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Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job From Home

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Fears and Misconceptions on Working Remotely

Darren Murph

Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job From Home

Darren Murph

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2. Fears and Misconceptions on Working Remotely


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Fears and Misconceptions on Working Remotely

All right, so who here would prefer a more flexible workplace? You guys sound like ok, we've got a few all right online I'm sure that the comments are coming in yes it's pretty tough to find anybody that would answer a no on that so I kind of set myself up but that's all right the course and below it is actually the most important one what are you afraid ofthe aa lot of people say yeah, I want to get out of the work situation man I want to change it to some degree but there's always the butt and then there's a long list of things off why they think they can't get there and a lot of those air actually unconfirmed they're just fears so we'll look at some of these common fears your boss won't allow it so you know you haven't asked them but you just know you see him putting in the time he ever heard they're doing the same drive you are and you think, gosh, if I ask for more flexibility and they can't have more flexibility there's there's no way they're going to grant that your colleagues w...

ill hate you you know you don't want to be the only one in the office that doesn't have to schlep it in on the subway every day, so because of that you say, well, I'll keep dealing with it tio keep on good terms with the colleagues you'll go stir crazy oh my god if I'm in home alone just working all day with no one to interact with will the world implode on me? You'll lose contact with colleagues you'll be for gotten and the lines between work and life if you're working at home you're living at home where are those lines? How are they defined? Will they be blurred to the point of you know I just want to run back to the office so here's a question have you heard any remote working stereotypes lately? So if any of you have been in the office and you've heard oh so and so they work remotely, they work from home and then there's usually a story behind it does it? Has anyone it's seriously? It's usually not positive it's usually not positive I heard you know they haven't left the house and days yes, ok, which can sometimes unfortunately because on the flip side we've all seen folks that haven't left the office and days you know, they just come in there, they bring different shoes you like, did you sleep here? I don't know, maybe yeah, one person I know who work from home said whenever his housemaid got home in the evening, he would talk to him nonstop like all night long we haven't had anybody to talk tio right? So the person comes in and it's like, ok, I've had to deal with everybody else in my office and then you come home and the significant other hasn't had an opportunity to talk to anyone, so yeah better be better be aware that you're going to be a sounding board at times, so in my years these were some of the most common misconceptions that I'd say the general populace folks that have never worked remotely or work from home this is what they generally think of remote well rolls air although paying remote workers are fantastic being lazy, you'll never change out of your pajamas like I don't know what why is that it's like everybody assumes that if you don't have to go to an office, you definitely stay in your pajamas all day that's that's unfounded most of the time ah you're a hermit you're an introvert you're socially awkward remote teams they just honest productive as the teams that actually show up to the office and camaraderie is completely lost if you don't have the office setting. So I've heard all of these and maybe some of them have some layer of truth to them, but this day and age I'm here to say most of these are false, you know I liken this to, uh misconceptions around an online degree when online education first became a thing that you could actually sign up for an online degree of of any description people that had been in brick and mortar schools would say, oh, it's, it's, it's easy their degree, mills, they don't have to put in the same word, they don't do the same homework, but now online degrees are becoming just is respected as physical degrees, and so I think that we're trending towards a time when just because you do something online just because you use the internet as a medium to conduct work or school, or what have you doesn't mean it's of lesser quality comments that people have been coming in and sharing where they work with their commutes are so quinn says I have about a ninety minute by round trip commute. You can use the best part of the job that could be outside riding my bike. Shelley from newfoundland, this is a strange arrangement here. She says that she works in an office, but her commute is only about thirty seconds because she works for a post office in a very rural area in the post office is in the basement of her house. Yeah, no newfoundland that's a great way to do it, but yeah, people have all different types of of commutes and here's a good one. Joking about staying home all day over becca, tap says, I often don't have to brush my teeth until noon. But I've gotten a lot of work done by then seven and do it in the morning and go. Absolutely, absolutely. We're going to touch on the non linear work, too. You know, I've never really considered rearranging when I brush my teeth, but, you know, even I learned something here, so that's can't complain with can't complain with that at all.

Class Description

If your soul is drained by a daily commute or you work in a role that you're sure could be done from anywhere, join Darren Murph for Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job From Home.

In today's knowledge-driven world, too many employees are squandering precious hours away from their homes and family. Find out what it takes to build a career and life that gives you that time back. Darren will teach you how to: 

  • Advocate for a remote role
  • Cut out unnecessary distractions 
  • Perfect your home office
  • Improve your personal communication skills
Working remotely removes a massive inefficiency and enables you to live and work with more flexibility. In this class, you'll discover the tricks to setting yourself up for success in a remote role and how to ensure a smooth transition in the workplace.

Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job From Home with Darren Murph will prepare you to prove your worth in the remote marketplace, erect an office wherever you are, and give you a newfound appreciation for work and time.

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Full of valuable information. Talks about pro's and con's of working remotely. I already work remotely as a freelance graphic designer but Darren had plenty of tips that I will implement for myself. Class moved at a nice pace.

MIke Woitach

Love it! I've been working from home for two and a half years and have been struggling with my productivity. This helped me think through the classic sticking points and how to think about my day.