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Turn Fear Into Opportunity

Filipe DeAndrade, Kenna Klosterman

Turn Fear Into Opportunity

Filipe DeAndrade, Kenna Klosterman

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Class Description


Our weekly audio podcast We Are Photographers brings you true stories from behind the lens and behind the lives of your favorite photographers, filmmakers, and creative industry game-changers. From their struggles to their wins, host Kenna Klosterman discovers the real human stories about why they do what they do.

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In this episode, Filipe takes us into the mindset of the animal he feared the most as a child - a jaguar. We learn how throughout Filipe's life he's turned fears into opportunity and he encourages us all to do the same. Hear how hugging his idol Jane Goodall motivated him to pay it forward to the next generation of conservationists. Filipe explains why he feels lucky to be raised by a single mother. Be inspired to embrace your camera as your own voice hearing Filipe's stories behind his show Untamed plus films Adapt and The River and The Wall.


Filipe DeAndrade is a Brazilian born, Cleveland raised, filmmaker who has a passion for wildlife and freely admits he is addicted to adventure. He’s a 10x Emmy award-winning wildlife filmmaker and conservationist. Filipe started a production house with his friends called Comfort Theory and in 2015 won National Geographic’s “Wild to Inspire” short film competition at the Sun Valley Film Festival. Nat Geo WILD then invited Filipe to work on several documentary projects and he is currently producing and hosting the series ‘Untamed’ for Nat Geo WILD.