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25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

Barry Moltz

25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

Barry Moltz

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1 Class Introduction Duration:28:01
2 Branding Your Business Duration:23:45
3 What is Your Message? Duration:26:02
4 Growing Your Online Presence Duration:19:44
6 Finding Trigger Events Duration:13:49
7 Building Relationships Duration:24:35
8 Get Customers You Want Duration:33:09
9 The Value of Your Business Duration:24:29
10 Build a Team That Lasts Duration:24:29
11 Managing Virtual Employees Duration:32:33
12 The Generation Gap & Risks Duration:24:49
14 Finding the Right Mentor Duration:20:13
16 Get Wealthy: Know Your Numbers Duration:25:22
18 The Number Forecast Duration:39:22
19 Build Value in Your Business Duration:27:03
20 Reducing Your Overhead Duration:15:08
22 Technology & Customer Service Duration:20:54
23 The Change in Customer Service Duration:31:30

Class Description

Running your own business can easily become a game of defense instead of offense. Learn how build a profitable business and guard against the tides that overwhelm small businesses in this training course for entrepreneurs.

Barry J. Moltz will teach you processes you can put in place to build and sustain a profitable small business. You’ll get hands-on, practical advice for solving the real problems business owners face every day. Barry will cover customer acquisition, vendor and employee management, and marketing strategies (that actually work). You’ll also learn the fundamentals of small business finance and how you can reduce costs and increase profits without compromising on quality.

If you are ready to grow a team that works, build a culture that lasts, and thrill your customers every day, this is the course for you.


Jay Rodriguez

Best business course out of the bunch. Highly recommended. I like how focused on the course material he was and how well he stayed on point without straying or rambling. He provides the needed to the point info that he has put together from other sources.


I love Barry's energy. He gave so much insights. This is also a great course for anyone starting the business also. I viewed the course a few times and implementing his ideas one at a time.


Great combination of ideas and wisdom, and delivered very well. I would definitely listen to more of his courses.