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Day 5

Lesson 5 from: Yoga for Photographers: Part 1

Vanessa Joy

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5. Day 5

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Day 5

let's get started just as a quick reminder. Remember that throughout this yoga you are listening to your body. Were going to be doing things that help you relieve the stress and tension and pain that photography can cause for some of us. So let's not add any more of that attention in pain. Trying to do yoga, Listen to your body. Stay where you are. So let's get started. We're going to start on our backs with our feet pretty close to our bodies, and you can just lay with your hands face up. What I want to do first is just frieze, so start breathing. And for most of you, you're going to notice how incredibly short your breath is. So what we want to do during yoga is really extend the breath, because when we're stressed out, our breath gets shorter, and when our breath gets shorter, we don't supply enough oxygen to our bodies. And this is how stress causes actual physical problems with our bodies. So let's add some movement what we're gonna dio If I wanted to go up to a bridge post here, ...

I would just simply lift my hips and go up to a bridge post, but what I want you guys to do instead, just put the pressure in your feet and round your hips up as if you're gonna push up into a bridge post and then relax and let them down. So push down around your hips is extremely small movement. But I want you to start recognizing this movement in your hips and we'll see why later. So let's go ahead and inhale. Lift your hips. Exhale, relax. It's a deep yoga breath. Inhale through your nose. Lift your hips ever so slightly. Exhale. Relax them, inhale lift your hips. Exhale. Relax. So we're going to come up to standing at the front of our mats, and I just want to remember that hit that little tiny hit movement that we did. We're going to try to engage your lower abdominals throughout the entire class today, and there's really good reason you want to start becoming aware of this part of your body as photographers. When we stand, we tend have a natural stance that kind of like, let's your hips go, you're not engaging your core, and this is really stressful for your lower back and this is. Why wouldn't we stand so much during weddings or shoots? This becomes very strained, extends to your knees and everywhere else. So while we're standing, do exactly what we did laying down, engage your hips forward and engaged that lower abdominal. And this is where we want to start morning to stand like this. That's what we're going to start with today. So let's go ahead. Take a deep inhale up and exhale forward fold. We're gonna hang here for just a second because this is an incredible release for our backs. It extends or vertebrae is, and you can just grab either elbow here and do whatever you need to. You can bend your knees here if it's too much on your hamstrings, but we want to just try to get our upper body as vertical upside down. It's possible, and you can shake your head. Yes, shake your head. No. Here you can peddle your legs out. Do little anything you need to do. Just loosen up your body. One thing that I really love to do here is you can actually grab your hair and pull it down ever so slightly, and you'll feel an incredible release in your upper back in your neck if you like. You can also grab the back of your calves and pull yourself down that way. All right, let's go ahead and do a flat back lengthening. Take a deep inhale here and then acts hell full down. Inhale flat back reaching, lengthening exhale. Fold them more, more time. Inhale flat back and we're going to put our left leg back and coming to a high lunge here. So in this high lunch, you want to make sure that your knee is not going over your toes. When protect your knee should be right over your angle. Your back leg should be straight. You can always put your need down if it's too much for you at any point on your back knee and try to keep your chest up in your hips square. Great plan in your hands back down and come to a plank position that's inhale here. Exhale lower down to chat, Aronda, or you can put your knees and your chest down. Inhale up or dog. Exhale downward dog. We'll take a second in our first downward dog here just to settle. You want to make sure that your hips are as high as you can get them. You can peddle your legs here. You want to try to get your your heels down. If you can. Make sure your feet your hip distance apart. Great. Let's go ahead and lift our left leg up and swing it forward in between your hands. We're in this high lunge on the other side now great feet together and forward folds and inhale all the way up. Hands to prayer rates were going to do that a few more times. We're gonna add one breath, each movement, and this is going to help us really warm up our bodies. Let's go ahead. Inhale arms up. Ex health forward fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale forward. Full inhale flat back. Exhale. Step the right foot back. Inhale chest up. Exhale feet back on the knees. Chess chin or cheddar Rhonda. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Take a few breaths here. Let's inhale the right leg up X help between your hands. Inhale street back. Exhale forward fold. Inhale arms up. Exhale prayer. Great. This is a few more times, so inhale arms up. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale the flat back Exhale right leg comes back. Inhale flat back Ex held a plank down to cheddar and go inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale your left leg up X Help in your hands in health Flat back Look up. Exhale. See together forward Fold inhalable yah even do little back bend here if you want. Exhale prayer. Inhale arms up. Exhale forward folds. Inhale flat back. Exhale forward fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale left leg comes back. Inhale a flat back. Exhale plank down to chattering. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale right leg up. Exhale between your hands. Inhale flat back. Exhale. Feed together Forward full inhale arms said Exhale Prayer Good one more time. Inhale Exhale, forward fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale forward fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale left like inhale back. Exhale plank down a chair. Teranga. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. It's inhale the left leg up. Exhale between your hands, feet together forward fold in hell of a way up. Exhale prick. Inhale arms up. Exhale swan dive forward fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale, fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale. Right leg comes back. Inhale flat back Exhale Plant your hands Planks down to cheddar Rondo's Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog Inhale it right leg up Exhale between your hands Inhale flat back Ex healthy together Forward fold Inhale arms up Maybe a little back bend Exhale prayer Fantastic We're gonna flow down one more time so inhale up Exhale forward fold Inhale to flat back Exhale fold over Inhale a flat back exhale and take the right leg back This time we're gonna put our need down and we're gonna uncouple our toes We're going to come into a call crescent So here again, make sure that your knee is not going over your toes. You want a lift your chest up as much as you can hear. If this is too string was at any point you can always come back a little bit. You don't have to be so far forward. You can always come back. But chest lifted. Gays lifted up. I was breathing. And you can put your hands in a variety of places wherever is comfortable for you. You can have it right here on your knee. You could come forward, have it on your put your hands down. You could clasp your hands behind your back and really open up your chest and throat breathing this way, wherever you are, just deep deep, inhale and exhale through your nose. Deep breath in and out. If you guys have really flexible quads, you can always go a little deeper, right bending your back. Me. All right, let's go ahead and plant our hands down to either side of our foot. Push back into a plane, Chad. Around it down. You always have the option of Jane Extra little push up here. If you want to inhale upward facing dog, exhale downward facing dog. Let's go and just either walk hopper, jump your feet into the middle of your hands and forward folds and inhale good A large back. Exhale prayer. Yes, inhale arms up. Exhale Ford. Full inhale flat back. Exhale forward fold. Inhale flat back and let's bring her right leg back. This time Sony comes down, you uncover your toes and where everywhere on the other side try to be somewhere similar on this side. So we get some balance and our bodies it's your hands can come here to your knee come down they commit class behind you. Just make sure that your chest is nice and lifted and you are breathing deeply. If you cannot breathe deeply and whatever pose urine back off just a little bit. You can always been journey. If you would like to give yourself a little extra stretch. So deep breath in and exhale, you're a former deep breath in and exhale. Plant your hands down back to plank down to chat. Aronda optional pushing upward facing dog and exhale Downward facing Dog What's hanging this downward facing dog for a second, One of the things that you can do to see if your body is in a great spot in your dumber facing dog is bend your knees almost a still your shins or parallel so you can put your stomach onto your thighs and then street in your legs with pout. Moving your arms. You're going to see how that helps kind of reset where you are. Great. So from here you can bend your knees and neither walk to the front of the mat or hop your hands into the middle. Exhale forward fold. Inhale up little lurch back. Exhale prayer. Create our bodies are nice and warmed up. Next, we're gonna go into some of the deeper but slower stretches, so it's inhale up and x helpful. Inhale flat back, ex helpful inhale flat back and let's bring our left foot back. Not too far. We're gonna plant it down. You want your hips to save parallel to the facing the front of the room and come up to our warrior one. So feel free. Make any adjustments you need to hear and where your one always would make sure that your knee is not going further than your ankle. Definitely not further than your toes. Your shoulders a relaxed even though your arms are up and you want your hips to be square to the front of the room. So to kind of do this for you, you can always move your left hand forward to kinda. You can feel it, move and then bring it back up. This is a really great place to see if that back is doing your arch. Try engaging in tucking it under here. I feel completely different. What's inhale and exhale? Open Warrior two. Where your to your opening up your hips again. Shoulder still relaxed, gazing off your front middle finger here, you can always press forward a little bit more. You try do their hips. Great. You guys are awesome. Strong warrior two Fantastic. We're gonna go forward into our side angle so you can come to your side angle by just putting your elbow here. Or if this isn't enough for you, you can go a little further. Put your hand down to the floor on the inside of your foot. Wherever you are, Feel free to bring your hand a little bit over your head and try to keep your gaze up so you're keeping your chest open and you can breathe. It's deep. Inhale and exhale deep. Inhale and exhale and turn your gaze down to your foot and you can plant your hands down so they're both now on the inside. Scoot your foot over to the right side of your map. We're gonna come down into lizard post, so I like to put my need down here because my knees are a little bit sensitive, but you can keep her knee lifted if you'd like. Either way, we're going to really get into the hip here to stretch so you can. This might be enough for you right here. Or you can come down to your forearms. Some people like to keep her need tucked in nice and close. But I like to say if you get a nice stretch out of opening your knee up to the outside, you can always do that too. So lots of deep breaths here. This is definitely a place where we stretch our hips. A lot of tension comes up, your mind starts to wander a lot of different emotions. I really tried to send yourself concentrate on your breath and breathing into those tense areas. If this is not for you and you want to go further, if you don't wanna go further, stay here. But if you do want to, you can always try to start getting your shoulder underneath your need. This would be like the next step. If you're really into this yoga position and then you can try to extend your hands, another option would be keep your hands down and to extend your leg. So lots of options. But listen, your body stay where you are. Let's take one more deep inhale and exhale. No slowly bring yourself back up curly or back to under and swing around to your plank. Exhale down to Cheddar Runner. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. We're gonna spend their knees and then hop or walk to the front of your map. Exhale forward full in hell up. Exhale prayer. Inhale arms up. Exhale forward folds. Inhale flat back. Exhale down, inhale flat back and let's exhale the right leg back. Come into our warrior one. So go ahead and square your hips to the front of the room. Lift up your arms. Make any adjustments. You need to make sure that your knee is not going further than your angle. Definitely not further than your toes, your back foot down and want to be pressing your back foot wants to be pressing into the outer edge of your foot. There you can move your right hand forward if it helps you realign that hip forwards. Your hips are square and then arms come up Notice. If you're doing that arch like I am trying to tuck in that tailbone. Great deep breath in and out. Deep breath in and out. One more deep breath in and Exhale. Open to Warrior. Two. Great way to see if your shoulders are too high to struggle. Shoulders all the way up and let them go. That's where they should be. Another place attention whenever we get stressed, So learn to notice when you're doing that so that you can stop looking out over your front middle finger and feel free to push the hips down and forward. Great deep breath in and out. Deep breath in and exhale. It's coming to our side angle so you can stay here with your elbow on your knee. You can go a little further and put your hands down if you'd like. Make sure that when you do this, your hip doesn't come up. You want to keep it down. You also have the option of binding. If you want to hear you by placing your right hand behind your body, left hand comes underneath and you grab your hand, so this is also an option. Stay wherever your body is telling. You should stay. Remember. If you decide, try oppose, definitely go for it. But if you find that you can't take those big, deep breaths in it, just back off a little. Okay, so one more inhale and exhale your hand down. Scoot your left foot over to the edge of the map. Feel free to keep me up as we go down toe lizard, or drop it down and then get comfy and to your pose here so you can stay up if you'd like to, Or you can come down to your forearms, try to keep your chest lifted, and you can always let your leg go out a little bit to the side. If that's comfortable for you, really get into your post here, deep breath in and how Remember, if you want to take this any little step further at all, you always can. Even if it's a little bit. Maybe you want to start trying to get your shoulder back, so feel free to just kind of into your shoulder there every year. Feeling tensions. Remember, don't let your mind wander. Just breathe into those tense areas, so if you want to, you can try to get your arm shoulder, pine your knee or, if you want to come up, straighten your arm. You can do that ever is comfortable for you. Deep inhale and exhale more, more deep breath in and out Slowly start to make your way back up. Swing your leg back around into plank position. Inhale here. Exhale, chattering Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. Let's come down to her child's pose here, so just bend your knees. Give yourself a little break. Here's a great time to notice what parts of your body are still tense. Well, part of your body. You're in one and breathing, too, as we continue through and notice what parts your body are now feeling much, much looser. Let's go ahead. Come back to our downward facing dog and Ben Journeys either Walk, jump, float whatever you want to do to the front of that forward fold over, inhale come up maybe a little back, little back. Then exhale prayer. Great. We're gonna get into some of my favorite leg strengthening exercises and going to chair. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna inhale up as we exhale. Lean back almost as if you're going to go sit in the chair. A few important things to notice. Here. You want to make sure while you're down that you can wiggle your toes because you want to make sure that the weight is mostly in your heels. If at any point, this is a good one where you're going to start arching your back, try to tuck that tailbone under likely practice. In the beginning, you want to make sure that your chest is lifted. You don't want to dump over this way, so make sure chest is lifted and your arms can come up by your ears. But if you're like me, that adds too much stress on your shoulder, my shoulders so you can back off a little bit and come right here. And I like this because I can really relax my shoulders more here. So go ahead and come with your hands in prayer in front, and we're just going to twist to the side. So bring your left elbow to your right knee and use it as sort of a kickstand twist as much as you can. You want to get your gaze coming up, being deep breath in and out. If you like this, you can stay here. You can put your hand down if you want to. This is an option or you combined here simmered how it didn't sign. Angle. Putting your hand behind and your other hand under one more deep breath in and exhale forward fold. Ah, feels good forward fold. After that, it's inhale up. Exhale prayer. We're gonna come back into her chair, so inhale up. Exhale. Sit back. Make sure you can wiggle your toes. Make sure tell bones tucked under. Make sure that your chest is lifted and your shoulders air down, hands to prayer and twist to the other side. You can use her elbow to your need. Can help yourself twist that's Greet each had keeper chest open To allow that air to come through and go to whatever part you want to. You can open your hands income behind. Bind one more deep breath in and exhale forward folds. That's a nail up and exhale prayer. Do one more round of those so I can give you just one more options. Something that you can do. If you want to get courageous and adventurous, let's go ahead and inhale up. Exhale chair hands to prayer and let's twist toe one side from here. Feel free to stay here or go into any one of the variations that it showed you previously or this is a great prep for side crow and what that is, you would just put your hands down next to you. You would put your left elbow and right knee so that they're touching, and then you'd slowly lean over until your right elbow touched your right hip. And then when you can, you left your feet. So for those of you at home, worrying watches and do this many, many times, that's your side crap. Nice. We got inside Chris here, So let's go ahead back and forward fold and inhale up and exhale prayer because we like things to be even. We're going to do that on the other side. So in hell, arms up, exhale chair, answer prayer and twist to the other side. So go wherever you were comfortable on the other side. If you want to go ahead and do crow, you plant your hands down great elbow to left knee, left hip, toe left elbow, and then you slowly start toe lift and you can cross your feet. Here. You can extend your legs if you like, tried to keep your chest off before the great come back to your chair and Ford hold. Exhale it out. Just take a second. Here, Grab Euler side of your elbows. Shake your head. Yes, she can no sway from side to side inhales. Come on up and exhale. Great. Let's inhale up one more time and exhale. Place your hands behind your back classroom together. I just want you to drop your elbow your shoulders lift up your chest. An arch back ever so slightly. Really engage your core here too. Deep breath in and in hill and exit. And inhale that and exhale prayer. All right, We're going to go into some of our standing poses here. So balancing poses air. Really, really great. They help center you. They help make you concentrate and help your overall kinesthetic awareness. So we're going to place all of our weight into our left foot. So really, plant your foot down to have spread your toes wide. Use all the foot space. You have to help study yourself. You're gonna reach back and grab your foot. Grab the outside of your foot and this one is called standing bow. Now you can stay right here. This is where you need to concentrate on your balance. Go for it. Remember to tuck that hip so you have more stability. If you want to keep going, Hand comes out in front. And as you lean forward, your foot pushes back into your hand and you can go wherever you'd like. Here, a lot of times you lose to building. Come down. Just come right back up and always look Ray, out in front, You pick one spot toe Look at and that will help you. Balance is wealth. So deep breath in, engage your core. Squeeze your thighs deep breath out from here. We're gonna open up into are half Moon. If you can do this without putting your foot down great. But what it is you're gonna turn to the side. Flex your foot and your foot is your hand is going to come down. Your hand can come down or you can hover view of a ton of strength. But you want to stack your hips one or it over the other great place. Try to keep your chest open. Foot flexed, deep breath in. And as you exhale on an exhale drop that hit back down. So it's parallel and lift your chest so we can come up into Warrior three. But now you're like should be screaming. Your hands can stay back. They can hear plane out or come front one more deep breath in and exhale to stand and shake that left leg out. Nice little Siri's there for really engaging your core. You start to find where your balance is and where it certainly is not. Let's try that on the other side. Put your weight into your right foot, spread your toes, uses much foot space as you possibly can and reached back. Grabbed the outside of your left foot. You can stay here if you like. With your hand right hand forward or start to lean forward, both engaging your core and pushing that left foot back into your left hand ab stability. Find a spot to really concentrate on. You were more than welcome to keep going, if you like. Always an option and how we're going to turn our hips to the back wall. You can let go of your foot or keep holding onto it. Whatever gives you the best balance and come into our half moon. If you have a block nearby. Feel free to use that to put your hand on this. Well, punching you can bend your knee, just toe, get your hand down and then straighten it again. This is probably the most difficult bouncing poses. So kudos to all you guys for doing this one deep breath in. And now one more inhale and exhale. Turn your hips down to the floor, lift your chest and come into warrior. Three hands can come back. They can come out. It can come to the front, flexing that back foot again, looking at one spot for stability. Deep breath in and exhale Come to stand, Shake out that right foot. You guys are awesome. For those of you can't see years at home, we have a ton of creative life crew doing this with us off camera and their impressing me. All right, so let's go ahead. We're gonna straddle out Teoh either. Are Matt here? Here, tuck in that tailbone. Make sure engaging your core. Keep your back straight and you're going to just tilt over and come put your hands down wherever you're comfortable here, there's lots of different ways that you can stretch in this position. you can come out a little wider If you want to bring your forearms down, drop your head You want to You can put your hands behind you kind of bend. So you're really pushing to stretch yourself a little more wherever you're comfortable. Some people like putting their hands on their ankles. Whatever works for you, just stay here and breathe. This is great for loosening up your neck. So feel, friend ish, Feel free to shake your head. Yes, she you can know. And here if you wanted to and you have handstands. This is a good place. You can go, right doing handstand from here. Do not do it If you haven't tried it before, just stay where you are. But I'm going to demonstrate that so you can see he would just plant your hands down with your palms, your fingers facing forward Plant your head down and slowly come up Always an option So let's go ahead and come up to a flat back We're gonna go through just a little flow here. It's like out of the box off the mat for some. I try this like rock my world because I wasn't on that what we're gonna do is we're going to come forward to a wide leg down. You're facing dog a little bit different and let's go ahead and come forward to a wide leg plank. Widely Chainarong us my favorite. I like it upward facing dog. Let's stay here for a second. Deep breath in and feel free to bend your knees. It is a great opening for your lower back or secret area. Great. And let's come back to our downward facing dog. You just walk our hands in, put your hands to your hips, have a flat back here and come up. Fantastic. All right, let's come to the front of our Matt. So you're feeling energetic. You can jump. All right, We're gonna go through a quick flows are gonna inhale up. Exhale forward folds, inhale flat back. Exhale. We're going to walk or jump your feet back into a plank position. Nice off the jumpers. Go ahead and exhale down to your cheddar. Rhonda. He didn't help the upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. We're gonna do a little core strength here. Let's go ahead and stabilize yourself in your downward facing dog are in the lift are right. Leg up. Keep your hips square to the floor for this. And we're going to crunch Arnie forward as we come into a plank and try to touch your right needy right elbow. Once you get there, push it back. So we're gonna inhale this movement. Ex Hill. Same spot one more time. Inhale back upward facing dog. Exhale forward. Go ahead and go back to a regular downward facing dog. I'm just gonna demonstrate police. You could go here if you wanted to. When you exhale out, you can plant that right knee on the right elbow and then your left hip to your left elbow, and then you hover and you can straighten your leg if you like. Let's go ahead and try it on the other side, So lift your left leg up. Inhale. Exhale. Left leg. Two. Left elbow. Inhale back, left leg, left elbow. Inhale back up, left leg, left elbow. And if you want lean forward number in hell, upward facing dog, exhale down. Let's go down to a child's boats the lot, of course. Strength there. Deep relaxing, cleansing breath in and out so I can do that. Set warmer time but slightly different. We're gonna push back up, tour downward facing dog, and when we raise our right leg instead of bringing it to a right elbow, we're going to twist and bring it to the left. See, Exhale out there, Inhale back up. Exhale. Write me the left elbow. Inhale up, Exhale one more time and you may have guessed from here. You can also plant that right knee on the left elbow. Great hit to the right knee and you can hover here, too. Let's go back to regular downward facing dog, and we'll do the other side. So left leg comes up big. Inhale and exhale. Crunch it over to the right knee. Inhale back up. Exhale crunched over to the right elbow. Inhale up crunches over to the right elbow, and if you want to go ahead and hover Philip, let's go. Feet down and down the child's pose. Deep breath in and, uh, deep a thin and out. One more deep breath in and out. Let's go ahead and come up. All four is here. Sit down and swing your legs in front. We've come to one. My favorite parts of yoga, sitting poses. So we're gonna sit here, try to sit and make sure that you're sitting on your sit bones. So pull out any flesh are underneath if you need to. To really ground yourself down, we're gonna bend, are right leg in. And instead of leaning for the two is you can kind of stretch here. One. We could just lean forward this way and plant both their hands around our foot. But what I'd like us to do instead is working. Actually turn our hips towards are bent knee. Then reach our left hand over until this way because I don't necessarily want this to be so much of a hamstring stretch as I wanted to stretch the right side of your body. So if you're finding that you don't feel the right side of your body is stretching because your hamstrings too tight, Ben journey a little bit. It's totally fine, but go ahead and trying to give your chest lifted and open looking towards the ceiling. Relax that shoulder if you want to. You can keep going. Try to reach for your foot. If you're here, you can also take your left hand and bring it to your thumb and you can keep this need bent. No problem. As long as you feel the stretch in the side of your body. That's what we want here. Deep breath in and out. Inhale and exhale. Let's inhale Come on up. Switching to the other side. It's a street, not your right leg. Venjah left and turn your hips so you're facing your bent knee. Go ahead and reach your right hand forward to your right, like feel free to bend your right knee if you need to. Just so you get that stretch in the side of your body is what we're looking for. Raise your left hand up and go wherever feels good for you. This might be perfect right here. You might. You can even plant your hand little bit closer, turned me. Or maybe you're here. You just want to twist a little bit more. Feel free to grab that right hand, put it on your left knee and give yourself a little more of a twist and go wherever feels comfortable for you. Deep breath in and deep breath in and one more inhale and exhale. Now let's inhale back up, come forward. What I'm gonna have you guys do is we're gonna come forward onto our knees. This might be a little bit rough on your needs. So feel free to fold up your yoga mat if you want to. I like to give myself a little extra padding, and we're going to curl our toes under, and we're gonna come to sort of modified couch. And this is so fantastic for stretching your feet. Especially after being on them all day. One of my favorites this right here might be enough for you. This might you might really feel this in your feet and stretching. So stay here. If you'd like to keep in your chest up in breathing, or we can reach back and slowly start to come back and you're gonna obviously feel some other muscles stretch here. We really can start feeling this in your toes, so come back wherever you'd like to. If you want to, you can lift your knees off the floor, come down to your elbows and hold on to your feet. And this is sort of the pose you want to get into and you can open up your neck. Open up your throat. if you'd like and deep breath in. And now deep breath in and out. If you're in this position, you can tilt forward and try to make your knees find the floor again. Little really stretch the arches of your feet. One more deep breath in and out and slowly help yourself up and we can unfold there, Matt, we're gonna come and lay flat on our mats. Go ahead and hugged the right knee into your chest. So much so that you're kind of cutting off the circulation a little bit in your right leg, kind of giving the veins of break. And then when we let go, releases that that blood back in, Extend your right arm out and twist your body and me over to the left while you're looking towards the right. Nice, nice twist for your back. Deep breath in and help breath in, and now and in hell, it's come to center and we'll switch legs. So bring your left leg in really hugging clothes and was cutting off the circulation in the left leg and let it go. Essential left arm out and twist over to the other side, looking over to the left. It's a big deep inhale here and exhale and inhale and exhale, Mom, or deep within and out. Let's come back to center and we can extend our legs were gonna come into our final relax ations. Just gonna really flat on your back. Make any little less adjustments that you need to make sure shoulders it down. Palms are facing up, eyes are closed. You can bring your gaze into that little spot between your eyebrows. So this is where we just relax, but your entire body relax. If you feel any parts that are tense, squeeze them as tight as you can and then let them go. Anything that you're thinking about right now, let that go to just take some deep breaths in and notice how much deeper your breaths are right now than they were in the beginning of class. So now we're really allowing your body to get full amount of oxygen that it needs and probably even a little bit more. So try to remember throughout the day to keep this state these deep breaths, this relaxed state of mind, they're out the rest of your day and let's go ahead and turn towards the side. Roll over to one side which ever side you'd like. Help yourself up to a seated position. Thank you guys So much for joining me today. Here and photo week and photo week continues in about minutes. With Brooke shaded, we look forward to seeing you, then stay.

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I really really enjoyed this! I love how Vanessa was great about telling you not to push your body more then it could go and to not only breath but how to breath this is so important! I've done a lot of Yoga video and classes too and the teacher never seem to mention (at least on the video) other ways to accomplish a pose! Great job Vanessa!! Thanks Creative Live for putting this type of course on the calendar keep them coming love all that you offer!! I'm so busy in my job/life that I need to remember to stop and take care of me!

Meg Rouje

Awesome! I like doing yoga at home, whenever suits me..Vanessa explains very well and do lot of different poses and gives tips on how to avoid or heal body pain on the field..Breathing exercises are clear too.. Her lessons can really teach anyone, from beginner to advanced: she always takes care to explain each pose for beginners and she will go all the way to advanced stretch..(wonderful to watch!) I got into yoga more seriously since I've started with her, she's really a good teacher!

a Creativelive Student

Love this class! I always wanted to learn yoga but never had the time to commit to a class. This lets me do it when I have time and is great at explaining how to do all the poses! Perfect for someone that wants to learn!

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