7 Steps to Great Photos


7 Steps to Great Photos


Class Description

This is a visual and non-technical class which explains the simple steps of creating great photos. Yes, shutter speeds and apertures can be important, but this class focuses on all those other elements that are part of the creative photographic process.

Filled will lots of photographic examples this class is perfect for beginners with point and shoots, or advanced shooters looking to refine their craft.


douglas brown

I'm surprised the rating for this class is not 100%. Like all of John Greengo classes, it's outstanding. I would certainly give it 100% without hesitation. John is one of the very best teachers at Creative Lilve.

dennis hartman

He went over the very basics of taking a picture. Since my Contax days of film it has been a long time to be out of the hobby. This course was a kind reminder and a good review which helps kick start the my desire to reenter photography as just a hobby. Great stuff