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Baby Images Q&A and Reveal

Yes, and a great question from anthony's he just came in I know that again. One of things that you don't do is you don't do a lot of local adjustments so you don't use a brush too just like the face anything like that uh but anthony is he says would you ever spot remove something like a booger from a nose? Why would you do that on a kid? No, I mean it's a kid that's the thing if it's if it's a wedding shore and I tell what in quote when I was doing weddings, I was like, do you do touch ups? I'm like absolutely not like no because this is what you look like you're going you live with yourself, you look like this this is don't try to be somebody you're not all right, so should I pick the best five and bring them in? That brings a good question up gbenga being and then louise brazil had asked questions now I know that you don't do a lot of family or child photography but there's no way you have I have don't get me wrong I am high strung in certain situations like shooting concerts, but li...

ke we said on day one, if you khun take everything I did during day one applied here we had a tough lead singer jumping around in this situation, we had a kid running around so all of the same things that applied there for a concert, just as I reiterated that at that point it all applies here. So a lot of the shots that I've done photo journalistically, whether it's touring with the band or sitting in a family room with the family and spending a day with them to create a amazing photo storybook, I have no problem doing it. You also heard that I interact a heck of a lot different with a kid. I get quieter, so you see, I don't offend anybody. There were actually a lot of questions or not questions, but comments like, my gosh, his energy is so much calmer, but the question was actually more about the business side of it, questioning whether why are you just showing everything to the family to let them choose? And then the edit the'keeper's that's not there still wanted to know. Do you just give all the images to the family? Or do you cut it down to a certain number? It's your job is the photographer to give them the best shots, don't I? They hire you to take the pictures and to make the choices I think that you are the photographer, you tell them what they need don't let them tell you what you need and a good example for wedding photographers out there is delivering an album everybody that's ever shot a wedding that has to deliver an album knows it takes almost a year to get done because for some reason or another it just falls through the cracks. So when I went and dead did albums, I would do the first passed, I would run through the album and then I would I would I told them I'm putting it together, then I send them the final look all of it online and then they go, wow, you did a great job and I say there are their images and you want me to swap out here and then they would tell you I want this image, this image in this image usually it was five or six images they wanted swapped out because certain I don't know which friends they want in the book at certain points, but that gives them a starting point if you tell somebody to just start here's five hundred images or for those crazy people that you two thousand here's two thousand images picked him no, I'll give you I'll show them these eighteen or something and then they may pick from there, but I'm showing them the best of the best of the best with honors, sir all right, so let's just let's take a look at this our ourselves let's see what we're going to go through and into a final look and see what we're going to keep see these two are pretty similar what do we like do we like the first one which is this with the head down in the book turning or the second one with the book opening or neither just yell amount real quick anybody else taken so it's objective I'm going to leave them both then I like this I think it's cool I think there are better shots I love wide shots like this it tells such a story you see how they're composed and here's another thing they're not directly in the middle of the frame we have the middle of the frame is about here I don't want to put them in the middle of the frame I wanted them slightly on the on the lower portion it just feels right and I like the amount of wall space and head room up there that just talks about the scene we're in but it's still got close to them to get the shot so I like this little thing going on here this trip dick this is okay I'm going to leave it not my favorite but I still like it's still like this one this is one that I would probably pull out well let's hear I want to hear what they have to say about it uh to deliver these eighteen I think are solid out of out of aa one hundred forty pictures to come out with these eighteen keepers I say if you come out with three to five of three to five good ones then then I'm pretty darn happy but I would love to shoot pictures like this all the time. God louise um I know you talked about for a client their needs and wants can you kind of give a run through through these pictures and kind of name the needs and the wants and kind of the difference between both? I'm sure I didn't know anything what they needed they because they brought creative life brought them in I didn't have any contact with them beforehand, but you also heard me halfway through. I asked there I said, is there anything in particular that you would like and that there wasn't much that she didn't come up with very much there? But that wasn't a problem because I already had ideas of what what I wanted to shoot we also didn't know where maxwell was going to run around too, so I like to listen if we talked beforehand. So what do you looking for? What do you interested in most of the times I've already seen your work? So they're like I liked what you did with so and so his family or I saw that photo on somebody's facebook page that you did that was awesome and by the way marketing why save that for later facebook and beating the crap out of that of allowing people to post the pictures that's important so I listen I hear what they say we like this we like that and then I give them what I think they really really need and that's it how you guys doing well, did you enjoy that little shoot tremendously well, what were you hoping to get out? I think the most important thing for she when he's this age is just you know, he moves around all the time so just something that actually takes from the actual shot that's not it's a bloody mess is really important because all our shots they're just blurry messes I can help you with that. I have a guide to getting out of auto that would anyway so that's good to hear any feedback on how the interactions went when we shot for maybe thirty some minutes what's coming to you how many keepers would be acceptable from a from a photographer one I mean really it's okay, get a good picture of him. Okay? Yeah, well it's cool knowing that I mean that was difficult. It was difficult but it's just a matter of letting it happen and that's something for people at home to realize is in a situation like this you just you you observe and you capture you embed in in the situation and I think spending a couple hours with the family doing three scenes you do you work with the family and the family room let the kid play along then he falls asleep and I'd be taking pictures of this because it's cute then go outside and play then maybe take a walk to the park there's some really cool shots that you get throughout the whole thing but do you want to see the pictures yeah ok so we're going to go through the pictures pop up the first one forming and let's just can we get a close up on them I mean seriously weak split screen do we have the capability here to split screen face and this have no we can't split screen but we'll get it all right I'm going to go through you just start saying what you think I mean what do you think of this right off the bat you got all the text I mean wow they really robust I mean a lot of really nice colors the head and I didn't think the hair okay but now we're hearing the reactions on dh uh oh uh oh what do you get out of that it's just in the moment I mean it's so you know I love it I mean opposed things are one one aspect that's having something just right there in the moment I just it's very alive reactive and would show great composition and what's even cooler is if we were in your space and you had other photos on the wall maybe family members and things like that that stuff comes alive because it's recaptured two photo inside a photo with child running or maybe it's a grand parent or great grand parent you have all of those things up there and it's kind of like a big family story I got chills I sounded like I knew what I was talking about there but no that's that's what goes through my mind you have those things in the background that's where you showcase the photos on the wall so here's you know he is very hard to keep track of and he does run around a lot so we had this little sock game going on and if you look you see the movement of the hand a little bit yeah the sock moving but everything else is still good to go back and forth the last one that one but there's what but wait there's more and then we get into the temple so here you go it's a nice trip tick that could hang on the wall one here one here one here is just it's just pretty cool and that's all I got not really I got more way over their long oh my good god how did you look like a norman rockwell I don't know he sat there for what three seconds yeah if that how did you do I don't know no no no it's saturday night live that's exactly what I said thank you what do you think this shot a good one and not not as good as the others better what do you think you don't hurt my feelings I mean it's not one of my face and what we've seen so far because of my face but I think he uh like his action dancing okay so maybe this is one of those that sits on the side of the table but doesn't hang on the wall right or you put it out and have it be a mean on facebook yeah has great photo shop a ball that's what your leg and what I also like about this is the rocking chair in the background out of focus if they put it all into perspective nice right? Yeah uh still see, you know the christmas of the images the crispness of the image I'm going to let you in on a little secret thie the reason I didn't I didn't so I'm very nit picky is technically focused on his lips but not his eyes but I also told everybody that you probably wouldn't notice and you mentioned that it was very crisp and sharp and normally for my own photos this isn't a keeper for me but I also knew that you guys may love it so there is no reason why I should cut this out because it could be one of your favorite shots and it's definitely acceptable but you see how that works oh, you want to talk about not cropping guys by the way it's not cropped his feeder in there that's what I'm looking at the whole time is making sure my composition and framing is right on his feet really it's just its its a family shot I'll ask you guys a question do you like the fact that you have a little bit of it's here in the eye and you have a booger on the lift of course it's humanizing you wouldn't want that taken out and some people think that they need to take that stuff out it's part of the that's a great shot to look back on I think we have one more here. Oh, great that's what would you pay for something like this at least four thousand five thousand dollars what I meant the course the course no nos I always said and you up for this set of photos no, seriously and enroll reality what what would you not even knowing this is well, you probably pay more after the fact when you know you've got eighteen keepers verse one that a lot of people don't get but in all reality what would you pay for a shoot like this I have no idea what the market is. Probably between five hundred thousand, which is how much I have a square can. Somebody grabbed my square. I have. I could take your credit card right now. It's. A lot work. See, but we did that and a half an hour. And what would you like to what would the delivery will be? What would you like out of a chute like this tow have at home? Oh, I mean something like this or just him like his personality, really coming through and then ideally has something with the three of us like you had just in the moment, us goofing around with singing so here's what I would offer a family. I would say I'll put together a couple of little photo books of the eighteen shots or maybe fourteen, depending on how to go in. And so after the shoot, I'd actually give them a couple free for the for them. I would produce him. It does. If they just paid me fifteen hundred dollars to do the shoot. I can certainly go ahead and spend twenty five or fifty dollars on a couple of extra little books. That and go here, give this to people, give it to whoever you wanted to and here's one bigger one for you if they didn't have a photo book, because the photo book is going to sit on that coffee table on everybody that it's a natural facebook it's, the real world facebook because when you hold onto this book and you flip from page to page in the family looks at it, they just light up and then the friends that come over for play dates go, who took these? How much did you pay for this? And if you were okay to ask for that fifteen hundred dollars and you got it and they get it and their friends get it, you you don't have to sell very hard because this just happens. So with these amount I would take five, six, seven, fifty I'd take fifteen hundred dollars to do this, and we did this in a half an hour, so your work has to speak for itself imagine if they saw well going in blind that's a little harder, they went in blind here and they also didn't pay anything, and they also get them for free because we're giving it to you, we're giving them tio, but but that's, you know, I'm just thinking business wise, I would also say, uh they would get a couple of prints to hang on the wall and in this case you have to decide are you giving them the files or are we going to charge you more toe have prints made so what what I like to do is for that fifteen hundred dollars I'm going to include a couple of prints this size or that size but if you'd like to purchase something much larger toe hang on the wall maybe that trip dick or metal prints were looking at some of those could be five six hundred dollars for all the large metal print but I think that would that be worth it you know and it would be worth it I know that I would always want to make sure to get the the digital files oh you would would be personally so you would I would and I would have to charge you more I understand my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard being you know like it's better than yours but yeah they if that's what you wanted would you do that so that's a that's one of those questions that a lot of photographers get asked today would I give them the files I would build it into into the price if that's what you wanted I would make them happy by building it into the price I would maintain ownership I would do what I needed to do but it's their photos, let them love them and enjoy them I'm not going to go and do something with these outside of maybe post them on my web site and then I'm going to give them the lo rez lower rez files to post on facebook and I would say please make sure you tag me or my business page in it and let all your friends know where you got these and maybe I would even print them some postcards the old fashioned way just to leave it there friend's house or say I also do birthday parties why don't you have me come over for the two year old's birthday party? And I'm going to give everybody they're a gift of a picture of their child I'm going to email it to them it's not gonna cost me anything to make those prints I should've saved this for the business side of it, but but it doesn't cost me anything to give away one and it's so you hire me to come shooting teo his second birthday there's six seven eight kids running around I get pictures of each of those kids I then give you the digital files to go an email or put on facebook and tag and say here, share these with your friends and they're going to like these air amazing I need to hire this photographer to come out and do this stuff I mean, that's business, that's marketing and branding. It's, not just capturing the image, it's, what you do after that, so final thoughts. Thank you. Okay.

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