that take a song from good to great
  • Recording, editing, and mixing tips for guitars, vocals, bass, drums, and synths
  • How to get stuff to sound loud, super clean, and tight

Joey is a hands-on engineer – he’ll talk about how he works with bands to develop their writing and ideas so they are working with the best possible raw material. He’ll show you the specific signal chain he uses for mixing guitars, vocals, bass, drums, and synths. And he’ll give extra focus to vocal tracking, editing, tuning, compression, and effects.

If you want to transform your recording and engineering process, don’t miss your opportunity to learn from chart-topping metalcore producer, Joey Sturgis.

Class Materials

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What is Vocal Production

Autotune Pitch Correction Modes and Tools

Understanding Pitch Graphing

Timing and Quantization

Vocal Mixing

Separating Lead & Background in Mixing

Mixing Harmonies & Adv Production Technique

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I have been following Joey's work since the early Prada days... This is one of the best discussions any producer has ever contributed to digital audio. I love the amount of transparency. He simply reveals everything and guides you on a very wise path on how to become a in-the-box producer like him! Turns out, the answer is -- a ton of hard work! Plus, this has to be the best use-case on his own awesome and super-affordable plugins. I have watched almost every popular producer/engineer workshops and have also sat-in on Eddie Kramer, Alan Parsons and Quincy Jones producer workshops and believe it or not... This is the best one yet.

Adam Train

I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the bands Joey records. The only reason I bought this class was because I enjoyed the Periphery one so much. Joey takes modern production techniques to the absolutely extreme. He takes punch-ins and editing to a level where it's not even funny any more. If you're looking for tips on recording and mixing in general, this class is not for you. If you're looking for editing tips to see how far you can possibly push the strive for perfection, this is pretty spot on. If you're a beginner, don't take this class to heart - Joey's workflow is borderline psychopathic - go and get the Periphery session instead. If you've been recording for a while and you're looking to see how far editing can take you, it's worth a look.

a Creativelive Student

Easily one of the best investments I've made. There is so much information here that you'll have to watch it multiple times to really catch everything. Looked up to Joey Sturgis for a long time and this is literally a dream come true to get a behind the scenes look into his talent. He delivered the material in a very understandable fashion and was extremely clear with all his examples. I love creative live =)