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The Art of Reinvention

Sophia Amoruso, Chase Jarvis

The Art of Reinvention

Sophia Amoruso, Chase Jarvis

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Class Description

There's a common misconception that artists have a monopoly on creativity...But the very act of making waves - no matter the career - is a creative one. The Chase Jarvis Live Show is an exploration of creativity, self-discovery, entrepreneurship, hard-earned lessons, and so much more. Chase sits down with the world's top creators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders and unpacks actionable, valuable insights to help you live your dreams in career, hobby, and life.


Sophia Amoruso is an online educator, serial entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author. She has been featured on the cover of Forbes magazine and featured in the Fortune 40 under 40, Forbes 30 under 30, Inc. 30 under 30, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business lists, and featured on the June 2016 cover of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women issue.

Sophia founded women’s network Girlboss as well as fashion startup Nasty Gal, which she built to over $100 million in revenue. In 2014, Sophia wrote a NYT Bestselling book, #GIRLBOSS, which Charlize Theron later turned into a Netflix series. She also hosted Girlboss Radio, a podcast with over 20 million downloads.

Sophia recently stepped away from Girlboss to launch something new, and is now focused on providing inspiration and advice to her community on lifestyle, entrepreneurship, wellness, and beauty.

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