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Introduction to HDDSLR Cinema

Vincent Laforet

Introduction to HDDSLR Cinema

Vincent Laforet

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2 HDDSLR Cameras Duration:1:48:08
3 Audio Duration:59:35
4 Video Gear Duration:1:23:41
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1 Cinema Language Duration:1:42:37
2 Camera Support & Lighting Duration:1:17:41
3 Handheld Rigs Duration:1:00:57
4 Film Crew Duration:27:45
5 The First Shoot! Duration:59:55
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1 Feedback and Q&A Duration:45:20
2 First Shoot Post-Production Duration:34:14
3 Pre-Production Meeting Duration:46:22
4 Crew Pre-Production Duration:26:16
5 Second Shoot! Duration:1:23:15

Class Description

In this course, first-time filmmakers and photographers making the transition into video will be introduced to many of the core building blocks necessary to make their first short films. Students will come away from this online workshop with a good understanding of what tools they need for their productions, and when and how to best use them.


a Creativelive Student

I would recommend this class to anyone needing a refresher on video in a DSLR world, but I would imagine that some of the technical topics might be a bit too much of a deep dive in an introductory course like this. Not everyone is going to be creating staged events and so the attention paid to blocking and focus might be less interest. Overall, for someone who graduated in film/video a while ago, it was great to get up to speed on today's cameras and hardware.

Marvin Løvenfeldt

Seems like an update to this class is needed. he talks about the Canon 5D mark II. Several better cameras have come on the market since including several other brands, many better options in 2017.

Johnnee Lin

Why should I buy the class again to see it since I have bought the package ?