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The Future of Handmade Sales


The Future of Handmade Sales


Class Description

The old guard is falling and the handmade marketplaces where you sell today won’t be the same places you sell tomorrow. Tune in to The Future of Handmade Sales for a discussion on emerging trends in selling online.

As technology evolves and buying habits change, sellers must prepare to change too. From the “Buy” feature on Facebook, to #instasales on Instagram, to Buyable Pins on Pinterest – the online landscape for hand-makers is changing. Get up to speed on the conversation and learn about the latest technology for staying connected to your community and customers in this panel conversation with some of the brightest minds on the business of making.

Get insights on making it easy for folks to buy your stuff online – today and into the future.  



Fantastic panel. Tons of great practical tips.

Al Assil Machlah

Useful , great ideas , logic tips and understandable , thank you

Helen Ancira

I really enjoyed the class. I got a lot of great tips. Thanks