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The NEW Feck Perfuction

James Victore

The NEW Feck Perfuction

James Victore

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Class Description


  • Beat the habit of perfectionism that’s holding you back from creating the life and career you want.
  • Reconnect with and celebrate your WEIRDNESS.
  • Understand the power of your voice— and put it in your work.
  • Learn how ACTION can defeat your procrastination habit.
  • Learn how to create new and powerful habits.
  • PLUS, You’ll get insight into the secrets of James’s creative processes.


This is a new, upgraded version of James Victore’s popular book ‘Feck Perfuction.’ Each chapter of the book is explained and highlighted to it’s essential lessons and practical applications to your life. The purpose is to give you renewed energy, audacity and permission to be yourself.

This class is for anyone seeking creative courage and the confidence to allow their creativity to flow like a gushing fountain. It’s jam packed with tips and tools AND HANDS ON DEMOS to counter the procrastination and perfection habits that stop your creative flow. Learn how to move forward, find your voice and create the beautiful creative future you’ve dreamt of.


  • Those who feel creatively stuck, frustrated or have reached an impasse on their creative growth.
  • Anyone seeking creative freedom and autonomy of their lives.
  • People who want to fully understand the power of their Weirdness as their greatest gift— one that can change themselves and the world.
  • Anyone seeking the ultimate power to move forward: the freedom to suck. Learn how to fail better, fail forward and make sucking your superpower, because on the other side of failure is authenticity.


James Victore is an artist, author, and activist who teaches people how to illuminate their individual gifts in order to achieve personal greatness. James is widely known for his timely wisdom and impassioned views about design and its place in the world. At the helm of his independently run design studio, James continually strives to make work that is sexy, strong and memorable; work that tows the line between the sacred and the profane. James’ work has been exhibited (twice!) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide including the Louvre and the Library of Congress. He has an Emmy, a gold and silver medal from the Art Directors Club, and a Grand Prix from the Brno Biennale amongst others. His clients include Adobe, MailChimp, Starbucks, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Aveda, Time and Esquire Magazines, Moet & Chandon, Yohji Yamamoto and The City of New York. His latest book is ‘Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life.’

Ratings and Reviews

Josh Powell

I really enjoyed this course. It's full of great information and presented in a great style. At the end of the lessons he presents a behind the scenes look at some of his artwork, which I really found fascinating. Highly recommend!

Shayla Roden

Thank you! Inspiring and motivational.


This guy is freakin' BRILLIANT!!

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