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The Absolute Power of Blend If


The Absolute Power of Blend If


Class Description

Hidden deep within the Layers Styles panel is Blend if, one of the hidden gems of Adobe® Photoshop® tools. Blend if sliders allow you to blend images together to achieve more natural, creative and impactful results. In this course, Blake Rudis will show you how to unleash the power of Blend if in a multitude of ways, from noise reduction to sharpening to color grading. By the end, you’ll realize there’s almost nothing you can’t do with this multifaceted feature.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Robert Staser

Super helpful! Another powerful technique made easy. Blake is super laid back and throws wonderful bits of comedy in with the class!


Usable, fun, straight forward, precise, fun, reasoned, complete, hands on, fun, expansive and did I mention fun?

Gina Hamm

This was a great course and really opened my eyes to an essential part of Photoshop that I had been neglecting. Blake is an excellent teacher. His love of Photoshop is evident in his teaching style and really gets you excited to learn.