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25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

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Branding Your Business

Barry Moltz

25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

Barry Moltz

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2. Branding Your Business

Lesson Info

Branding Your Business

remember your brand is what people say about you when you're not around. Everyone's got a reputation, right And remember decisions. We think decisions were all these rational kinds of things, but it's really emotional. Think of all those things that we buy at the check out counter. Right? That doesn't really take a lot of emotions. So the way your brand sets you apart is the focus on the pain you solve. And I'll show you how to do that in a little bit. So let's have a little quiz quiz here, Right? This is a product that you confined in. Ah, most local pharmacy stores. Right? And this is This is so so Sheena. What? What problem does this product solve? Headache. And so how do you know that? It says I have a headache. I have a headache, right? And then you have I can't sleep. I have allergies. I cut myself. I have an aching body of a blister. It says Ryan, the package exactly the pain that it solves. And this is why I think they're effective. Is this Branding is very effective. So I do a...

lot of work for Regis Corporation, and they have, like, fantastic Sams and all these other different haircutting change. But they don't cut hair. Would they do it on the back of their cards? Is helping people feel good and look their best? That's the pain they saw. What about this? They could just said, this is cam A meal and lemon tea. Right? But they don't. They call it, be a better parent t because the idea is that my kid is sick and the pain I'm going to solve is to make them feel better. A plus study, buddy. Right? Who's this for? Students, Right that you have someone to study with and you'll get a good good on the grade, right? I love this one. I to snap this picture. How mad is she, Right? A B or really mad. See? Right. So depending on how this show goes today, I may have to buy a beer, See, for the for the producer. We'll see what happens. So dude wipes thes air. Baby wipes for kids, comes out of Chicago, right? And I love this long. I love this one. Well, this of course, if you go into a lot of, ah lot of the airport's a lot of the stores they have. A family runs a lot of the gift shops, and it says a family business since 1919 60. But this is soup for sluts now. I'm even afraid to ask Arena about this arena. Who is this four? What What product is this for? Answer slots. I knew I shouldn't ask you. Who is this product for? Cheap, fast and easy. Think about who is aimed at Who is it for these all real price? By the way, who is this product for Sally? Who's this product for things is really four college students, right? That's Rama noodles cheap, fast and easy. So it's very, very successful. I don't know, maybe maybe guys whose kick that what they really for the record and he's four college students. So when you're describing your brand, have to be very obvious. Look about this. I got this from an email from someone asked them what they did, and he said, helping passion small business owners to double triple or 10 extra business and feel security, pride, satisfactions. You help people make more money, work less absolutely love it all. I mean, come on, it's got to be something very, very simple. So what's my brand? I'm the unstuck guy. Help small business owners get on stuck. Now, here's the first exercise we're gonna do for people here. And also everyone is listening out there. So I want you to fill in. Fill this in. My company helps blank who are blank. So who do you help and what's their pain? So take a second to be able to do that. Time to remind everyone that the students have this workbook. They're filling this out. If you're watching at home and you're interested in getting this, it does come with purchase of anytime access as a pdf download so you can follow along with very So if you want to follow along, maybe now is the time to do it. And I might add, you might need that cause Barry talks were moving here, right? Exactly. Reliable audience trying to understand, varying the workbooks. Gonna help? Exactly. There's just so much excitement about getting your business jump start that I just can't wait. It's really, really great. All right, so let me know when you're done with their. So the idea here is that when someone asked you about what you do. You have to say, Here's who I help and what pain do I solve and has to be something very, very short. And every single person inside your company should be doing exactly the same thing exactly the same thing. I'm just so afraid. Company. Oh, really nervous, All right, Tiana. My company helps musicians and learning musicians who are trying to continually improve their musical endeavors. That's great. So and what is the biggest pain? Do you think it's a little bit broad? So what's the biggest pain? Musicians usually have to improve themselves? Um, making it easier either easier to play or easier to learn what they're trying to depends on what they're trying to accomplish is usually playing an instrument. Yes, so that's a really great thing. Do so. Repeat that one more time. My company helps musicians and learning musicians who are trying to continually improve their musical endeavors. Excellent. All right, so my company helps globally ICO conscious business owners who want to connect through the media. Okay, so what does that really mean is that sounds like a really big statement. Let's try to simplify it. A little bit more. Sure. So, um, what pain does your big company solved? Why will people pay you money? Remember, people buy painkillers. I always don't buy vitamins. Well. I teach small businesses how to build media kits and how to establish media campaigns for for themselves. And then they can leverage my platform as well. So, really, the pain you solve is that companies that really want to get media attention, and so that's a really great pain, cause a lot of people want to do that. So maybe that you might say, I help small business, or I help companies get media attention, or I help companies get the media attention they deserve. Something like that might be helpful. Works better be helpful. All right, All right, Karen. All right. My company helps any individuals who are too shy, embarrassed or early located to take a yoga class and improve their health. Shy, embarrassed. A ruling Your mutually exclusive, right? Right. So people that don't necessarily that are nervous about taking a class or their remote that want to take a yoga class right? Which is which is excellent. So you don't really not really trying to convince people. The pain you solve is not one of health, really. It's really one of they can't get to a class. That's the idea. So I think there's an important distinction. You're not really competing with yoga classes in someone's town. It's someone that is embarrassed that maybe they can through the moves or something like that. I like Sally. I'm really, really tight. You'll go, Um, my company helps individuals who doesn't know how best to grow and put text their wealth. That's really important because grow and protect their wealth, which is two very, very important things, especially event of us, have been overthrew the last five years. Right? Excellent. So, Sally, I want to ask you in one of your businesses. And I know you're an entrepreneur, holic like me. But in one of your businesses, What's the pain you solved? You know, I'm actually struggling with that because it sounds Teoh too, general. But the pain I solve say my rain water hog business is your rainwater Hog water hog, Yes, rain water hog business is I rainwater harvesting business. So the problem I'm solving is is two fold in that I'm helping people collect their own water off grid. But I'm also hoping people who are worried about drought do their bit or helping people who are interested in sustainability do their bit. That's not really pain doing a bit. Well, no, but the pain is that No, that was the cause. Remember, it is some pain because they feel some guilt, right? We're not nationally being equal friendly. It's one the ways that they do that. But it's true. You know, the same range. I could offset their like five John TV's by letting them gather there. Ryan. So you're right. Lying guilt. You collect a lot of rain, let me tell you about that. So So it is really important, because remember, each of our companies has some kind of brand promise. All right, so let's go in a row here. Be very So when you think of Apple, I used to the Apple logo. What's what's their brand promise? What do you think of good, good technology? It's really slick. Things like that arena give you Coca Cola. How do you think of I don't think things about but the good things. We think it would be happy. Have fun be with friends, right? That's where their brand, right? What about ups? What do you think of Karen being remote area? Exactly Brown and just, you know, they're gonna deliver liability, right? Alright, Miyoko BMW. What do you think of ultimate driving? Have brands, right? So? So she know when someone thinks of your brand. What's the one word you want them to think of? Just one word this year. Sincere. Okay, that you're gonna be helpful. You'll be there for them, you know? What about you? Impact impact that you're really gonna make a difference for them. Convenience, Convenience. We'll go. What's one word for you? Quality quality or probability or safety? Whichever one you're really going after. I think of the one word Like when people think of me, they think of enthusiastic or funny or something like that. And you want to make sure that brands spreads through all the other folks in your organization. Now, brands do bring expectations. So this is really kind of a funny sign picture that I took out in the suburbs. Chicago It was a Chinese restaurant. Said all you can eat buffet not mean all day buffet. You don't come stay for our you eat, you go home, which I thought was really hilarious, Right, Because this restaurant was setting their expectations, right? They probably have a problem somewhere along the line where people would come and stay and stay and stay and stay, and they need to move people through it. So this got a lot of publicity in Chicago where I'm from. And so several months later, they put up a different sign and said this you could come with your dog will cook it, which I didn't really think was that it was really that good. So I mean, being a marketing person, you know, Sally knows that I got some, like, quick quid here. I sent in my own son. I thought it should be. Bring your dog will walk it for you, which I thought was kind of investing. But think about the brand that you really want. Teoh Arena. Don't worry. This is not a real photograph. Okay, Is not a real extract is like, Oh, nervous. We really met the enemy. And the enemy is really us. We're really responsible for all of these kinds of things. Make sure that you, from this first part of presentation in sales. What's the one thing that you're going to choose? What's the one thing you're gonna change? What I want to do is I want to go down the road. I want you to think about what's the one thing that you want to change or you want to try to change when you go back to your offices in the area of sales and marketing. So who's got one thing they'd like to change? Of all the things we talk about, what's what really meant? And Ah ha! If you don't have one, just make it up. Okay. So yeah. Tiana prioritizing my time. Better prioritize your time there. That's great, cause we're gonna get all gonna talk about that tomorrow. President time is really key because you can't get everything done. What is critical is to get the most important things done. All right, Systematize ing Everything okay? So what is systematize ing me? Well, being able to handle all of my marketing being able Teoh set like a weekly schedule life for things like fill up my schedule with things that I know I need to do and just follow through. Exactly. So systems really important. Remember McDonald's example? The reason they're so successful is they have systems and systems are critical because when you expand your company and you want other people to do what you've been doing, you need to have a system really trained them in Karen, making the time that I have productive instead of trying to do so many things all at once. Just focusing on the one thing and getting that accomplished and I will tell you carry it will be a lot more satisfying if you try to do less. Remember, that's when the famous quotes from Steve Jobs they used to get together every Monday morning for their manager meetings. This is reported in Walter Isaacson's book on Steve Jobs, where Steve Jobs would always say, Let's figure how we can do less. If we do less, we can do a few things. Well, think of all those companies that we're talking about. They do a couple things really well. So what do you really want to be known for? You really want to be known for convenience, right? Right. You'll go. What's one thing that you'll change broken time daily for marketing sales? So it's not. It's more consistent, and that's really what I'm talking about is really five minutes a day. We're asking you to send out one email to five people a day and depend who the customer is. It could be similar emails to build relationships. So you're there when people are ready to buy. This is why I will talk about a little bit later. My Facebook works out so well or Twitter social media because who who's a big user of Facebook? So so reading your big user Facebook, right? And so when I go out and I like something, I like one of your posts. What do you see? I see you're like and I see your name. You see you like and so you think about me and that is one brand reinforcement. So it's critical importance. The workbook will really allow you to apply what I'm talking about to your business. And only when you make that connection, can you really learn and make a change. Now also, if you'd like to stay in touch with me after this course, you go to www dot barry most dot coms Creative Dash live or for those you viewing from Japan. This is really what the address is because I know that we have a worldwide audience. So what does everyone take out their workbook now and all of you out there who have purchased the workbook we're gonna go actually to the first page. It says part one thing, it's a few pages in. So the first question I want to talk to you about is what kinds of sales and marketing activities are you actually doing today? So I know that, Karen, you're you're getting your Yogi stream going. What kinds of sales and marketing activity doing so people understand it's convenient. Or if you're shy, you can take it in the comfort of your own home. What types of things you're doing. We've We've done a lot of Facebook and we every time we have, every time we record a video, then we have it on their where people can go on access it. But we've also been reaching out and doing women's expose and health fairs and going and talking with CEOs and doctors at hospitals and bank systems and places like that to incorporate it into corporate wellness. Okay, who else has everything that they would their sales and marketing system look like today? Yes. We also use Facebook. We use constant contact, and then we have ah column all as more of a reminder for students for their lessons and things so that they're not forgetting to come. And thus us losing the revenue from tuition, but mostly constant contact on Facebook. Anybody else? What? What do you do, Miyoko? I do at all of networking meeting face to face. Um, I also asked for introduction from Mike Ryan's soul singer James Referrals linked in. And I also do coke or ing as well. And I do a lot of networking events, um, meeting people face to face. I also do a lot of interaction on Facebook and Twitter and lengthen just to kind of gather people and building and building a network of people. Now, all these activities are wonderful, But remember, we have to do them systematically and really daily basis because most of us only do these activities when we have time, right? Were mostly doing them went when we're over here, right when we think of it, sometimes we're too busy actually doing the business to actually get those kinds of kinds of things done. So let me ask you another question. This is question number two is When do customers actually by? At what point do you know they're going to buy your services? What's the pain? What's the as Malcolm Gladwell. So what's the tipping point where you know I've got them. So for me, I do a lot of motivational speaking. I know that people buy for me if they have an event where they need some valuable content and need to have what I do, which is called edge attainment. Salary knows that self. So when did that? You actually know when they buy, why does someone actually buy from you when they have a need? So what does that need? They break a string. They need a new strap, their amps not working anymore. Um, they need a bag to carry their their amplifier to the next gig. And so what? Your job is your job issue sales and marketing. So when that happens, they think of you as one of the places to actually go right. They can say, Well, what is the name of your company? Consumer music. And what's the website consumer music dot net That net perfect, right? So you want to I just broke a string. I want to go to consumer music dot Net. I want to go toe here. I want to go to here as long as you can get included in that conversation. Shaner, you have a really good chance. So, arena, When do people actually go to buy from you? What is that tipping point for them? It's just getting more education about where they can make changes in their business to expose themselves more and get themselves out there in a different way than meeting face to face or with with social media. Because they deal with mass media and television. What happens when one of their friends get some really great media contact? You know, media appearance or they see someone on on TV or radio or in a magazine ago. God, that should be me. How did Chris get that? I am three times. Well, maybe only two times as good as Chris, right? I should build do that. Does that ever happen? Yeah. No, that happened. Even to me, it was just like, hey, well, if that guy could be on TV. I could be on TV, so that may be a good way to do sales and marketing by sending similar examples that kind of get people say, Well, if this person could do it, they could do it right? I mean, how many times have we seen some kind of media event where you go? God, that should be me, right? I can't believe it. Yeah, so what? What point do you think that people can buy from you? Is it that where they just want to adopt any exercise? Or they went to a class and they weren't barest or they're sick and tired of driving an hour each way to get to their yoga class? What's the tipping point? I think those are all tipping points. I think it's a tipping point. When they buy a video and they see the perfect instructor and they go, they're just over it because they're like, I can't do that right. And so that's our content tries to provide vory riel people doing yoga. Not everybody can do it right perfectly. So that's a very interesting That's another pain besides shy and convenient or rural or something like that It's really this is yoga for the rest of us, right? This is this is being will do yoga without really getting hurt or with a teacher that's just wait to advance. Even I'm going taking a beginner class. The reason I mentioned this is there's always a moment where people decide they're going to buy and what we need to do in our sales and marking system to make sure that we get to be part of that conversation. That's really critical. Miracle. What about your How do you know when someone says Yes, I want to stand up for you? I'd like you to manage my money. I mean, we always have a process that we meet face to face and understand about all about all their financial picture, and I take the information back, then come back with different options that I think it's best for them. And at that time, if they like the solutions that we propose and also there's a level of trust, then they'll just look together. But do you think there's a life event that happens where they say, God, I got to do some more financial planning like, yes, like what usually have to have Children or someone gets married or only have 10 years of retirement or something like that. Yeah. There's definitely life events that can motivate them. Or or there's our agency for that. So that could be one of your sales and marketing strategy to look to see where those life events really are on. I guess Facebook would also be a good place for that. Now, if we're gonna do this, we've gotta have something called a CRM. Does anybody know what that stands for? C r. M Clean our M crying everyday show should manage. Yes. So it's a way to manage all of her late ships in one place, right? It's a database. Who has a customer relationship management system that they use? What do use miracle? Uh, capsule. See, I'm capsule capsule, CIA. Okay. What do you use? I'm not very techy on that, but right now where we have a database where we're getting all of the people who are subscribing. Yes, I don't know the name of it, but you should have some kind of tool. Yes, I used lead pages that feeds into a Weber. Okay. I use constant contact for the emails. And unfortunately, your picture of all the business cards on the death right that one neat little rubber banded pilots, right? That's right. That's right. Well, having some kind of customer relationship management system, I would tell you that having all those relationships in one place and probably connected your email, there's a lot of great software out there. I'm sure that we've tort taught classes on that. That is probably gonna be one of your best assets. And remember, with computers these days, I can remember it was your birthday, or I can remember that there's the last conversation or I can actually see. Oh, you just posted this on Facebook or LinkedIn because they all can really be integrated together. So whatever you use and you can use, you mentioned a Weber constant contact infusion. Soft Blue Hornet. I mean, there's mail chimp. There's a lot of those kind of things that are really, uh that are really out there. So the key thing is not to get the all singing and dancing software, but to try to use a handful functions. So we're talking about CRM systems, right? So systems where you can collect all of your customer laid ships in one place and keep track of them. Because, remember, there is no excuse not knowing what the last conversation you had with someone was when you should contact them. Because computers now really make it idiot proof. So just use any of those are out there and you don't spend a lot of money. There's a lot of free tools. They're out there as well, or you could spend several dollars a month. Now you can stay in touch with customers in many different ways, right? So what are some of the ways that you stay in touch with your customers? We already talked about networking or face the face. Whether kinds of things we dio, what else do you douche in a personal thank you notes, actually personal. Thank you. Talk about the hand written, Thank you. Know, because that really is a thing of the past. And I know when I get a handwritten thank you know, in the mail. That's really pretty special Talk about that. Yeah, well, we have larger customers or outside sales with churches or schools or community centers. We tend to write a handwritten thank you note. Justice sincerely say thank you for doing business with us and thinking of us. And if you need anything in the future, don't hesitate to call us or contact us personally on at times we even give out our personal cell phones because if they have intricate problems at strange times of the day, we want them to be able to get a hold of us. So so so remember. It just doesn't always be cellphones or text or emails. We go back some of the old school thing.

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I love Barry's energy. He gave so much insights. This is also a great course for anyone starting the business also. I viewed the course a few times and implementing his ideas one at a time.


Great combination of ideas and wisdom, and delivered very well. I would definitely listen to more of his courses.