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The Outdoor Photography Experience

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Class Introduction

Chris Burkard

The Outdoor Photography Experience

Chris Burkard

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

everybody welcome to creative I'm your host drew consul man I'm thrilled that you're joining us today we have a phenomenal course for you chris burkhardt is in the house on this course is the outdoor photography experience I've been looking for this course and been following chris's work for a long time now chris's travels all over the world shooting amazing photos he's published books and worked with a lot of the biggest companies in the world including apple patagonia land rover and now creative live we're really lucky to have him here would you guys help me welcome chris burgard thanks for being here so you literally just flew in from iceland last night they lost your bags we're talking about this before you've been shooting for ten years uh yeah it's been crazy I mean I feel like no matter how many times you've travelled yes you're still hiccups along the way which kind of is what makes it exciting right you know it's part of the part of the adventures yeah yeah but a little jet la...

gged stoked to be here definitely feel like I'm kind of still you know like I should have a camera in hand but I just came from a shoot but yeah I'm excited we're going to go over a lot of bad stuff today yeah tons of that stuff so looking back ten years you travel all over the place are you as excited about photography outdoor photography now as you were when you started or at any other point here career absolutely you know I think I think part of it is just you know the day and age you know we have the ability and opportunity teo to expand our work you know and to get out there to people that we never could have before and I feel like for me at least I'm gonna place in my career where I'm not as limited you know by having to take the work that I you know just take anything I can I can really focus on bigger projects going to places that inspire me more than ever before and working on specific stuff you know and so it's been a long road to get there but it's it's kind of amazing the place to be and I'm grateful for it you know so yeah it's a lot of stuff to cover so I'm gonna let you take it away and let's get it going cool handsome brother yeah I appreciate it all right welcome everybody and everybody else who's tuning in um most of you people I know but I'm starting to your names and I'm super bad with names and I just wanted really quickly ah a little bit of housekeeping in a little bit of kind of breakdown this workshop two days right so we're gonna cover a lot there's a lot of videos that were going to show that we were lucky enough to go film in some amazing places yosemite and central california on dh one of the the goals was you know obviously this is the outdoor photography experience but sadly we're indoors very much but we wanted to kind of you know give you this realistic look of what it's like to be on the road shooting using this gear in person you know how it's packed how it's you know being functioning outside so it's one of the most important things for me is to basically give you guys this you know a realistic look at what it's like to you know kind of shoot out there in the field on dso you know that being said I'd love to get everybody's names and also just like what you what brought you here and uh and what you'd like to learn maybe it would be huge for me so uh front center driver awesome uh I just uh nature photography is my uh my thing so whatever I can get out of marketing that and getting bigger cool marketing we're gonna discuss quite a bit of that we're gonna talk about social media you know kind of pitching editors thinking big picture concept type stuff and and I think we'll address a lot of those things so justin christensen I primarily in the outdoor landscape photographer lately I've been trying to do more I guess lifestyle amongst it um I think what I want most out of this I mean I I enjoy the equipment and the gear that you go over I think I'm more into like how you got where you are right exposure how you got the exposure you guys yeah and the marketing like like he's talking we're definitely going to talk a bit about that and one of the things I want to make sure you guys know is that this course is really not designed to teach you f stop snape matures this is more of a I like to think of it of like kind of an advanced course in sort of you know what brings us to photography what makes compelling images I want to dive in kind of deeply into like the cognitive response we have two shooting nature shooting subjects and how we approach those things right so we'll definitely meet talking you know I'm not a huge fan and actually talking about like myself you know for a long period of time but I but I want to give you guys a realistic look at how I got from point a to point b and what mistakes I made along the way mainly so you don't have to make those although everybody probably will because it's part of the fun right a cz well it just like you know what what has worked you know what is what I've been able to invest myself and that's really paid off in the long run so god my name is tony of alaska's a shoot primarily landscapes outdoor landscapes what brought me here was also the marketing and also like I want to learn also how do you take those compelling images you awesome awesome my name is julia ustinov it I'm an artist and photographer I sell mamie just a lion and indifferent micro stocks and uh I'm primarily like still life people photography and I would like to learn more about our door nature photography wonderful because we'll touch on all that stuff that's great kid I'm daniel curse um I do outdoor landscape in a lot of surf and uh yeah I just kind want push it forward were based uh center cost lymphoma awesome great yeah close to close to where I'm at and uh what brought you here is probably the stoke and uh spiderman is far their will to explore in the same level that you do so help to gain from you like skills like how to achieve that philosophy behind them howto build that share with the world awesome we'll definitely gonna dive into the philosophy and I think that that's the most important part you know is being able to leave you guys with a clear understanding of like what is the philosophy behind taking compelling images you know there's no riel like arithmetic behind you know or it's not the same as I guess like going to be okay your light us to be like this and your f stops like this and here's your flash exposure it's it's really about being able to go to a scene and evaluated right and kind of take in and document ideally what what means the most to you right because that is going I guess go out and kind of hopefully see other people who feel the same way so next paul and ah do landscape and lifestyle photography and I'm here just really learned tryto improve and take that to the next level two ideally do this for a living at some point awesome a form I should find out landscape photography meeting I'm I loved your ted talk and I hope to get further inspiration here I'm also interested in the social media skills there wei will definitely be touching on social media um a lot actually write directly after this make a couple of thoughts thoughts on that yeah last one my name's likely I started mainly in landscape on dh over the years the direction went into wakeboarding photography around the lifestyle around it as well the biggest lie I want to get out of it is you know a lot of your photography is nothing's constant right everything's changing where there's always different how do you manage those large scale shoes with your athletes it's a great question that's a really really good with them so first thing I want you guys to do and this is this is pretty important a couple quick just things I want to get out but I would love for you guys to write down five questions that you have I hope to answer or make sure that I answer because we're gonna have some segments and blocks where I'm gonna be able to you know just have a pure q and a like and get directly to those questions all that most of them are probably answer in the interim so love for you guys right now five questions and be right now cami later coming tonight you would never just make sure we answer those you know five top priority questions um secondly um the reason that I want to know where every single person hears from your name and how you found out about this class besides the fact that you're amazing people and I'm just interested is because this is why social media is important right here okay every single one of you guys in some form another you found out about this course through social media correct internet website instagram facebook right anybody got like a mailer no okay just checking because I don't think that those were out think of the importance that think of the value of that okay one of the biggest emphasis I've placed on social media and this is you're going to learn to stop me but I am much very much like jumping around with my thought processes sorry if it if it gets a little spastic and crazy but I really when something's just on the tip of my mind I really like to address it and make sure that we we dive into that even if it means we're on a tangent I can't stress you as enough the importance of social media and more importantly than just social media interacting engaging with your subjects with people that follow you friends whatever you want to call them okay because your interests and what you guys are are responding to weather that whether that response means double clicking whether that response means buying a book or purchasing a print whatever that is letting me know what's working in my work that was letting me know what is successful and is getting people was emotional response going okay there's so much value in that okay so I can't stress enough like I'm learning here right now it's just a cz much from you as hopeful you are for me because I'm looking at these different demographics of people right demographics you guys know what that word means like your age you know kind of male female where you're from right I'm looking for different disciplines and I'm understanding okay there's this really broad variety of people that liked my work for different reasons and I'm making kind of mental notes there as to what can apply to each person right cause what you might like might be a lot different than what he might like or she might like but these are the things that we need to know take inner work these are the things we need to constantly think about in social media it's the most amazing day and age because because more importantly for me than just a way to interact people sell stuff you know promote my work promote things like this I'm able to really dive in to see which images I'm shooting which siri's of photographs which projects people are really responding to and not just by clicking but also the comments like what are they writing they're they're you know they're passionate about something there something stroke them struck them emotionally so that is super important I don't think it's ever been more important to really dive into those things in the easiest and best part about it is that it's free okay like how amazing is that google analytics facebook analytics instagram analytics all these things you guys can access you know by just typing away it's amazing and you can look att you're different age groups what people are interacting with we're going to dive into this more tomorrow but while I was here on this no I just wanted to kind of segway into that and let you guys know

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Shooting outdoor photography is a powerful way to commune with nature and experience the fullness of life. Learn how to train your eye on incredible shots and convey the energy of the outdoors in The Outdoor Photography Experience with Chris Burkard.

Chris’s beloved images of life on the world’s coasts are alive with action and emotion. In this class, he’ll share the tools and techniques he uses to capture the photographs he sells to magazines, brands, collectors, and publishers.

You’ll learn about his shooting style and the gear he brings on his global adventures. He’ll also talk about the business of photography and share tips on marketing and selling your work.

If you want insights on how to create rich, dramatic images that let you enjoy more time outdoors, don’t miss your chance to learn from Chris Burkard in The Outdoor Photography Experience.

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I've been staying up all night to watch the live broadcast. As somebody else here mentioned (latsok), it's emphasizes on the non-technical aspects (emotion, engagement, colour and composition) rather than the technical stuff like shutter speeds, iso and f-stop. Although I can use some help in both, the technical aspects are not only camera specific but fairly objective as well. The non-technical aspects however are something much harder to grasp. Getting help in this by no-one less than Chris Burkard is just amazing. I bought this class so I can re-watch certain parts of the broadcast again whenever I need it. But also to show my appreciation for Chris Burkard and Creative Live for providing this great online course!

Matt Redfern

This class was packed full of amazing knowledge. I really enjoyed the topics covered and have found it super helpful for my work. I have had so many takeaways ranging anywhere from how to put myself out there, finding my style that stands out, practical applications, etc. I would highly recommend this class to everyone interested in photography! Big thanks to Chris and CreativeLive for putting this together.


This was a phenomenal class. I highly recommend it to anyone. Chris is not only a sensational photographer, he is a wonderful teacher. He provides such detailed information and freely gives same to his students. He is really really available and eager to answer questions and so easy to understand. I learned so much and I was thrilled. I am very very grateful I found this particular class.