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The Essence of Light & Love

Alexis Hunley, Kenna Klosterman

The Essence of Light & Love

Alexis Hunley, Kenna Klosterman

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Class Description


Our weekly audio podcast We Are Photographers brings you true stories from behind the lens and behind the lives of your favorite photographers, filmmakers, and creative industry game-changers. From their struggles to their wins, host Kenna Klosterman discovers the real human stories about why they do what they do.

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In this episode, Alexis shares how she’s fast-tracked her photography career in three years. Landing portfolio reviews with editors and improving her work based on that feedback ultimately led to her first magazine cover for Essence. She describes how creating images allows her to process her feelings and emotions of life experiences. Go behind the scenes of Alexis’ coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement - both personal and for clients - and why she focuses on capturing the little moments of connection and intimacy across her body of work.


Alexis Hunley is a self-taught freelance photographer based in Los Angeles. Visual storytelling, a love of color, and connection can be seen throughout her commercial, documentary, and editorial work. Alexis’s work is featured on a recent cover of Essence magazine. Her clients include The New York Times, NY Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Verge, Men’s Health, Airbnb to name a handful. With a background in psychology, she consistently seeks out ways to combine her love for art with her desire to better understand the human condition.